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									     BAA624: Manage and improve your performance
     Overview:               Accept responsibility for your own work and its delivery, improve your own performance
                             and behave in a way that encourages effective working.
     Links:                  All categories

     Specific skills: •          Analysing       •     Organising        •   Problem solving    •   Using numbers
                             •   Communicating •       Planning          •   Reading            •   Using technology
                             •   Decision Making •     Presenting        •   Researching        •   Writing
     Performance Indicators                                    Knowledge & Understanding
     Be accountable for your work                              Be accountable for your work
     1. Accept instructions given to you by authorised         A. How to listen to and follow instructions carefully
         people and follow these instructions, checking        B. How to plan your work
         any points that you don’t understand                  C. The purpose of keeping other people informed
     2. Agree how to make best use of your time and the           about progress
         working methods to be used                            D. How to ask for help if you need it
     3. Follow the correct procedures to deal with             E. The benefits of acknowledging and learning from
         problems, using the support of other people when         your mistakes
         necessary                                             F. Guidelines, procedures and codes of practice
     4. Keep other people informed of your progress               that are relevant to your work
     5. Take responsibility for your own work and accept       Behave in a way that supports effective working
         responsibility for any mistakes you make              G. The purpose of setting achievable standards for
     6. Follow agreed guidelines, procedures and, where           your work
         appropriate, codes of practice                        H. The benefits of being ready to take on new
     Behave in a way that supports effective working              challenges and adapt to change
     7. Set achievable standards for your work and show        I. The purpose and benefits of treating others with
         commitment to achieving these standards                  honesty, respect and consideration
     8. Understand your own needs and rights                   J. Why the way you behave in the workplace is
     9. Show a willingness to take on new challenges              important
     10. Adapt readily to change                               K. Types of behaviour that show you are honest,
                                                                  respectful and considerate and types of
     11. Treat other people with honesty, respect and             behaviour that show you are not
                                                               Improve your own performance
     Improve your own performance
                                                               L. The value and benefits of continuously improving
     12. Accept feedback from other people                        your work
     13. Use feedback to agree ways to improve your own        M. The benefits of accepting feedback from others
         work and put them into practice                       N. How learning and development can help you to
     14. Follow through a learning plan that meets your           improve your work, benefit the organisation and
         own needs                                                further your career
     15. Review progress with your learning plan               O. The main career progression routes available to
                                                               P. The learning and development opportunities that
                                                                  are available to you

BA-F174: Ver0.5 15/09/2009

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