Strong and Weak Forms

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					Strong and Weak Forms

Auxiliary and modal verbs
be     "bi:   bi                            can            "k{n    k@n
am     "{m m, @m                            could          "kUd    k@d
are    "A:r   @r, r                         must           "mVst   m@st
is     "Iz    Iz, z, s                      shall          "S{l    S@l, l
been "bi:n bIn                              should         "SUd    S@d, d
was "wQz w@z                                will           "wIl    w@l, @l, l
were "w3:r w@r                              would          "wUd    w@d, @d, d
have "h{v h@v, @v, v
has "h{z h@z, @z, z, s
had "h{d h@d, @d, d
do     "du: d@, du, d
does "dVz d@z, dz

I       "aI    aI, *@        me     "mi:    mi   my "maI maI, *mi/m@
you "ju:       ju, *j@                           your "jO:r jO:r, *j@r
he      "hi:   hi, i         him "hIm Im         his "hIz hIz, Iz
she     "Si:   Si            her  "h3:r h3:r, h@r, @r
it             It                                 its       Its
we      "wi:   wi            us   "Vs   @s, s    our "aU@r A:r
they "DeI      DeI           them "DEm D@m,*@m their"DE@r DE@r
they’re "DE@   DE@r,*D@r
who "hu:       hu, u         (whom "hu:m)              whose "hu:z huz, uz

a     "eI   @                the    "Di:    D@+C       some "sVm s@m
an    "{n @n                                Di+V       any "Eni   Eni,*@ni
                                                       many "mEni mEni,*m@ni
at    "{t    @t              from "frQm fr@m               to      "tu:     t@+C
for   "fO:r f@r, fr          of   "Qv   @v,*@                               tu+V

and   "{nd     @n, n                       as        "{z   @z
but   "bVt     b@t                     because       bI"kQz bIk@z, *k@z
or    "O:r     O:r,*@r                     than      "D{n D@n
nor "nO:r      nO:r,*n@r                   that      "D{t D@t

saint "seInt s@nt            not   "nQt nt                 just    "dZVst     dZ@st
sir    "s3:r s@r             there "DE@r D@r               so      "s@U       s@U,*s@

*= for many speakers, in rapid colloquial speech                            PT Oct 2003
Practice on weak forms

"wQt wIl "bi: wIl "bi: | s@U "d@Unt bi "wVrId
aI m "nQt | b@t "wQt @m aI s@"p@Uzd t@ "du:

"taImz @ "tSeIndZIN | @n "TINz @r Im"pru:vIN
b@t D@ "strEs Iz I"nO:m@s | D@ "w3:ld z "rVSIN "Qn | @n "laIf s "dIfIk@lt

"wQt s "bi:n @z "bi:n | wi v bIn "Tru: "D{t O:l"rEdi
It w@z "O:l @ mIs"teIk | wi w@ "rQN t@ "du: It | b@t wi "w3:r In "trVb@l "Den

aI "h{v t@ "h{v @ "drINk | "wQt @v ju "gQt | h@v ju "gQt @ni "kQfi
wi v gQt "kQfi | "ti: | @n "fru:t%dZu:s

h@z *"su: gQt "EniTIN "Els | Si z gQt "bI@r @N "k@Uk | b@t D@ "k@Uk s bIn "@Up@nd
Si "h{d @ "lQt "mO: | b@t "naU It @d "O:l "gQn | Si d "drVNk It "O:l

"wQt d@ DeI "du: "O:l "deI | "haU du "aI n@U
wEl "wQt d@z *"Ed "du: | "wEl | i "dVz du @ "bIt @v "gA:dnIN

d ju "TINk ju k@n "hElp mi wiD maI "kA: | n@U | b@t aI "n@U @ "m{n u "k{n
aI "kUd | b@t aI "w@Unt | "ju: k@d "du: It jO:"sElf
ju "mVst bi "dZ@UkIN | D@ m@st @v "bi:n @ mIs"teIk
"S{l aI "kO:l "sVmwVn "Els | ju S@l "du: "n@U "sVtS "TIN
hi "SUd "du: It | hi S@d "du: It @z "pA:t @v Iz "dZQb
hi l "du: It | aI "n@U hi "wIl
It @d bi "naIs If i "wUd

"hi: "laIks "h3: | In "f{kt | hi "lVvz @
b@t "Si: "dVzn=t "laIk "hIm | In "f{kt | Si "kA:nt "st{nd Im
"hIz "trVb@l Iz | D@t hi "kA:nt "si: "D{t
wi "n@U D@m "b@UT | @n "wi: "TINk D@t Si "dVzn=t "laIk "Vs | "aID@
"wQt d ju "TINk | "ju: "n@U D@m "tu: | DeI "w@Unt "lIsn= tu @s | j@ "si:

"@U | "DEm | aI "d@Unt "TINk DeI l "tO:k t@ "mi: "aID@ | DeI "d@Unt "n@U mi "wEl I"nVf

b@t jO: "kl@us@r In "eIdZ D@n @s | @n wID "jO: "tSA:m | "hu: "n@Uz | DeI "maIt "lIsn= t@
D@ "ni:dz t@ bi "sVmwVn u k@n "tO:k t@ D@m

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