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Lodging Form by sofiaie


									                                                                   Lodging Form
                                 STEP 1: Contact Information (please print or type)

  Last Name / Surname                                                     First Name                                                                       Middle Initial

  Department                                                                                          Institute


 City                                                   State or Province                                              Zip or Postal Code                  Country

  Phone                                      Fax                                                       Email

STEP 2: Lodging Options                                          List up to three lodging options (if applicable). If your 1st choice is not available,
                                                                 that resort or hotel will forward this form to your 2nd selection.
                                   Resort or Hotel Name                                                Lodging Option                                                    Lodging Rate
*Send To: 1st choice
                 2nd choice
                 3rd choice

Arrival date:                                                   Departure date:                                                                     Number of beds:

Smoking Preference: ❑ Smoking                      ❑   Non smoking

Write any special requests below (i.e., required crib, rollaway, ADA compliant room, etc.).

      • Note that package prices vary based on length of meeting and do not include taxes and/or surcharges.
      • The resort or hotel requires payment of the full posted lodging rate even if you arrive late or depart early.

STEP 3: Indicate the Keystone Symposia you plan to attend.

 Meeting Code (i.e., A1, B1, etc)

 Meeting Title (i.e., Chemokines and Chemokine Receptors)

 Meeting Location (i.e., Snowbird, Utah)

STEP 4: Deposit Payment - First night’s room and tax is due with this form.
  ❑ Visa     ❑ American Express         ❑ Master Card          ❑ Eurocard

NAME AS IT APPEARS ON CARD (PLEASE PRINT)                                CREDIT CARD NUMBER                                                                       EXPIRATION DATE (MM/YYYY)


STEP 5: Shared Lodging (Read and sign disclaimer; please print clearly.)
To share lodging, you must indicate the name(s) of your share members and send all forms together.

(1)                                                          (2)                                                                         (3)
I wish to share accommodations. I have included the reservation form(s) for the person(s) with whom I wish to share. I understand that failure to include
the proper form(s) with my own form will result in my being assigned and charged for a single accommodations package. If the other party or parties in
the unit confirmed with me cancels or does not show up at the conference, I will be responsible for the full unit rate as quoted herein for the entire stay.
Shared accommodations will not be assigned without this disclaimer signed by each person sharing and on file with the resort.

Signature                                                                                      Date
                                                                                                                                               * Fax form to 1st choice resort or hotel
          About Lodging Options
 • All Lodging Forms, deposits, and inquiries should be sent to the specific resort or hotel
   and NOT to Keystone Symposia. Please contact the hotel directly if you do not receive a confirmation in 7 days.
 • All lodging option rates are for the entire duration of the conference.
 • Rates will not be prorated. The resort or hotel requires payment of the full posted rate even if you arrive late or
   depart early,
 • Rates do not include applicable state or local taxes or surcharges (contact resort for details).
 • Make lodging arrangements early because space is limited.
 • Keystone Symposia is not responsible for lodging arrangements, however, we will be glad to try to help you resolve
   any problems you may have.
 • Many activity discounts will be available to conferees and their guests. Please note that many of the activities listed are
   weather dependent and are not guaranteed. Call the resort or hotel with questions.
 • For more detailed resort and hotel information, please visit our web site

          The Diamond Ratings
Resorts and Hotels are assigned ratings from one to five diamonds, which reflect the overall quality of the establishment.
Ratings are based on criteria used by the American Automobile Association (AAA). Properties must satisfy minimum
requirements. The ratings are described here.
◆          Economy accommodations provide essential, no-frills accommodations. Rooms must meet the basic needs of
           comfort and cleanliness.
◆◆         Budget accommodations maintain the attributes offered at the one diamond level, while showing modest
           enhancements. Accommodations target the needs of a budget-oriented traveler.
◆◆◆        Moderate accommodations offer an upgrade in physical attributes and comfort to Budget category and may
           offer additional amenities, services, and facilities.
◆◆◆◆       Quality properties that display a high level of service and hospitality. These properties offer a wide variety of
           amenities and upscale facilities.
◆◆◆◆◆ Superlative quality accommodations. Properties meticulously serve and exceed all guest expectations by
      offering many personalized services and amenities.

          Finding a Roommate
 • If you are interested in sharing accommodations, our web site has a bulletin board to
   help you find a roommate. The roommate bulletin board is located under the lodging tab on our web site.
 • As a courtesy to others, please remove your name after you find a roommate.

          Lodging Cancellation Policy
 • Registrants who do not cancel according to the following guidelines will forfeit all fees.
 • Transportation and lodging must be cancelled separately with the resort and/or transportation company.
 • You must write, email, or fax your cancellation request prior to your arrival date.
Cancellations received at least 30 days prior to arrival date:
You will receive your lodging deposit minus a $15 handling fee.
Any lodging refund will be sent by the hotel.

Cancellations received less than 30 days prior to arrival date:
You will forfeit your lodging deposit (first night’s room and tax).
          Travel Discounts
    By ensuring that the convention number appears on your airline ticket, you will be supporting Keystone Symposia.
                                                   We thank you.

                                              Avis Car Rental Discounts
 Contact Avis directly at 800-331-1600 (In US & Canada) and reference the Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) code
 T487899. Reservations may also be made online at by entering the same AWD code under rates and

          Travel Hints
• Ground transportation between resorts and airports can be limited. We recommend that your flight is scheduled to
  arrive no later than 9 pm and depart no earlier than 9 am. If arriving outside of these times, confirm ground
  transportation prior to booking your air. Visit our web site for hotel suggestions if you are planning to spend a night at
  an airport hotel.
• Book all ground transportation in advance. While at the conference, reconfirm your return reservations.
• Travel and lodging information is provided as a courtesy.
  Keystone Symposia has no affiliation with any of the providers.
  We hope that the service provided meets your needs. We appreciate your comments.

          VISA Information
As part of new security procedures, many visa applications are being sent to the State Department in Washington, D.C.,
USA for review by a variety of federal agencies. Due to the number of visas being processed and the heightened security
concerns, this review can take as long as 6 to 8 weeks, or longer, depending on the applicant's country of origin.
Therefore, we encourage scientists intending to come to the United States to apply for their visa as EARLY AS POSSIBLE
and pay careful attention to U.S. State Department guidance in this matter.
For more information, visit
The most frequent reason that visitor visas are denied is because the applicant was unable to provide enough evidence,
in the opinion of the consular officer, that he or she was not intending to immigrate to the United States (per section 214
(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act). Therefore, we encourage you to pay particular attention to the State
Department advice on how to deal with this type of denial.
For more information, visit

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