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					                                       Canberra Times                                              Brief: CALVARY
                                       Saturday 19/12/2009
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                                       Section: General News
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Govt alters
Calvary deal,
but Greens
remain wary

By Victor Violante
Chief Assembly Reporter

The ACT Government has amended agreement every five years against              ments. He said there was a miscon-
its proposal to buy Calvary Hospital national palliative care standards,       ception about the 30-year service
and sell Clare Holland House, but and an overarching review of palli-          contract, which has been a sticking
the main sticking points remain.     ative care services in the ACT.           point for the Greens and the ACT
   The Government needs the Greens health spokeswoman                          Palliative Care Society. In particular,
Greens' support in the Legislative    Amanda Bresnan said her party the existing arrangement provided
Assembly to approve the deal, but     would consider the amended pro-          for the company to provide palli-
changes to the proposal revealed      posal but, at first glance, it did not   ative care services at the hospice for
yesterday might not be enough.        seem to meet their demands.              a further 61 years, as it was linked to
  In particular, the 99-year lease      "It doesn't address all the            the lease for the public hospital.
over the hospice land and building    concerns we raised yesterday, in  "Under that agreement there is
and the 30-year contract for the particular having one player provid- requirement for annual service-
provision of service remained, ing palliative care services in the level agreements."
despite the Greens' objections.       ACT. If we have a 99-year lease and        He said the company insisted on
  But ACT Health Minister Katy a 30-year contract that is still a           the 30-year contract as the rest of its
Gallagher said the Greens' demands major concern for us," she said.         99-year agreement would be surren-
were unrealistic and she had        The proposal includes buying            dered once it transferred ownership
negotiated amendments with the Calvary Hospital from the Little             of the hospital to the Government.
hospital's owners, The Little Com- Company of Mary for $77 million,           Mr Brennan said the Greens
pany of Mary Health Care, specifi- and in turn selling the hospice to the objected to the existing service
cally to address concerns raised company for $9 million.                    arrangements anyway, as their
during public consultation.               At present, the company has a preference was for palliative care
   "We might not be able to [address lease for ownership of the public services to be put tip for tender.
all concerns] 100 per cent but I think hospital until 2070; the $77 million   "The Greens indicated in corre-
it goes a significant way to putting in would be compensation for the spondence with me that there
some additional safeguards."            surrender of that lease.            should be a tender for the operator
   The new provisions include a The company's chairman, Tom of the hospice within five years."
right for the ACT to resume owner- Brennan, said the 99-year lease and        The debate and negotiations will
ship of the hospice at any time if it 30-year service contract were non- continue next year.
is concerned about the quality of negotiable, but he would accept
the service, a review of the service Ms Gallagher's proposed amend-

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