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									Emergency Procedures

24-Hour Emergency Center        1-800-341-2014

(Before/After Business Hours & Weekends)

      The primary responsibility of the 24-Hour Emergency Center is to assist
       travelers when they experience last minute changes during a business trip.
      For Emergency service outside the U.S., call WORLD TRAVEL at 610-327-

Note: The 24-Hour Emergency Center provide assistance to a number of corporate
accounts. Service representatives may not be as familiar with your company policy
and procedures as your dedicated reservationists.

What Action Does the Well-Informed Traveler Take?

1. Commercial Airline Issue?

      Delayed Flight? See A1
      Canceled Flight? See A2
      Missed Connections? See A3
      Overbooked Flight? See Below
           o Voluntary Bump? See A4
           o Involuntary Bump? See A5
      No Reservation? See A6
      Trip in Vain? See A7

2. Car Rental Issue?

      No Reservation? See C1
      Rental location Overbooked?   See C2

3. Hotel Issue?

      No Reservations? See H1
      Hotel Overbooked? See H2
4. American Express Issue?

      Card Lost or Stolen? See AX1
      Card Suspended? See AX2

Tips for Travelers:

Check-in at the airline gate. Even though you have a boarding pass, airlines can
assign your seat to someone else if you have not checked-in 30 minutes prior to

In the event of a delay, stick close to the gate. If the flight is canceled, you will be
the first-in-line to reserve an alternate flight.

Experts concur that your best negotiating position occurs at the moment of conflict.
The kind of action you get depends in a large part on the way you go about
complaining and negotiating. Remember, it pays to stay calm when stating your


A1 - Each airline has its own policy regarding delayed flights; there are no federal
requirements. If you are delayed, ask the airline staff if they will pay for meals or a
phone call. Some airlines, often those charging very low fares, do not provide any
amenities to stranded passengers. Others may not offer amenities if the delay is
caused by bad weather or something else beyond the airlines control. HINT: STICK
CLOSE TO THE GATE in the event of a delay. If the flight is canceled, you
will be the first in line to get space on alternate flights.

A2 - If your flight is canceled, most airlines will rebook you on the next available
flight to your destination. This is generally done at no additional charge (including
first class). If this process involves a significant delay ask the airline to book you on
another carrier or request that the airline pay for your meal or a phone call.
Contrary to popular belief, airlines are not required to compensate passengers whose
flights are delayed or cancelled. HINT: In the event of an unexpected flight
cancellation and if there are a number of passengers ahead of you at the
ticket counter or boarding gate, call WORLD TRAVEL and ask the
representative to book you on the next available flight. The phone call to
WORLD TRAVEL will allow you to immediately lock into a new flight and will
save you the wait in line.

A3 - If you miss your connection flight you should check with airline for
alternatives. Airlines are not required to provide overnight accommodations or
meals to travelers stranded because of a missed connection. However, most airline
personnel are empowered to accommodate the needs of the traveler and you are
encouraged to ask that your needs be met by the airline.

If your flight is oversold the airline will ask for volunteers to give up their seats
willingly in exchange for payment designated by the airline. If there are not enough
volunteers you may be involuntarily denied boarding. If this happens, you may be
entitled to "denied boarding compensation". See exceptions following section A5.
HINT: The best way to avoid getting "bumped" is to check in early.

A4 - If you volunteer to be bumped, there are no regulations as to how much an
airline has to pay you (see section above entitled Overbooking). This means carriers
may negotiate with you for a mutually acceptable amount of money, a free trip, meal
voucher, overnight accommodations, and/or other benefits including upgrade
certificates. HINT: If the airline offers you a free ticket, ask about
restrictions. How long is the tickets valid? Can it be used for International
flights? Are there black-out periods during holiday season when you may
want to use it?

A5 - If you are involuntarily bumped by an airline you may be entitled to an on-
the-spot payment of "denied boarding compensation" (see section above titled
Overooking). To be eligible for denied compensation you must:

   a. have a confirmed reservation and:
   b. meet the check-in deadline designated by the airline (most domestic airlines
        have a 30 minute prior to departure check-in deadline).

The amount of compensation depends on the price of your tickets and the length of
the delay. If the airline gets you to your destination within one hour of your original
arrival time, there is not compensation due. Typical compensation for domestic
delays: between one and two hours = $200 maximum; more than four hours = $400
maximum. International delays greater than four hours = $800 maximum.
Compensation may exceed these amounts during peak travel times, such as
holidays, when airlines are typically booked beyond capacity. HINT: If you are
bumped involuntarily, attempt to negotiate for the maximum value you can.
You may be surprised by what you get! Amenities such as free phone calls,
overnight accommodations, upgrade certificates, and meals are typical
examples of compensation.

No "Denied Boarding Compensation" Due:

   1. If the airline must substitute a smaller plane for the one originally planned.
   2. If the flight is a charter, commuter flight, or plane which holds 60 or fewer
   3.   If the airline gets you to your destination within one hour (four hours for
        international travel) of the original arrival time.
   4.   If you are offered a seat in another class of service other than was specified
        on the ticket.
   5.   If you get bumped from a flight anywhere other than in the U.S., these rules
        do not necessarily apply. Airlines in some parts of the world offer more
        special treatment while others offer you none.
A6 - If you arrive at the airline ticket counter or gate and find the airline has no
record of your reservation and the flight is full, call WORLD TRAVEL to make
alternate flight arrangements.

A7 - If en route, you are faced with such a long delay whereby the purpose of the
trip cannot be fulfilled (i.e. you miss a meeting), your trip may be considered a "trip
in vain", in which case the airline may agree to refund you for the portion of the
ticket used as well as the flight home. You will need to be proactive in explaining
your circumstances to the airline in order to seek such compensation. HINT: If the
purpose of your trip is to close a potentially lucrative business deal, to give
a speech, or to be present at any time-sensitive event, you might want to
allow a little extra leeway when booking your flight. Remember that an
early departure in the day is less likely to be delayed than a later flight, due
to "ripple" effects throughout the day. Also, if an early flight is cancelled or
delayed, you have more routing options than if you are booked on a later


C1 - If upon arrival at the car rental counter you are told they do not show a
reservation for you, no cars are available, and you do not have a confirmation
number, proceed to the nearest car rental company to obtain a car. Also consider
calling WORLD TRAVEL to make a reservation; our system will readily show
availability as well as the lowest rental rates. HINT: Off-airport car rental
agencies generally offer lower rates.

C2 - If you have a confirmation number and the rental location is sold out of the
type of car booked then an upgrade to the next size vehicle at no additional cost is a
possibility. Should the rental company be completely sold out of vehicles, they
usually attempt to get you a rental through another car rental company with a
comparable size and rate. However, if the rate is more expensive, then you should
be reimbursed for the difference in the rates, by the original car rental company.

HINT: Always be sure to inspect the vehicle and report any damage prior to driving
off the lot.

If you have any problems with the vehicle during the rental, you will need to contact
the car rental company for assistance.

You may want to deny the fuel option, but be sure to fill the vehicle before returning

Good idea to check your final bill for rate accuracy prior to leaving location so any
discrepancies can be handled immediately.

If you rented from a car rental agency other than your company's preferred car
rental company and require reimbursement for a rate difference, you may submit a
copy of the rental agreement with a copy of your itinerary showing the preferred car
rental agency's confirmation number to your firm's travel manager or the World
Travel Account Manager assigned to your firm.

H1 - If when checking into a hotel you are told they do not show a reservation for
you, and you do not have a hotel confirmation number, contact WORLD TRAVEL to
obtain an alternate hotel.
H2 - Hotels, like airlines, confirm reservations beyond capacity in anticipation of no
shows and last minute cancellations. If you have a confirmation number and your
hotel is guaranteed for late arrival, you are entitled to a room. If the hotel is sold
out, most hotels will pay for your first nights lodging and transportation to a nearby


AX1 - If you lose your card, or suspect if has been stolen, call the American
Express Card Replacement Unit at 1-800-992-3404. If you are out of the country,
please call collect 0-602-492-5450. An American Express representative will arrange
for convenient delivery of your replacement card, i.e., same day pick-up at a local
AMEX office or via mail to your home address.
AX2 - If your card has been suspended and charges are not approved, you must
contact American Express at 1-800-528-2122. If you are out of the country, please
call collect at 0-602-492-5450. An American Express representative will assist you
in estimating a credit limit you will require to cover expenses for the remainder of
the trip.


If you feel a problem has not been resolved to your satisfaction at the airport and
you want to file a complaint; you can contact the Client Services Department of
World Travel, Inc. or contact the airline directly. Before you call or write the DOT for
help with an air travel problem, you should give World Travel, Inc. or the airline a
chance to resolve it.

World Travel, Inc.
Client Services Department
1724 W. Schuylkill Road
Douglassville, PA 19518

America West Airlines
Customer Relations
4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85034

American Airlines, Inc.
Customer Relations
Following are some helpful guidelines when writing to the airline:

   1. Keep letter brief and to the point, describing what happened making sure to
        include names of employees with whom you dealt, date, time and place of
   2.   Include copies of travel documents; ticket receipts, boarding passes, and
        baggage stubs as well as receipts for any out-of -pocket expenses that were
        incurred as a result of the incident.
   3.   Type letter on Your Company letterhead and copy World Travel.
   4.   Include your return address and daytime telephone number in your letter.
   5.   Be reasonable. State what you expect the carrier to do to make amends. An
        airline may offer to settle your claim with a check or some other kind of
        compensation, possibly free transportation. You might want a written
        apology from a rude employee or reimbursement for some loss you incurred -
        but the airline needs to know what you want before it can be decided what
        action to take.

If you follow these guidelines, the airlines will probably treat your complaint
seriously. Your letter will assist in determining what caused the problem as well as
suggest actions to help prevent the same thing from happening to others.

If you have written the airline and you feel your problem has not been resolved to
your satisfaction, you may want to call or write to file a complaint with the
Department of Transportation (DOT) at (202) 366-2220 or write:

U.S. Department of Transportation
Aviation Consumer Protection C-75
Room 4107
400 7th Street S.W.
Washington, DC 20950

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