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									                                                                                                                                               July 2007

                                                                      STOPS SUDDEN &
                                                                      UNFORESEEN LEAKS
                                                                      IN ROOF FELT AND GUTTERS

Marley Waterproofing Emergency Roof                                   Directions for Use                     Cleaning: Tools can be cleaned
                                                                      Surface Preparation: First locate      with white spirit.
Repair has been specially formulated to stop                          the leak – leaks are usually           Storage: Containers should be
leaks in roofs and gutters in emergency                               located around chimneys,               kept sealed in a cool, dry, well
                                                                      drainage channels, rooflights,         ventilated environment and all
situations, even under the most severe                                near blisters and/or tears in the      practical precautions taken
                                                                      roofing material and around open       against fire. Partly used
weather conditions.                                                   joints and loose wall flashings.       containers may be resealed and
                                                                      Remove all loose deposits on the       used again after correct storage.
Marley Waterproofing Emergency Roof Repair                            surface such as dirt, leaves,          Always store and transport in a
helps prevent sudden and unforeseen leaks                             snow, excess water using a stiff       secure upright position.
                                                                      brush.                                 Safe Handling: Keep away from
from causing extensive damage to your home,                           Application: Immediately apply         sources of ignition, including pilot
enabling more time for a permanent repair to                          Marley Waterproofing Emergency         lights and sparks - No smoking. In
                                                                      Roof Repair to the problem area        case of fire use foam, dry powder
be planned.                                                           using a filling knife or trowel and    or CO2 extinguisher, sand or earth.
                                                                      press firmly. Leave Marley             Never use water. Avoid contact
                                                                      Waterproofing Emergency Roof           with skin by careful working and
                                                                      Repair exposed to the elements,        use of gloves. In case of contact
                                                                      so that the curing process can         with skin wash immediately with
                                                                      take place satisfactorily. Once        soap or a recognised skin cleanser.
                                                                      weather conditions improve, it is      Do not use solvents to clean the
                                                                      recommended that the problem           skin. Use only in well ventilated
                                                                      area is treated with one of Marley     areas. When using, do not eat,
                                                                      Waterproofing’s quality                drink or smoke. A safety data
                                                                      waterproofing membranes or             sheet is available on request.
                                                                      roof repair products to provide        Disposal: Do not empty into
                                                                      further long term protection.          drains. Remove excess material
                                                                      Important Note: Should it              from tools before cleaning. Some
                                                                      become apparent that the leaks         local authorities have special
                                                                      in your roof are attributable to       facilities for the disposal of waste
                                                                      either ageing or design faults in      liquids. Remove lid and allow
                                                                      the existing roofing material, it is   residue to dry in a safe place prior
                                                                      advisable to inspect the surface       to disposal of empty containers.
                                                                      thoroughly in more clement, dry
                                                                      weather so that permanent                       Sizes Available:
                                                                      repairs can be carried out. If in
                                                                      doubt, seek professional advice.

 Marley Waterproofing, Covert Road, Aylesham Industrial Estate, Kent CT3 3EQ

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