Biosecurity off the radar, say farmers

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					Biosecurity off the radar, say farmers
The Cairns Post
Thursday 9th June 2005, Page 15

BIOSECURITY and combating feral pests in the Far North had been neglected by the
Budget, the state's peak farm lobby group said yesterday.
AgForce Queensland chief executive Brett de Hayr said farmers were spending hundreds
of millions of dollars nationally on feral animal and weed control to protect the environment
for all Australians.
"But as far as we can see they have been forgotten in this budget," Mr de Hayr told The
Cairns Post.
"There are no new initiatives to combat feral pests.
"And while some funding did go towards maintaining existing programs, the disappointing
part is there is nothing new."
Despite the Beattie Government forecasting a $2.7 billion surplus, and $5 billion over
seven years in cuts to debit tax, stamp duty and land tax, it had little to offer the rural
sector, he said.
"The only upside we see is some useful health spending in the Far North while the money
for work on ethanol is good for sugar farmers.
"The downside is they are not coming to party on NLIS (National Livestock Identification
"The state still isn't carrying its weight in relation to assisting producers with the cost of
NLIS and we'll be continuing along that push," he said.
"Unfortunately there's nothing proactive in the areas of drought preparedness or climate
"There's also what appears to be a $23 million cut to the department's budget, which we'll
be seeking some further clarification about."

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