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Congratulations on purchasing a quality piece of equipment.

Please read through the instructions carefully before installing the unit.

The Aquamaster comes supplied with one float sensor, additional sensors for low or
high control are available through your dealer.

The float sensor bracket is fitted with two rubber suckers for attachment to the glass
sump or aquarium in the desired position(s).

NB. Always check the float bracket(s) on a regular basis, especially for signs of poor adhesion, regarding the rub-
ber suckers and replace these when necessary.

There are two IEC plugs supplied. One is for the attachment of the level pump and the
other is for attaching the main system or return pump. This pump would be plugged into the AUX socket and used
in conjunction with the high or low level sensors.

An optional cabinet mounting bracket is supplied to fit the unit to the inside of the aquarium cabinet or nearby wall.
The unit is not waterproof and must be positioned away from splashes etc.

This product carries a one year guarantee from date of purchase. Please retain your
receipt as proof of purchase, should you need to claim under this guarantee.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

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DATE OF PURCHASE            DEALER NAME & ADDRESS                        SERIAL NO

Please fill in these details as soon as possible.
For service or technical enquiries please see your dealer or contact:

Advanced Aquarium Products
P.O.Box 301
Kent CT9 3GA
Tel/Fax: 01843 299144


The installation of this unit must be made by a competent person.

The unit is designed for 220-240V AC operation, in conjunction with
appropriate mains voltage rated pumps or other auxiliary loads.

The unit is supplied with a ready fitted mains cord and plug and the cores
are wired in accordance with the following colour code:

Brown = Live (L)
Blue = Neutral (N)
Green & Yellow = Earth (E)

This unit must be earthed

The plug is fitted with a 3A fuse-Always replace with a fuse of the same rating.

The unit is supplied with two IEC plugs. One for the level pump and a second
(AUX) for system return pump if enabled.

The wiring for the IEC plugs is:

Brown = Live (L)
Blue = Neutral (N)
Green & Yellow = Earth (E)-if fitted

This unit is not waterproof and always switch off if putting hands into the aquarium.

Advanced Aquarium Products cannot accept any liability for damage to pumps or other auxiliary equipment used
with this unit.


Supply Voltage: 220-240V AC 50HZ
Supply Current: 25MA Typical (No pumps connected)
Pump Output: 220-240V AC 50HZ. 200W Maximum
Auxiliary Output: 220-240V AC 50HZ. 200W Maximum
Temperature Range: 0-40 degrees C

Advanced Aquarium Products are committed to a program of continual
product improvement, and as such, reserve the right to alter these specifications without notice

Before running the Aquamaster for the first time, decide which options you
require from the tables below. All set up options are made from outside the unit using the two rotary switches.

Note that the switches are only ‘Read’ as the unit is powered up, so after
making any alteration the unit must be reset by disconnecting the mains supply for a few seconds.

1 Fill time Limit

This setting is the maximum time allowed for the pump to run when controlling
the tank liquid level. This time out is provided to shut down the pump and sound a pulsed alarm if liquid cannot be
pumped in quick enough for some reason, and protects the pump against dry running for a prolonged period.

The setting you choose will depend on tank size (volume) and the delivery rate of the pump.

Switch position and fill time limit

0 = 60 seconds. 1 = 3 minutes. 2 = 10 minutes. 3 = 20 minutes

To operate via a Kalkwasser mixer, settings 2 or 3 are required.

2 Float switch response time

This setting alters how quickly the unit will respond to float switch movement.
Water movement will cause the outputs (Floats) to move to rapidly if placed in certain areas.

0 = 1 second 1 = 2.5 seconds 2 = 5 seconds 3 = 10 seconds.

Float Switches

The float switches can be altered to give the correct function for use as a level or as a high or low sensor, which ever
way up they are installed.
The floats are supplied for use with the cable mounted at the top. If the floats
are more conveniently mounted with the cable at the bottom, remove the circlip at the bottom of the stem, slide off
the float, turn upside down and slide back onto the stem and refasten the circlip.

1 Level Control

The unit will operate with a single ‘Level’ float switch plugged in where
Indicated on the unit. A pump is then plugged into the ‘Level’ pump

The float switch is normally held up by the liquid (water) in the aquarium.
If this level drops the float will drop also, activating the pump to replenish
the lost or evaporated water from a separate reservoir.

If the aquarium does not refill within the limit set, the pump will stop and
the sounder will bleep intermittently and the alarm light will flash.
press the cancel button to clear this condition once the fault has been rectified.

2 High or Low Level Sensors

Either one or both of these float switches can be installed in the main aquarium or sump. These affect the ‘AUX’
output, which will normally
always be on.
If either of these float switches drop the ‘AUX’ will switch off along with the
level pump output. The sounder will activate continually and the alarm light will come on. This condition will auto-
matically correct itself once the fault is rectified and normal water levels are restored.

3 Running the unit

Connect one float at a time and check for the correct response as described above by manually moving the float up or
down or by adding or removing water from the aquarium or sump.

Remember to check the unit periodically, especially the float switches for
calcium carbonate build up around the stem which can hinder operation.
The rubber suckers on the float bracket will need replacing over time.

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