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					                                          Workers’ Compensation
                                          Claims Service
                          SECURA’s Workers’ Compensation Claims professionals are recognized industry
                          leaders in delivering outstanding Claims service while helping insureds control
                          costs in today’s health care environment.

                          ® Delivery
                             By covering the basics, SECURA assures the insured/claimant of prompt,
                             courteous, professional claims-handling.

                          ® SECURA . . .
                             • Makes prompt contact with the business, the injured worker, and providers
                               within 24 hours.

                             • Immediately begins investigating and handling to ensure that all injuries
                               are work-related, with a focus on returning the employee to work as soon
                               as medically possible.

                             • Follows up on a regular basis, keeping employer and employee up to date
                               on the healing process.

                             • Emphasizes medical cost-containment and quality injury- and disability-
                               management through its Medical Management Program.

                             • Manages and reviews all portions of the health care process to maximize
                               employees’ return to the workforce when serious injuries are involved.

                             • Pursues negotiation and settlement actively, including litigation management.

                          ® Dependability
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                             • Industry knowledge and experience that translates to the bottom line.
                             • Professional, courteous handling during an emotional situation.

                             • A Special Investigative Unit to ensure all payments are warranted and justified.
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