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									                                  Stay Clean Shower & Galley Cleaner
Gentle on surfaces yet effective for everyday use. Stay Byotrol Clean™ is great for showers, shower curtains, tables,
counters and sinks. It is also excellent for off-season protection of seat cushions and benches to keep mildew stain and
odor free.

Stay Byotrol Clean’s™ unique patented technology leaves an invisible barrier on surfaces leaving them cleaner longer.
When applied according to instructions, Stay Byotrol Clean™ will clean stains cause by algae/mold/mildew while
deodorizing surfaces, and will decrease cleaning time after each subsequent application, making it an ideal maintenance
cleaner. Gentle on surfaces yet effective for every day use. Great for humid areas such as showers, shower curtains,
counters, and sinks.

                 How to use Stay Byotrol Clean™ Galley & Shower Cleaner:
Spray on counter top, table, shower curtains and walls and other surfaces and wipe with sponge, brush, or cloth
ensuring that all surfaces are thoroughly wet; in humid areas, leave wet to air dry. Pre-clean food surface and heavily
soiled or stained areas. As surfaces vary, test on an inconspicuous area. After air drying, food prep surfaces should be
wiped with potable water.

With regular use, all surfaces Stay Byotrol Clean™ longer and regular cleaning is a breeze!!

When winterizing, for off-season deodorizing protection apply to all these surfaces plus all seat cushions and benches.
Allow to thoroughly dry before storing. Apply again prior to boating season. Regular use of Stay Byotrol Clean™ will
keep your boat mildew stain and odor free.

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