At Cohuna Secondary College we offer Art, Drama, English by alendar


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									At Cohuna Secondary College we offer:
Art, Drama, English, Humanities
(Geography, History and Financial Liter-
acy), Information Technologies, Japa-
nese, Mathematics, Multimedia, Music
(classroom, instrumental lessons and
School Band), Performing Arts, Physical
Education, Science, Sport and a broad
range of Technology subjects including
Auto, Electronics, Food Technology, Ma-
terial Studies, Textiles, Welding, Wood-
In VCE and VCAL the wide range of sub-
jects includes: Accounting, Art, Biology,
Business Management, Chemistry, De-               We treat all people with respect,
sign & Technology, Food Technology,                  focus on our learning and
Health and Human Development, Litera-                  strive for excellence
ture, several Maths, Phys Ed., Physics,                  in all that we do.
Psychology, Visual Communication, Sys-      Our friendly school has small classes and we have a
tems Engineering and more.                  school chaplain (actually two of them) who help us
To study the Victorian Certificate of       when we have issues to face.
Applied Learning (VCAL) students            Students have many opportunities to get involved
choose either a School Based Appren-        through the Students’ Representative Council
ticeship (ASBA) or a VET subject.           (SRC), the Youth Council (across the Gannawarra
To help our learning we have two com-       Shire) and through becoming leaders in a range of
puter rooms with 24 computers each,         areas: sport, music, performing arts and many more.
several computer pods with six com-
puters, 8 computers in the library plus a             Cohuna Secondary College
class-set of laptops. These are all wire-             6415 Murray Valley Highway
lessly networked.                                       Cohuna, Victoria. 3568

                                                        Phone: (03) 5456 2555
                                                      Facsimile: (03) 5456 3298
Cohuna Secondary College is a safe and envi-      The College Band includes many instruments
ronmentally-friendly school, which is situ-       such as Brass, Keyboard, Woodwind and Per-
ated on the Murray Valley Highway. The col-       cussion. The Band is often successful in Ei-         Every second year the College puts on a
lege is spread over 10 hectares of land, in-      steddfods and plays at other school and com-         performance called the Theatre
cluding gardens, shady eating areas, basket-      munity events as well. If you are interested         Restaurant. The auditions are open to all
ball court, football/soccer/hockey oval, the      in playing an instrument, we have the staff          year 7 to 12 students. The students not
main buildings and the Year 9 Centre.             and facilities to teach you.                         only perform, they also work backstage
                                                                                                       and do props, costumes, lighting, sound
We have 21 learning spaces at the College,
                                                                                                       and set designs. Some of the older stu-
plus the library, that has a broad range of
                                                                                                       dents prepare meals for the audience
fiction and non-fiction books as well as eight
networked computers. Our facilities include                                                            and are the waiters to carry the meals
the art area, ECA Centre (with two indoor                                                              around.
courts), drama room, science rooms, an auto       Year 9 boys run a program called Boys ‘N Books,
                                                  that involves our students helping grade 2 boys
shop, home economics room, electronics
                                                  with their reading. The year 9 girls run Girls and
room, woodwork, textiles and so on. In 2009
                                                  Games. The local grade 3-4 girls play a range of
we will be using our new Year 7 & 8 Learning      mathematical games with the help of our girls.
Spaces, our new Music room with its Practice      Both the year 9s and the younger students enjoy      We compete in the Rock Eisteddfod
rooms and the Year 9 Centre in the Red            these programs because they learn and our stu-       Challenge every second year. Our previ-
Brick Building (which has been recently re-       dents get to be positive role models.                ous performances have been quite suc-
furbished).                                                                                            cessful and they are:
                                                                                                       1997: Toy Shop of Fear
                                                                                                       1999: Knights of the Board Room Table
                                                                                                       2001: Odyssey
Sports available include: athletics, basket-
                                                  In years 10, 11 and 12 we encourage students to      2003: Dancing the Dream
                                                  look at their best career pathway. Many stu-         2005: Popularity Bugs Me
ball, badminton, football, golf, gymnastics,
                                                  dents begin an Australian School-Based Ap-
indoor hockey, netball, volleyball, indoor soc-                                                        2007: The Moral in the Myth
                                                  prenticeship (ASBA). These can be in agricul-
cer, shooting, squash, swimming, table-tennis,                                                         Students choose the theme, organise
                                                  ture, auto, retail, welding/engineering, etc. This
tennis and volleyball.                            provides for one day a week in the workplace         the choreography, costumes, lighting
The House sports events we hold during the        with on-the-job training plus learning modules       and set designs.
year are: swimming, summer sports, cross coun-    that mean the students leave school with a Cer-      In 2007 we made it to the Finals
try, winter sports and athletics.                 tificate II or III in their area. Others under-      (again!) and we had almost half the
                                                  take Vocational Education and Training (VET)
                                                                                                       school involved in the 8-minute song
Many of our students go on to compete at          courses in a range of areas: auto, business, con-
Northern Zone and then State level. We have       struction, engineering, hairdressing, sports and
                                                                                                       and dance routine at Vodaphone Arena.
had several state champions recently.             recreation and so on. The choice is yours.

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