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Are you getting there


Are you getting there

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									Are you getting there?
T h e L a t r o b e Va l l e y A c c e s s a n d M o b i l i t y S t u d y

           What is ‘Are you getting there?’                    This newsletter:

           all about?                                          • offers you a chance to express your ideas

           There are many advantages in living in the          • tells you how you can do this
           Latrobe Valley, but there are also disadvantages
                                                               • gives you the opportunity to share your
           for people who want to move about the area to
           access services and activities. A number of these
           disadvantages were raised during the Latrobe        ‘Are you getting there?’ is a question that can
           Ministerial Taskforce consultation, particularly    have many different answers and is designed to
           in relation to public transport.                    prompt you to think about how you access the
                                                               things you need.
           We want to understand your
           individual needs                                    Help us to understand the problems
                                                               you face
           We want to know whether you can get to the
           shops, services and activities you need to and      Being able to access goods, services and activities
           whether you’re able to access them easily both      is something we often take for granted. We may
           within the Latrobe Valley and beyond. We want       use our cars to drive to the doctor or go shopping,
           to know about the problems and difficulties         catch buses to go to work and school, hire taxis
           you face. We want to know how things could          or ride our bikes to visit friends.
           be improved.                                        People do these things because it’s quick and
                                                               convenient. Sometimes they feel that they don’t
                                                               have a choice. However, it may not always be as
                                                               easy as it might seem. Buses may only run
                                                               infrequently and may cease to run in the evening.
                                                               Parking may also be a problem. Getting on and off
                                                               public transport may be difficult. Bike tracks and
                                                               public walkways may be few and far between and,
                                                               sometimes, it’s all just too expensive and time-

                                                               To solve these problems successfully, we need
                                                               to focus on specifics. We need to know the exact
                                                               nature of each problem, for instance, is the
                                                               difficulty in getting from home to the local shop,
                                                               from home to work, or from one town to another?
                                                               Why is this a problem? Is it a lack of transport, is
                                                               the service too far away, does it take too long?

Department of Infrastructure
               Give us your ideas for improving the                   Come and talk to us at:
               way you travel                                         • Traralgon
               The Study Team needs to identify the problems             Saturday, 8 June, 10.30 am–12.30 pm
               and issues you face with moving around the                Kay Street in front of ‘Fast Cash’
               Latrobe Valley. We would like to hear ideas and
                                                                      • Morwell
               suggestions for making things better. Here are
                                                                         Saturday, 15 June, 10.30 am–12.30 pm
               some questions to think about.
                                                                         Mid Valley Plaza, in front of Target
               • How can public transport be improved?
                                                                      • Moe
               •   What can be done to provide better services?          Saturday, 22 June, 10.30 am–12.30 pm,
                                                                         in front of Purvis Plaza on Moore Street
               • Could we alter how existing services are
                   provided?                                          • Churchill
                                                                         Look for the team with the ‘Are you getting
               • Are there things you and others in the
                                                                         there?’ T-shirts, from 8–15 June.
                   community could do to increase accessibility?

               We have good roads and opportunities for public
               and private transport (for example, buses, trains,
                                                                      We look forward to seeing you there –
               cycles and taxis) in the Latrobe Valley and, while     remember to look for the people in
               we may want more, we could make improvements
               by using those we have more efficiently. Sometimes
                                                                      the ‘Are you getting there?’ T-shirts.
               we need to look closely at how we travel – things
               we’ve come to take for granted over time – and
                                                                      Anyone can have a good idea.
               ask ourselves if we’re actually making the best use    We look forward to hearing yours.
               of our time and assets, and the resources currently
               available. If you have any comments or suggestions
               about this, please let us know.
                                                                      Send us your comments:
                                                                      by Friday 28 June 2002

Can you get to the things you need to such as                         Website:
work, shops, school, services and other activities?                   Email:

We would like to hear from you.                                       Write to us:
                                                                      Latrobe Valley Access and Mobility Study
                                                                      Department of Infrastructure
                                                                      Eastern Regional Office
               Identifying problems and finding
                                                                      120 Kay Street
               solutions: how to get involved
                                                                      PO Box 1894
               • Be creative                                          Traralgon VIC 3844
                        • Be innovative                               Facsimile: 5174 2799
                                 • Be practical
                                                                      If you would like to be placed on a mailing list
                                          • Be specific.
                                                                      to receive updated information, please inform us
               Expensive options aren’t always the best. Think        through your submission or call the DOI Eastern
               carefully about how we – and you – can improve         Regional Office on 5172 2677.
               accessibility in the Latrobe Valley and let us know.

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