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									                                          Claim Your Powers

1. The Lieutenant Governor presides over this group. Legislative

2. Delivers the State of the State message. Executive

3. Has 31 members. Legislative

4. Bills start here. Legislative

5. Commander-In-Chief of the Texas National Guard. Executive

6. This group holds office for four years. Executive, Legislative, Judicial (Some judges
                                              have 6-year terms)

7. This group has eight members and one chief. Judicial

8. Head officer is called a Speaker. Legislative

9. Has 150 members. Legislative

10. Cannot hold any other office or job during their term in office. Executive

11. Power to veto. Executive

12. Amendments to the Texas Constitution must be approved by 2/3 of its members. Legislative

13. This group comes to Austin for sessions every two years. Legislative

14. This group hears appeals of court cases. Judicial

15. Secretary of State keeps and uses the seal of State in this branch. Executive

16. All bills must go to a committee. Legislative

17. Represents Texas when Texas is being sued. Executive

18. Appoints people to fill vacancies in State and District offices. Executive

19. Appeals some decisions to the U.S. Supreme Court. Judicial

20. 2/3 vote needed to approve appointments. Legislative

21. Can call a special session of the legislature. Executive

22. Brings impeachment charges against statewide officers. Legislative

23. Grants pardons. Executive

24. Interprets the laws and resolves legal disputes. Judicial

25. This group has original jurisdiction in death penalty cases. Judicial
26. This branch approves the governor’s appointments. Legislative

27. The governor is the head of which branch? Executive

28. This branch decides what laws mean. Judicial

29. This branch settles disputes between citizens. Judicial

30. This branch sees that the laws of the state are carried out. Executive

31. This branch makes the laws. Legislative

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