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									                                                                                                             ALWAYS ON TOP - ISSUE 40 - SUMMER 2004


Spirit of the Glen
Erben supply capsules in tin, polylaminate and heatshrink as
well as stopper corks for the Speyside Distillers Company
                                   The Speyside Distillery is           Alistair Paton, Procurement
                                   situated West of Aberdeen, four      Manager for Speyside Distillers,
                                   miles from Kingussie, with a pair    is delighted with the quality of
                                   of traditional stills producing an   products supplied by Erben.
                                   annual output of around 600,000      "When we were designing the
                                   litres of spirit.                    capsules for our Speyside Malt
                                                                        bottle we had certain constraints
                                   The buildings nestle in a            placed on us by the shape of the
                                   beautiful location at the foot of
                                   Glentromie, by the river Tromie
                                   where it enters the Spey and
                                                                        neck and also by our directors.
                                                                        Erben worked through these
                                                                        constraints and produced the
                                                                                                            Real Ale Rules
                                                                                                            St Peter’s Brewery Company           All St Peter’s bottled products
                                   have served as a wonderful           capsules in a very reasonable       based in Bungay, Suffolk take        use the same oval 500 ml glass
                                   location for the BBC’s hugely        timescale. Their attention to       thousands of crowns every year       bottle capped with Erben
                                   successful drama series ‘Monarch     detail and professional approach    for their range of real ales and     supplied gold crowns which
                                   of the Glen’.                        to the project made all our lives   fruit beers.                         feature a striking black raven
                                                                        a lot easier".                                                           and key design. A reference to
                                   Erben supply a range of capsules                                         Their head office and brewery        the United Kingdom’s Viking
                                   as well as stopper corks for the     Erben also produce tin capsules     complex is St. Peter’s Hall, a       ancestry.
                                   Speyside portfolio. Speyside         in green, embossed in red and       beautiful moated 13th century
                                   Distillers flagship brand is the     side printed ‘Scottish Prince’-     manor house and former               St Peter’s product is stocked by
                                   Speyside 10 year old, which is       for a blended whisky especially     outbuildings, with their own         Tesco, Waitrose, Safeway,
                                   sold worldwide. This brand is        popular in Korea, Thailand,         pure water source.                   Sainsbury’s, Budgens, and a
                                   sealed with a wooden top stopper     Japan and China.                                                         number of regional wholesalers.
                                   cork and a specially designed tin                                        Truly unique is the bottle shape     The company has future plans to
                                   capsule in semi-matt black with                                          which is based on an 18th            lever itself into export markets
                                   an embossed crest and side           .                                   century bottle produced for          with some success already
                                   printed in gold with ‘The                                                Thomas Gerrard of Gibbstown,         achieved in Japan, France and
                                   Speyside Single Highland Malt.’                                          near Philadelphia, in 1770.          the United States.


Nomacorc Opens New
European Facility
Erben’s partnership with Nomacorc has been strengthened with
the opening of a new European HQ & manufacturing plant at                                                                                          Energy Boost                2
Thimister-Clermont, Belgium.
                                                                                                              Congratulating Marc
                                                                                                              Noel, CEO (right) &
                                                                                                              Francois Denis, European
                                                                                                              Sales Manager (left)
                                                                                                              Sasha Erben praised
                                                                                                              Nomacorc’s investment
                                                                                                              in the new facility and              Milkshake Mix               2
                                                                                                              particularly in the
                                                                                                              context of R&D saying
                                                                                                              “in this area we believe
                                                                                                              Nomacorc are second to
                                                                                                              none, enabling us to
                                                                                                              provide our customers
Nomacorc synthetic closures are    5000 sqm facility at Thimister-      clients’ custom needs very            with an exceptionally
rapidly becoming the brand of      Clermont, for finishing processes    quickly.”                             high level of technical
choice within the wine industry,   including printing & chamfering                                            support. ”
with sales approaching 600         resulting in reduced lead times      Today, Nomacorc has become a                                               Wise Council                2
million worldwide.                 for European customers.              leading worldwide manufacturer      when the bottle is opened and
                                                                        of the highest quality synthetic    can be used with all regular types
Erben’s partnership with           “This new facility will allow        closures. Through aggressive        of corkscrews.
Nomacorc is stronger than ever     Nomacorc to serve our European       research and development, the
with sales in the UK increasing    clients more efficiently” said       company has created a co-           In addition, no major
year on year.                      Marc Noel, CEO.” He                  extruded synthetic wine closure     modifications to the corking
                                   continued “ The ability to           that closely replicates the         equipment on the bottling line
With the new plant, Nomacorcs      provide regional printing support    positive qualities of a natural     are necessary and Nomacorcs
will be manufactured in Zebulon,   in Europe gives us the               cork whilst eliminating the risk    can be produced in a range of         Apples Galore                3
NC, USA and will be sent to the    opportunity to respond to our        of taint. It will not crumble       colours.
          Only Top Quality for Britvic
          Aluminium ROPP caps for Purdey’s lifestyle multi-vitamin fruit drinks
          produced under the Orchid brand are supplied by Erben.
                                                                                   drinks industry and Purdey's is
                                                                                   one of a great stable of brand
                                                                                   names, like Robinsons, Tango,
                                                                                   and of course the Britvic brand.
                                                                                   The soft drinks market is worth
                                                                                   more than £3.4 billion in the
                                                                                   grocery trade alone and British
                                                                                   consumers drink over 8.3 billion
                                                                                   litres of soft drinks every year.

                                                                                   The caps for Britvic are
                                                                                   manufactured at Pagani Capsule
          The core target market for           with Erben caps in silver and       Srl in Italy utilising a new video
          Purdey's is 18-34 urban              gold with a three colour top        camera control system (VCCS)
          professional men and women           print which complements the         to ensure the highest standards
          who are health and style             striking bottle shape and brand     of quality are maintained during
          conscious leading busy active        styling. The two drinks in the      the production process.
          lives. There are two drinks in the   range are - Purdey's
          range, both free from caffeine       Rejuvenation (silver) - multi-      The cameras inspect the                 Managing
          and artificial sweeteners and        vitamin fruit juice with no added   aluminium ROPP caps                     Director,
          each has its own taste and           sugar and Purdey's Activation       continuously at high speed. The         Stefano Pagani,
          nutrient profile, but are unified    (gold) - a high energy formula      first check is that the Purdey          states
          by common base ingredients           with added complex                  logo is on the capsule and is           “our VCCS ensures
          which are fruit juice, carbonated    carbohydrate to provide an          correctly positioned; secondly          the highest level of
          spring water, vitamins and herbal    energy boost.                       the caps are checked for any            quality control for
          extracts.                                                                defects and deformities and             the production of
                                               Britvic Soft Drinks with a          finally a check is carried out to       Britvic’s ROPP's .”
          The company's manufacturing          turnover of around £600m is a       ensure that the liner is present
          plant in Hartlepool is supplied      leading player in Europe's soft     and correctly flowed-in.

    A Crushing                                 Wise Wines at Shotley
                                               Erben has supplied portuguese corks for Witenagemot
           Fit                                 vineyard named after Edward the Confessor’s council
                                               of wise men.
                                                                                                                        Witenagemot , a vineyard on the
          Crusha was                                                                                                    Shotley peninsula in Suffolk,
                                                                                                                        with a unique micro-climate is
          launched                                                                                                      producing a range of white and
                                                                                                                        red wines bearing the Anglo
          in the 1950's                                                                                                 Saxon place names associated
                                                                                                                        with the area. A red called Beria
          as a                                                                                                          meaning ‘fortified place’ together
                                                                                                                        with three whites Calu Wetuna,
          specialist                                                                                                    Hereca and Herela complete the
                                                                                                                        Proprietor, Stephen Williams
          brand.                                                                                                        said “We are very excited about
                                                                                                                        the launch of our first wines. I
                                                                                                                        can promise our customers a
                                                                                                                        pleasant surprise.”
          Since then its growth has been
          sustained and today it retains a
          top spot in this sector.

          Erben supply the roll on pilfer
          proof caps in a mid blue with a
                                               Cape Town in Focus
          light blue centre, finished with     The Wine Farmers & Fruit
          reversed out white print for         Growers Exhibition in Cape
          Silver Spoon’s Crusha range of       Town, South Africa provided
          milkshake mixes.                     the perfect forum for the
                                               promotion of tin, polylaminate
          Flavours include strawberry,         and heatshrink capsules made
          banana, chocolate, raspberry,        by Erben owned Watzke.
          lime, pineapple, black cherry
          and vanilla.                         By meeting wine-makers,brand
                                               managers, buyers and exporters
          Today, Crusha isn’t just a           a better understanding of the
          traditional milkshake mix, it        market-place was obtained.
          also makes a tasty thick shake
          and is even used as a cocktail       This exhibition has served as a
          mixer in trendy pubs, clubs and      solid foundation for future
          wine bars.                           business in the Cape.

                                                                                                                ROLL ON PILFER
                                                                                                                   PROOF TOPS
                                                                                                                      FOR SOFT

James White based in Suffolk is      cox and russet, as well as english   the Great Uncle Cornelius
a leading maker of finely            pear and 3 apple juice blends        brand. These are particularly
produced apple juices. They          with elderflower, blackberry and     unusual because they use apple
press and bottle 2 ranges of apple   cinnamon.                            juice rather than sugar to
juices under the James White                                              sweeten them.
brand - classic and organics.        The organic range is also freshly
                                     pressed but unfiltered and is        Finally James White also make
Erben supply many thousands of       certified organic by the Soil        and bottle Big Tom, a fabulously
roll on pilfer proof tops in three   Association with apple, pear,        spicy tomato juice, for which
colours, gold, dark green and red    cranberry & apple, carrot &          they were granted a Royal             Lawrence Mallinson, Managing Director - James
for these top quality drinks and     apple, raspberry & pear and the      Warrant from her Majesty the
                                                                                                                White Drinks Ltd said "We are very pleased to
hold quantities in stock for call    James White gold medal winner,       Queen .
off at short notice.                 apple & crushed ginger.                                                    be associated with a locally based company and are
                                                                          The Ashbocking based company          impressed with Erben’s customer service and
The classic range which is clear     In addition, James White also        supply fruit juices to fine produce   ability to deliver caps sometimes at very short
filtered between pressing and        produce a lemon refresher drink      & wine retailers throughout the       notice to feed our production runs."
bottling, comprises - 3 individual   (a still lemonade) and a newly       UK and also offer a home
varieties of fresh dry bramley,      launched still ginger beer under     delivery service.

                                                                          White is the New
                                                                          Erben has supplied a new burgundy long skirted cap with two
                                                                          colour top and side printing for a new rum based coconut cream
                                                                                                                                          This new drink is based on Julia
                                                                                                                                          La Ronde's family recipe
                                                                                                                                          featuring pure West Indian rum

STOCKHOLDING                                                                                                                              and is blended in Southern
                                                                                                                                          Ireland by Robert A Merry Ltd, a
                                                                                                                                          specialist liqueur manufacturer.

PROVIDES                                                                                                                                  It can be enjoyed as a drink on
                                                                                                                                          its own, with ice or coffee but

GREATER                                                                                                                                   can also be served as an essential
                                                                                                                                          ingredient for a range of
                                                                                                                                          cocktails or in specially designed
FLEXIBILITY                                                                                                                               ‘Sisserou’ dessert dishes.

                                                                                                                                          Sisserou recently exhibited at
Erben has supplied Broadland         production area and has a total                                                                      Hotelympia which featured the
Wineries, based at Cawston in        bottling capacity of 30 million                                                                      launch of the UK Bartenders
Norfolk, for many years with         litres a year with an annual                                                                         Guild (UKBG) ‘Bar Excellence’
millions of heatshrink capsules      turnover in excess of £10                                                                            -a brand new competition for
in a variety of colours, sizes and   million.                                                                                             spirits, wines, pre-mixed
printed styles destined for the                                                                                                           alcoholic drinks and mixers.
UK’s branded supermarkets,           Erben also supply aluminium
retailers and the independent        caps in green, plum, black, gold                                                                     The judging panel included
trade.                               and blue with and without top                                                                        senior members of the UKBG,
                                     and side printing for Broadland’s                                                                    sommeliers, journalists and
Wines imported from Australia,       extensive range of fruit drinks                                                                      marketing experts. Sisserou won
South Africa, Chile, Argentina,      and country wines.                                                                                   first prize in the spirits category.
California, France, Spain and
Italy are all bottled and capped     Winery Manager, Michael                                                                              Sisserou is available at a growing
in East Anglia.                      Dennison said “we are very                                                                           number of independent
                                     pleased with the closures from                                                                       merchants, restaurants and bars -
The company employs over 85          Erben and local stockholding                                                                         and is available to the trade
staff occupying a four acre site     gives us greater flexibility with                                                                    from Coe Vintners or Charles
with 62,000 square feet of           our bottling programmes.”                                                                            Wells.

    Whisky Distilling
    Returns to Wales
    The Welsh Whisky
    Company has revived
    pioneering traditions
    by building a purpose
    built distillery at
    Penderyn, which is to
    be the home of Welsh                                                                                            Roger Barber, owner with Erben Account Executive, Heather Phillips.
    Whisky. It is the first
    distillery in Wales to                                                                                        Mersea Vineyards
    produce single malt
    whisky after an
                                                                                                                  Mersea Island Vineyard covers           commended seal of approval in
    absence of over 100                                                                                           some 10 acres of land planted on        the 2001 International Wine
    years.                                                                                                        the southern slopes of the              Challenge, beating wines from
                                                                                                                  property. The principal variety of      across the globe.
    Erben has supplied Penderyn                                                                                   grapes grown are Muller
    with a Kematec spinner, capable                                                                               Thurgau, Ortega &                       Mersea Island Vineyard
    of spinning capsules on to bottles                                                                            Reichensteiner.                         produces over 10,000 bottles of
    at the rate of 200-300 bottles per                                                                                                                    wine per year. Erben supply the
    hour by hand for their new                                                                                    The owners produce a range of           Mersea vineyard with gold
    single malt whisky launched on                                                                                styles but their premier wine is a      polylaminate champagne foils
    St David’s Day. Erben have also                                                                               sparkling ‘methode                      and heatshrink capsules in a
    provided the black and gold tin                                                                               champenoise’ which has been             variety of colours to protect the
    capsules with a very distinctive                                                                              honoured with a highly                  ‘fruits of their harvest.’
    ‘long skirt’ to complement the
    sophisticated bottle packaging.
    The Welsh single malt whisky is                                                                               Clearcraft Gifts
                                                                                                                                                          Clearcraft has been designing,
                                                                                                                                                          and manufacturing giftware and
                                                                                                                                                          glassware for twelve years. Their
                                                                                                                                                          factory & offices are in the heart
                                         being distilled and matured in        Edwina Clark, Operations                                                   of the countryside at Matching
                                         Jack Daniels and Evan Williams        Director, is delighted with the                                            Green, Harlow.
                                         casks and the single malts will be    initial success of the brand and
                                         finished in a variety of woods        commented “Erben have been                                                 Erben provide various shaped
                                         such as sherry and madeira casks.     very supportive in providing                                               and coloured wooden top
                                                                               spinning equipment and well                                                stopper corks for Clearcraft’s
                                         From 2005 Penderyn will also be       designed capsules to assist the                                            range of filled oil lamps. On
                                         the site of the Welsh Whisky          Welsh Whisky Company                                                       purchase the customer simply
                                         Visitors Centre, which will cater     embark upon a new era with                                                 removes the cork and inserts
                                         for thousands of visitors a year.     the introduction of Penderyn.”                                             the wick.

    With over 50 years experience of supplying the wine & spirits, soft drinks, food, pharmaceutical &
    cosmetic industries with machinery & spare parts, Erben combine excellent quality & competitive
    pricing with an experienced support team.
                                         Capsuling & Spinning                 Incorporating the latest            Unscrambling & Orientating
                                         The Kematec range covers             technology, Talleres offer a full   Tölke specialise in unscrambling,
                                         capsule magazines & dispensers,      range of ‘auxiemba’ automatic       sorting & orientating bottles and
                                         capsule spinning, including          machines from 1,500 bph             caps, filling and capping
                                         pleating or pre-pleating, capsule    through to 60,000+ bph and          machinery and also offer puck
                                         shrinking, foilers and wiring        cater for hot melt, cold glue and   transport systems.
                                         machines.                            self-adhesive labelling
                                                                              applications. Covering products     Tölke offer specially designed
                                         The capsuling machines range         packaged in plastic and glass the   stand alone machines or full
                                         from single head, vertically or      Talleres list of clients is         production machinery in                 Tölke DFSN 1500
                                         horizontally mounted, bench          impressive and includes Coca        monobloc formats to fit in to           Filling
                                         type models, capable of up to        Cola & Faustino.                    existing or new bottling lines.         Erben continue to supply
                                         300 bph to high speed 38 head                                                                                    Ortmann & Herbst customers
                                         machines, capable of speeds of                                                                                   with FAS quality spares and
                                         up to 38,000 bph. Most                                                                                           advice on all their filling needs.
                                         machines are available in either
                                         semi or fully automatic options.                                                                                 FAS offer filling valves, lift
                                                                                                                                                          cylinders, distributors and all
                                         Kematec equipment is installed                                                                                   manner of sealings and springs
                                         throughout Europe as well as the                                                                                 for the beverage industry - all
                                         United States                                                                                                    manufactured to ISO 9002.

                                         Labelling                                                                                                        Gripping Heads
                                         Talleres Pupar specialise in the                                                                                 Griptec design and manufacture
                                         manufacture of ‘next-generation’                                                                                 a range of gripping head solutions,
                                         machinery for labelling and                                                                                      assemblies and spares for bottle
        Kematec spinning head            sealing bottles.                                                         Talleres Pupar self-adhesive labeller   packing & crating machines.

                          H Erben Ltd, Lady Lane Industrial Estate, Hadleigh, Ipswich, Suffolk. IP7 6AS England
                   Tel: +44 (0) 1473 823011 Fax: +44 (0) 1473 824381 Email: mail@erben.co.uk www.erben.co.uk
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