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									    ALL EARS                                                                 Professional
    Hearing & Tinnitus Clinic
You can expect
    prompt service.
    a clinician to stay with you and
    get to know you.
3   easy access to parking.                                                  for Hearing
3   timely detailed reports delivered

    to your doctors and surgeons.
    confidentiality of records.
    honest common sense advice.
    not to spend more than you want
                                                                             and Rehabilitation
    or need.
3   the treatment you receive to be
    appropriate to your needs, desires
    and budget.
3   the latest and best of hearing
    technology to be available to you.
3   to be welcome for a 5 minute chat         185 Melbourne Street,
    or supported through the years.          North Adelaide, SA 5006
                                                 Parking at Rear
Testimonials on request
                                         54 Illawarra Avenue, Hove SA 5048
                                                   Parking at Front
                                         Telephone: (08) 8410 8888
                                               Fax: (08) 8121 6142
 “Hear Well,                                E-mail: info@allears.com.au
  Live Well.”
        Adrian Gallindo
    BSc, MSc, M.Aud.S.A. (CCP)
                                            ALL EARS
                                            Hearing & Tinnitus Clinic          ALL EARS
                                                www.allears.com.au             Hearing & Tinnitus Clinic
 ALL EARS Hearing & Tinnitus Clinic
At a glance . . .                                      A client of the OHS voucher scheme can also        of the mainstream medical system and while
                                                       TOP UP . . . choose to pay the difference
•	 Qualified Audiologist                               between a free device and a more fully featured
                                                                                                          there is no cure for tinnitus, there are effective
                                                                                                          treatments to return control of your life to you.
Audiologists are the highest qualified                 instrument.                                        At ALL EARS you can rely on specialist advice
professionals specialising in hearing, with a
                                                       ALL EARS guides you through the process of         and treatment from an audiologist trained and
Masters of Science degree. At ALL EARS you will
                                                       selecting the TOP UP device that suits you best.   accredited in both Tinnitus Retraining Therapy
ONLY be seen by an audiologist.
                                                       For private clients . . .                          and Neuromonics.
•	 Children’s Hearing Assessments
Children 6 months and up require the special
                                                       ALL EARS matches the most advanced                 •	 Enhanced Primary Care
                                                       technology available, with the best clinical       The Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) initiative is
skills of an experienced paediatric audiologist
                                                       services to achieve outstanding results. We take   a government scheme that provides Medicare
and sound room diagnostic facilities that only
                                                       our responsibility to provide the current, best
ALL EARS has immediate access to, outside of a                                                            Rebates for people with long term conditions
                                                       technology very seriously, so you can depend
mainstream hospital.                                   on our knowledge to guide you through this         to see an audiologist for treatment of their
•	 Adult Hearing Assessments                           complex area.                                      condition.
As adults, hearing loss can creep up on us             •	 Latest Digital Technologies                     The EPC allows you to use the services of an
gradually and sometimes changes in our hearing                                                            Audiologist up to 5 times within a calendar
                                                       Technology changes at an astonishing rate and
ability make life difficult for loved ones as much     in hearing rehabilitation no single manufacturer   year and receive a rebate of $46.80 per session
as ourselves.                                          has all the answers. We do not tie ourselves to    through Medicare.
At ALL EARS, an important feature of the               a single manufacturer and can therefore always     To get access to EPC rebates ask your GP to
Hearing Assessment is identifying the way each         provide impartial advice.                          refer you to ALL EARS.
client wants to use their ears.                        •	 Cochlear Implants                               •	 Services for WorkCover clients
An accurate and comprehensive hearing                  For some people a cochlear implant offers the      In delivering assessment and rehabilitation
assessment is essential to allow realistic goals       best hearing. The so-called ‘bionic ear’ is an     for WorkCover clients, ALL EARS offers
and strategies to achieve the lifestyle you want.      implant which directly stimulates the auditory
                                                                                                          considerable experience of diagnosis,
A Hearing Assessment by an Audiologist                 nerve.
                                                                                                          assessment and advocacy within the framework
provides essential diagnostic detail that will         ALL EARS can assess whether you would be           of a complex legal system.
identify any necessary medical intervention.           a candidate for cochlear implantation and
•	 Hearing Aid Prescription and Fitting                provides a service from pre-operative testing to   •	 Occupational Hearing Health
                                                       post operative mapping and management.             and Safety Services
to clients who are eligible under the DVA/OHS          •	 Tinnitus Assessments & Treatment                ALL EARS offers OHS&W services in the field of
voucher scheme and where appropriate, fits the         Many people suffer from this invisible yet         hearing, including staff assessment, education,
latest digital hearing aids as part of an individual   debilitating condition. Tinnitus is an area of     training and design of hearing loss prevention
hearing rehabilitation program at no charge.           audiology which is outside the understanding       programs.

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