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									                                               OO   L
                                    R    Y SCH
                            PR IM A
                     MBLE R
                                                                                   Issu e 7

                                                                              13th February 09

                                                                           Inside this issue:
         AMBLER NEWS
   KEEPING YOU IN THE PICTURE                                              School Closure 1

   HALF TERM BEGINS THIS FRIDAY FOR                                        Texting to         1
              ONE WEEK
                                                                           School Jour-       1

Just to remind all par-   Texting to Parents
                                                                           Parents Eve-       2
ents that half term be-  I am sure that you have all received a text       ning
gins this Friday 13th    message from school in the last few days.
February for one week.   This is a service that we have now put in         Attendance         2

Children should return   place so that we can keep parents/carers
to school on Monday      informed of any important events such as          Sainsbury‛s        2
23rd February.           school closures, trips, school journey etc.       Vouchers

School Closure Therefore, it is very important that your
                                                                           Good as Gold       1
Unfortunately we had to mobile telephone numbers are kept up to
close school for two     date. If you have recently changed your
days last week due to    numbers, please inform the school office as
the severe weather. I    soon as possible.                                 MAKE SURE
am sure the children en- School Journey                                    YOUR CHILD
joyed their extra days                                                     IS IN SCHOOL
                         Year Six have been invited to go to Windmill
in the snow but felt we Hill, Sussex for this year‛s School Journey.       ON TIME.
had to close due to      They will be leaving on 6th July to 8th July
health and safety rea-   and will be taking part in lots of exciting ac-   PLEASE
sons.                    tivities such as kayaking, archery, abseiling     INFORM
                          and bridge building. The trip will cost £150
                          including all meals and travel. I am sure
                          that this will be a fantastic opportunity for    OFFICE OF
                          the children. If your child is interested in     ANY ABSENCES
                          going, please let the school office know.

Reporters Club                                                             PLEASE PAY

We will now be starting a “Reporters Club” which will be held on           LUNCHES ON
Wednesday lunchtimes. The reporters will be gathering information          TIME
on important news events and topics which are relevant and these arti-
cles will now regularly take part in our Newsletters.
Swimming                                  Attendance
                                        Ambler‛s target for attendance is 95%. You should have now all received a letter
After half term, Year 4 will begin      giving your child‛s individual attendance percentage for this academic year so far.
swimming on Mondays (Year 1 will        We expect children to attend school regularly and on time and if your child is ill,
continue to swim all year round) and    you should call the school office to let them know why your child is not in school
Year 3 will swim on Fridays. Year 2     Educational Welfare regularly check the registers and will take further action if
will also continue to swim until the    necessary.
Summer holidays. Please make sure
your child brings in a full swimming    We would like to congratulate the following children who all achieved 95% and
kit (towel, trunks/costume) on these    above:-
days. It is part of the curriculum      Lilly Jackson, D‛Aundre Ryan, Belinda Adams, Kelis Bailey, Aysha Cornette
and all children should take part       Brown, AJ Edwards, Tim Haley-Halinski, Cas Haley-Halinski, Tarkan Huseyin,
unless there is a letter from your GP   Sinan Killic, Joseph Obasa, Mexhit Pali, Sapphire Stratchan-Thompson, En-
to state that your child is unable to   dea Stratchan, Chelsea Wilson, Yoel Yohannes, Nathan Bailey, Sarina Law-
swim.                                   rence, Jordan Omorogeiva, Jayda Richardson-Madahar, Sabirah Begum, Luke
SAINSBURY’S VOUCHERS                    Brewer, Iqra Finiin, Shayistah Lowtun, Shamilia McCleod-Mitchell, Matthew
We are now collecting Sainsbury‛s       Odukoya, Henry Omorogieva, Ali Pazarcikli, Younes Taibi, Jamillo Ahmed,
vouchers which will be used to buy      Monica James, Jahveen Martin, Sara Pali, Kaianna Rougier, Tianna Assing,
sports and cooking equipment. Re-       Michaela Daramola, Muna Egal, Jaden Ikomoni, Farhan Jahur, Riza Kasisari,
member to collect them when you go      Klint Krasniqi, Aidan O‛Connor, Zeki Uyan, Dorothy Wright-Spinks, Grace
shopping or maybe you could even ask    Wright-Spinks, Joyce James, Marwa Rashid, Idris Richardson-Madahar,
your Auntie‛s, Uncles, Nans and         Joshua Egbochao, Aaron Nash, Rumi Begum, Deniz Boyraz, Mieke Buckley,
Grandad‛s and Carers to collect them    Tafari Kelvin, Selin Killic, Saffron Lee, Poppy Rawlings, Khadija Sid, Dijle
too!                                    Akdag, Foyzul Hoque and Mohammed Kherbouche.
COLLECTING CHILDREN There are children who achieved between 90-95% and a big thanks to those too
Could you please let the school know    but we would like to see them reach our target of 95% or above. Keep trying and
if your child is being collected by     well done to you all.
someone else, i.e. uncle, neighbour
etc so that there are no misunder-      PARENTS EVENING
standings at 3.30pm. If your child      Parents Evening will be on 12th March at 6pm. The focus for the evening will be
walks home alone, please let the        on PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) and SEAL (Social
school know in writing please.          and Emotional Aspects of Learning). Children will be showing what they are learn-
                                        ing in class. Somali/Bengali and Turkish interpreters will be present.
                                        DATE FOR YOUR DIARY
                                        We will be holding a very special and exciting event this summer called “The Big
Behaviour                               Summer Ambler Community Event” which will be held on June 13th 1-6pm.
The children are making an effort
to behave and be respectful to oth-            If your child finds it difficult to   *******************
ers in school. However there is still          follow the school rules, we will
room for improvement and Ambler                                                          Good as Gold
                                               contact you to come in and talk
will not tolerate any fighting, ag-            with us about how we can work         *********************
gressive or disrespectful behaviour            together to help and support          Previous week‛s winners were:
or bullying. Here is a reminder:-.             your child, We have a list of
                                                                                     Daniel Grigg—Y2
School Rules                                   consequences that will come into
                                               play:                                 Nathan Bailey—Y6
1.     We follow all instructions
                                        5.     Warning                               Ruby Quayson—Y5
2.     We do not hurt others by
       words or actions                 6.     Time out for 5 mins in class          Saifur Rahman—Y5
3.     We look after the class-                                                      Yoel Yohannes—Y4
                                        7.     Time out in appropriate class for
       rooms/school and everything
                                               15 mins.                              Selin Killic—Y2
       in it.
                                      8.       Consequence Activity issued           Aiysha Oklanwanon—Y3
4.     Children are rewarded for
       following school rules through 9.       Sent to Headteacher                   Kaianna Rougier—Y2
       praise, applause, points etc.                                                 Well done to you all!

                                                                                                                        Page 2
 Issue 7
Recent & Forthcoming                                                            Great Ormond
Events                                                                             Street

 Last week we had a visit from
                                   We also had a “Governors Day” in       Year 2 children have taken part
the Little Angels Theatre who      which the school Governors spent
performed “Handa‛s Surprise” to                                           in the Great Ormond Street
                                   the morning at Ambler in which
Reception and Year 1 classes.                                             Picture Challenge. Representa-
                                   they experienced a whole range
The children thoroughly enjoyed                                           tives of Great Ormond Street
                                   of what goes on at Ambler.
it and we look forward to more                                            Hospital came into school
performances in the future.        We were very pleased to have
                                                                          where an assembly was held to
                                   two new members to the Ambler
Next Wednesday, Bigfoot Thea-                                             explain what the hospital does.
                                   Team—Riba and Mustapha who
tre Group will be performing
                                   will be working with children to       The children have raised an
“The Grinch” for the whole         support them both in class and         amazing amount of money for
school. We are very much look-                                            this charity.
                                   liaise with parents at home.
ing forward to seeing it.
                                                                          Two children worked especially
                                                                          hard to raise over £150 and a
                                                                          special thank you goes to:
                                   Targets                                Aidan O‛Connor who raised
A BIG THANK YOU                    Do you know what your child‛s
A lot of effort is put into        targets are? If you are un-            Belinda Adams who raised £55
making Ambler a caring and         sure of what they are and did          WELL DONE TO YOU BOTH!
vibrant community. This is         not make the parent‛s eve-
achieved by all members of         ning, please speak with the
staff giving their extra time      class teacher to arrange an             ***************
and support throughout the         appointment.                            MAKE SURE YOUR
whole year.                                                                CHILD HAS A
                                   Please let the school office know of
                                                                           HEALTHY BREAK-
We would like to thank all        any changes to mobile numbers, home      FAST BEFORE
those parents for their con-                   numbers etc.                SCHOOL
tinued support and all their                                               *******************
hard work this term to make                                                If your child changes
improvements in all areas of          Term Dates for                       from either packed
the school life and learning.             2008                             lunches/ school din-
                                   3rd Sept—19th December                  ners, please let the
                                                                           school office know im-
                                    Half Term— 27-31st October
ARE:                               5th Jan-3rd April                       PLEASE COULD ALL
TEL 0207 226                       Half Term—16th-20th February            PARENTS FILL IN THE
                                   Good Friday—10th April                  ATTACHED QUESTION-
4708                                                                       NAIRE AND RETURN TO
EMAIL: OFFICE@                     Easter Monday— 13th April
                                                                           THE SCHOOL OFFICE.
TON. SCH.UK                        20th April—20th July
                                   Half Term 25th —29 May

                                                                                                       Page 3
Issue 7

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