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									           Working With Calendars
• Using Calendars
• Creating a New Baseline Calendar
• Assigning Resources to Different baseline

R. Ellis

           Working with Calendars
• One needs to know when resources are available
  in order to schedule them
• This can create problems if the project has a time
      – Or a task is totally dependant upon one resource
• Calendars define the working and non-working
   time for the project and each resource assigned to
   the project
• As a change is made in the calendar, it is reflected
   in the rescheduling of tasks
R. {Dates} File
• Ellis

                  Using Calendars
• There are 2 types of calendars
      – Base Calendars; Defines working days and hours for a
        project or set of resources
      – Resource Calendars; defines working days and hours
        for a specific resource
• When a resource is added to a project, the standard
  calendar is added as the resource’s base calendar
      – There are also a 24 hour calendar and a Night Shift

R. Ellis

           Viewing Calendar Options
• On The Tools Menu
      – Click Options
• Click the Calendar Tab
• This is the default calendar

R. Ellis

           Changing the Base Calendar
• The default setting for the Standard
  Calendar is
      – 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
      – Monday through Friday
      – No Holidays
      – The base calendar must be changed to reflect:
            • Changes in work hours and work days
            • National holidays
            • Project holidays
R. Ellis

            Changing Working Time
• On the Tools Menu, Click Change Working
• Scroll to September
      – Select Friday the 5th
• Delete the text in the SECOND From box
• Delete the text in the Second To Box
• Select Friday 12th
      – Observe the shading of Friday 4th
R. Ellis

                  Changing Working Time
Name of
being Used

                                                       Working hours
                                                       For selected

       R. Ellis

                  Setting Nonworking Days
      • Display the Change Working Time Dialog
             – September 2003 is displayed
             – Select Monday 8th
      • Select the Nonworking Time Option
             – Select Monday 15th
      • Observe the shading of September 8th,
        indicating that it is a Nonworking day
       R. Ellis

             Changing a Resource Calendar
      • Only exceptions to the base calendar are entered in
        the resource calendar
      • Changes may include
             – Personal vacation
             – Meetings
             – Training
      • Can be used to reflect:
             – Schedule downtime
             – Maintenance
             – Cleaning
      • Edited the same as base Calendars
       R. Ellis

           Editing a Resource Calendar
•    Select the Resource Sheet View
•    Select “operations manager”
•    Click the Resource Information button
•    Scroll to August 2003
      – Drag Select the 11th to the 14th
• Select the nonworking Time option
• Click Friday 15th
      – Observe the shaded nonworking days for the operations
        manager only
• Save W/O baseline
R. Ellis

           Editing Resource Calendar

R. Ellis

     Creating a New Base Calendar
• A new base calendar is created when:
      – non of the available calendars fit the project
      – A group of resources work different days and
        hours from the rest of the project resources
• Can be created by copying the existing
  default calendar
      – This reduces editing
R. Ellis

     Creating a New base Calendar
• On the Tools Menu
      – Click Change Working Time
      – Click New
• In the name box
      – Type LATE SHIFT
      – Ensure that make a copy of the standard
        calendar is selected, Click OK
• The late Shift Calendar is Displayed
R. Ellis

       Making Changes to New Base
 • Select all days From Monday through Friday
 • Under Working Time
           –   Type 3 PM in first Box, TAB
           –   Type 7 PM, TAB
           –   Type 7:30 PM, TAB
           –   Type 11:30 PM. TAB
 • Click OK
 • On the Tools Menu Click Change Working Time
           – Click Down arrow and Choose LATE SHIFT
           – Observe the change in the working time, Monday to
 • Save W/O Baseline
R. Ellis

Assigning Resources to Different
• Ensure that the Resource Sheet View is Displayed
      – Double click “Computer Tech 2”
• Ensure that the working times Tab is selected
      – Click the base Calendar Down arrow and Select Late
• Do the same 4 the “Janitor”
• Save W/O Baseline

R. Ellis

  Changing Date formats to include
  • Select the Gantt Chart View
  • On the Tools Menu, Click Options and click
    the View Tab
  • Click the date format down arrow
        – Select Mon 1/31/00 12:33 PM
  • Press F5, Type 38, Click OK
  • Double click Task 38
        – Observe the Start and finish Dates
  R. Ellis

             Changing Date Formats

Start                                                         Finish
Time                                                          Time

  R. Ellis

        Assigning a 24 hour Calendar
  • Click the Assign Resources Button
  • Double click Server
        – Select the Working Tab
  • Click the Base Calendar down arrow
        – Select 24 hours, Click OK
        – Observe the shrinking of the task bar for Task 38
  • Double click task 38
        – Observe the time form 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Click OK
     Save W/O Baseline
  • Ellis

           Resetting View Options
• On the Tools Menu
      – Click Options
      – Ensure the View Tab is Selected
• Click the date Format
      – Select Mon 1/31/00, Click OK

R. Ellis


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