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									Self Directed Support with
Personal Budgets
Glossary of terms
Assessment of need     Completed by an assessor (such as a social worker)
                       in partnership with the service user to identify a
                       service user’s social care and support needs and
                       their eligibility for support from Adult Social Care
                       through use of Fair Access to Care Services eligibility
                       criteria. The assessment will produce a statement of
                       assessed needs and an indicative amount.
Brokerage              See support brokerage.
Care Services          An advisory body reporting to the Department of
Improvement            Health which supports positive implementation of
Partnership            care policy at local levels.
Carer                  Someone who spends a significant proportion of their
                       time providing unpaid support to someone else. This
                       could be caring for a relative, partner or friend who is
                       ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or substance
                       abuse problems.
Citizenship            The rights and responsibilities of being part of the
                       community and involved in public life and affairs.
Direct payment         Money provided by Adult Social Care to enable a
                       service user to arrange and be in control of the
                       services they choose to meet their assessed needs.
                       Direct payments will continue to be available as a self
                       directed support option for carers, occupational
                       therapy equipment and service users of community
                       mental health teams.
Fair Access to Care    Department of Health guidance for councils providing
Services               a framework for setting eligibility criteria for adult
                       social care. Its aim is to achieve fairer and more
                       consistent eligibility decisions across the country.
Fairer Charging and    Department of Health guidance for councils who
Fairer Contributions   decide to charge for any non-residential services.
guidance               Fairer Contributions guidance comes into force in
                       April 2010 and bases user contributions to their
                       support on the value of their personal budget rather
                       than on the cost of units of services. See also
                       ‘Financial assessment’ and ‘Service user
Financial              An assessment of an individual's finances to identify
assessment             how much they will be expected to contribute to the
                       cost of their care and support services. See also
                       ‘Service user contribution’

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Self Directed Support with
Personal Budgets
Glossary of terms

in Control           National project that has developed a model of self
                     directed support. Following involvement in pilots of in
                     Control and Individual Budgets, they are now
                     involved in the in Control Total programme which
                     seeks to extend self directed support to all service
Independent Living   Charitable trust that administers money provided by
Fund                 the Government to support the cost of disabled
                     people who need substantial assistance to live in the
Indicative amount    An indication of the level of funding that could be
                     made available by Adult Social Care to meet a
                     service user’s assessed needs. The service user will
                     be informed of their indicative amount before they
                     start work on their support plan. The indicative
                     amount is a guide, not a right to an allocation of
                     money. A service user can ask for levels of funding
                     greater than the indicative amount if their support
                     plan shows that their needs cannot be met within this
                     amount. Likewise, if a service user agrees that their
                     needs can be met for less than the indicative amount,
                     the personal budget will be set at this lower amount.
Indirect payment     Money given to a service user's trust fund. The
                     trustees use this to arrange the services the
                     individual has chosen to meet their needs.
Individual budget    Individual budgets are defined as including council
                     funding (e.g. a personal budget) alongside other
                     sources of funding. We do not currently have
                     arrangements to deal with multiple funding streams.
                     Also the Government, in their National Indicator
                     (NI130) are judging councils by their use of personal
                     budgets not individual budgets. For these reasons,
                     we will focus on personal budgets and avoid use of
                     the term individual budget.
Mental capacity      The Mental Capacity Act says "a person must be
                     assumed to have the capacity to make decisions for
                     themselves unless it is established that they lack
                     capacity". This means people must have an
                     assessment of their capacity before decisions can be
                     made on their behalf.
Outcome              The changes, benefits or other results that happen as
                     a result of provision of social care and support.

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Self Directed Support with
Personal Budgets
Glossary of terms

Person centred         Putting people needing support at the centre of
planning               planning for their lives. It is based on listening to
                       people to find out what is most important to them and
                       what they want from their lives. The next step is to
                       help people get those things.
Personal budget        The actual amount of money Adult Social Care will
                       make available to meet a service user’s social care
                       needs as identified in an assessment. Adult Social
                       Care will undertake and assessment of the service
                       user’s financial circumstances to work out if they
                       should contribute towards their personal budget. The
                       personal budget is confirmed once a support plan
                       has been approved by Adult Social Care. The
                       personal budget can be used to arrange services
                       through a direct payment, through services arranged
                       by Adult Social Care staff or a combination of the
                       two. The personal budget will be used for community
                       based services and not for care in residential and
                       nursing homes.
Personalisation        Government led agenda to ensure that every person
                       who receives support, whether provided by statutory
                       services or funded by themselves, will have choice
                       and control over the shape of that support in all care
Positive Risk Taking   Cumbria's policy for managing risk in services for
                       people with learning disabilities. It says "Positive
                       Risk Taking is about people taking control over their
                       own lives by weighing up the potential benefits and
                       harms of exercising one choice of action over
                       another. Positive Risk Taking is not negligent
                       ignorance of the potential risks. People will be given
                       the support they need to take the risks they want and
                       to make informed choices."
Resource Allocation    This identifies how much money could be made
System (RAS)           available from Adult Social Care to arrange support
                       to meet an individual’s assessed needs. The RAS is
                       part of the assessment of need process.
Self assessment        The Government's personalisation agenda is
                       encouraging greater use of self assessment where
                       individuals are able to identify their own needs and
                       eligibility for support. Cumbria is currently
                       implementing supported assessment where the
                       assessment is carried out by the individual supported
                       by a practitioner.

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Self Directed Support with
Personal Budgets
Glossary of terms

Self directed support Enables service users to have greater choice and
                      control over the social care and support services they
                      receive to meet their assessed needs. Cumbria
                      County Council has made self directed support
                      available to service users for many years through use
                      of direct payments. From 16 November, this will be
                      extended by offering service users personal budgets
                      for their social care and support. Self directed
                      support through the use of personal budgets is being
                      implemented in Cumbria by a Self Directed Support
                      Programme Board.
Service user          A financial assessment will be carried out at the
contribution to their earliest opportunity following the assessment of
personal budget       need. The assessment will be completed in
                      accordance with the Government Guidance on Fairer
                      Charging Policies and will work out the contribution, if
                      any, that the service user will be required to make
                      towards their personal budget. Service users who
                      choose to use their personal budget as a direct
                      payment will have their payments reduced by the
                      amount of their assessed contribution. Service users
                      who ask Adult Social Care to arrange services will
                      receive a bill for their contribution.
Support brokerage     Provides brokers who can help people gain access to
                      the social care and support services they need.
                      Cumbria County Council is not currently seeking to
                      implement support brokers in Cumbria.
Support plan          A plan developed by service users (with help if
                      needed) to show how they can use funding from
                      Adult Social Care and other resources to meet their
                      assessed needs. The service user will be made
                      aware of their indicative amount and have a copy of
                      the statement of their needs before they start work on
                      their support plan.
Supporting Choice     Currently under development, this will be Cumbria's
and Control           policy for positive risk taking for all adult service
Supporting People     Government programme funding housing-related
                      services for vulnerable people which complement
                      existing care services.

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Self Directed Support with
Personal Budgets
Glossary of terms

Transformation   The transformation of social care was signalled in the
                 Department of Health’s social care Green Paper,
                 Independence, Well-being and Choice (2005),
                 reinforced in the White Paper, Our health, our care,
                 our say: a new direction for community services in
                 2006 and confirmed in the landmark ‘Putting People
                 First’ Concordat in December 2007. This
                 transformation aims to implement personalisation of
                 social care so that every person who receives
                 support, whether provided by statutory services or
                 funded by themselves, will have choice and control
                 over the shape of that support in all care settings.
Trust Fund       A legally set up body to receive and administer direct
                 payments on behalf of a service user. The service
                 user will in effect receive an indirect payment.
Vouchers         A way of providing services to carers such as short-
                 term breaks. Carers can use vouchers to pay for
                 care arranged directly with providers rather than
                 asking a practitioner to do this for them.

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