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									         Bradford & District
Learning Disability Partnership Board
       ‘Self Advocate VOICE’

         VOICE is the name of the four forums
         supported by the Learning Disability Partnership

         VOICE forums can help the Partnership Board to
         improve the lives of People with Learning
         Disabilities and family carers by giving different
         people an opportunity to find out what’s going on
         and to say what is important to them.

         The four VOICE forums are:

           •   Carers VOICE
           •   Self Advocate VOICE
           •   Community VOICE
           •   BME VOICE

         Self Advocate VOICE is for people with Learning
         Disabilities and is managed by Bradford People

         The other VOICE forums have meetings every
         two or three months. We don’t think this is the
         best way of finding out what things are
         important to people with learning disabilities.

         We think the best way is for members of
         Bradford People First to visit places where lots
         of people with learning disabilities are.
Self Advocate VOICE will have three important

  • Visit different places and find out what
    things make a ‘Good Day’ for People with
    Learning Disabilities

  • Visit different places and find out what
    things make a ‘Bad Day’ for People with
    Learning Disabilities

  • Write a report about the things they have
    found out

Sometimes Bradford People First might be
asked by the Partnership Board to talk to People
with Learning Disabilities about a particular
thing. It will be up to Bradford People First to
decide whether they can do this or whether
they will need some extra help.

To start with the visits will be to Resource
Centres and Voluntary Sector organisations.

Support for members of Bradford People First
will be provided by staff from Bradford People

The visits are not to check how services are
working or to ‘inspect’ services.

In the future we hope that we will be able to
find ways of working together to include other
places like Residential or Respite Homes and
Supported Accommodation.
Every three months (four times a             year)
Bradford People First will write a report:

The report will say:

  • Which places they have visited
  • How many people they have talked to
  • What they have found out

The report will be sent to the Chair of the
Partnership Board, the Joint Commissioner for
Learning Disabilities and The Director of
Planning, Information and Social Care (Bradford
District Care Trust) two weeks before it is
published on the Partnership Board website.

This will give these people have an opportunity to
understand what is in the report and start to
look at what changes might need to be made to
improve the lives of People with Learning

Bradford People First will talk to staff and
managers before visiting any of the places. This
will be to make sure that staff and managers
know why Bradford People First are going to be
visiting and to make sure that the visits are at
convenient times.

Managers will be expected to have talked to
People who use their services before the visits
so that people know who is coming and why.

Managers are also expected to make sure that
the visits can be carried out safely.
           The Partnership Board will write a report twice a
           year for Bradford People First to let them know
           what changes have been made as a result of the
           information they have provided.

 This information has been put together by:

 Members and Staff at Bradford People First
Department of Adult Services, Bradford Council
        Bradford District Care Trust

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