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									                          Sefton Local Safeguarding Children Board

                                SECTION 9 SUMMARY
The following is a summary of Sefton LSCB procedures Section 9: Sudden Unexpected
Death in Infancy or Childhood. You can also view the Section 9: Flowchart.

Sefton subscribes to the Merseyside Joint Agency protocols Sudden Unexpected Death in
Infancy and Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood.
An unexpected death is defined as a death that was not anticipated as a significant
possibility 24 hours before, or where there was a seemingly unexpected collapse leading
to or precipitating the events that led to death.
The Merseyside Joint Agency Sudden Unexpected in Infancy (SUDI) protocol (reproduced
as Appendix 7 to these procedures) should be followed when there is an unexpected
death of a child aged under 2 years. The Merseyside Joint Agency protocol Sudden
Unexpected Death in Childhood (SUDC) protocol (reproduced as Appendix 6) should be
followed when there is an unexpected death of a child aged 2 to under 18 years.
The Nominated Paediatrician responsible for unexpected deaths in childhood should be
consulted where professionals are uncertain about whether the death is unexpected. If in
doubt, these protocols should be followed until the available evidence enables a different
decision to be made.
Consideration should be given to implementing these protocols where there is an Acute
Life Threatening Event (ALTE) and, as the result of a discussion of practitioners involved
in the case, it is deemed appropriate, reasonable and proportionate. For this purpose the
definition of ALTE is:
Any sudden/unexpected collapse of a child requiring some form of active intervention /
resuscitation and subsequent intensive care / high dependency unit admission and
remains unexplained.
When implementing these protocols, professionals must consider the need also to
implement the Serious Case Review procedure, as at Section 11 of these procedures.
The Section 9: Flowchart illustrates the key steps in the protocols.

6th October 2008

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