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									November 2008           The Newsletter of Barton Creek North Property Owners Association

Mark Your Calendars: BCnPoa annual
Barton Creek North POA’s annual meeting is scheduled         By-Laws Subcommittee, which prepared extensive
for Tuesday, December 2, 2008, in the Governor’s             amendments to the Association’s By-Laws, approved by
Ballroom at the Barton Creek Country Club. Sign-in           the membership in 2005.
will begin at 5:45 p.m. and the meeting will be called
to order at 6 p.m. An official meeting notice with more      PRES SHEPPARD
information, including an agenda and Board member
candidate bios will be sent to all residents closer to the   Pres Sheppard and his wife Linda moved into the
meeting date. Please mark your calendars!’                   Woods I at Barton Creek in 1995. Since then he has
                                                             served on the Woods I homeowner board for a total
At this meeting, three new Board of Directors will be        of eight years (two years as
elected. After an extensive review process conducted         President).
over the last few months by the Board’s Nominating
Committee, the nominees include Jack Edrington,              Pres earned a Bachelor
Pres Sheppard and Dale Misczynski. Each of these             of Science in Electrical
individuals will bring a wide range of skills and            Engineering from Texas
dedication to our community.                                 Tech in 1958. He was a
                                                             Registered Professional
JACK ERDINGTON                                               Engineer in Texas. He
                                                             and his wife Linda have
After graduating from The University of Texas School         four children and eleven
of Law in 1968, Jack joined the Legal Department             grandchildren.
of Shell Oil Company in New Orleans. Following
various assignments in New Orleans, Midland and              A 39 year veteran of the
Houston, Jack was named Associate General Counsel            telecommunications                Pres Sheppard
and Corporate Secretary for Shell in 1991. Upon his          industry, Sheppard
retirement in 2000, Jack and his wife, Janis, moved to       moved from Southwestern Bell to AT&T in 1983 just
                         Barton Creek.                       prior to the break up of the Bell System.

                         Since coming to Barton              At Southwestern Bell he worked his way through the
                         Creek, Jack has served              ranks over 24 years to become Assistant V. P. Network
                         the community in various            Staff for the state of Texas. After joining AT&T he served
                         capacities, including Director      as V.P. Government Relations working with the state
                         and President of Governor’s         regulatory agencies and legislatures in the 5 state
                         Hill, Director and Treasurer        Southwest Region.
                         of Barton Creek North, and
                         currently as a committee            While working for AT&T in Kansas City, Pres was
                         member of the Barton                very active in civic affairs. He was a Director of the
                         Creek North Architectural           Commerce Bank of Kansas City and served on the
                         Control Committee,                  boards of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce,
                         Governance Committee and            the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City, and the
                         Committee of Community              Downtown Council.
   Jack Edrington        Presidents. In addition, he
                         served as Chairman of the                                              continued on page 2..

Mark Your Calendars: BCnPoa annual
Meeting...Continued froM Page 1
After moving to Austin in 1986, Pres was on the board of the Paramount Theater and was a Director for the Texas
Chamber of Commerce and the Texas Computer Industry Council. He also served on the Long Canyon POA board
prior to moving to the Woods in 1995. He is currently a Deacon at Austin Baptist Church and serves on their Personnel


Dale Misczynski has served as a Director on the Board for the past three years. During that time he has headed the
Committee of Presidents and the Audit Committee. He also serves on the Board of The North Rim Association.

                             Dale is one of the Founders, and is currently the President and CEO of Monebo
                              Technologies, a company dedicated to providing technology solutions that monitor,
                              analyze, and interpret the electrical activity of the heart. He holds two patents which
                              are of the core technology.

                              Having over thirty four years of extensive experience with Motorola, Dale has a
                              deep understanding of the global electronics industry coupled with proven general
                              management skills. His most recent assignments in the Semiconductor Sector, built
                              upon assignments at Corporate and the Telecommunications businesses.

                                Previous assignments included global responsibility for the Network Services business,
     Dale Misczynski            telecommunications systems engineering, and marketing management, and division
                                general management. He has represented the United States Information Technology
                                Industry in key international bodies, as a member of the Board of the International
Accreditation Forum, as well as several other governance responsibilities. Dale is the President and founder of The
Isoagile Group, a consultant organization specializing in international standards and trade.

He is a graduate of California State University (Sacramento) with a BSEE and completed the Advanced Executive
Program of the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University.

travis CountY sheriff’s Close Patrol
With the holiday season drawing near, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office offers a valuable, free service to the
residents of Barton Creek North. Deputies will keep an eye on your property when you are out of town if
you will notify them of your absence. To request a Close Patrol for your home, fill out a Travis County Sheriff’s
Office Close Patrol form. The form is available on the Barton Creek North Property Owners Association
Website - - using the Download tab.
Once you have completed the form either fax or email the form to the
Travis County Sheriff’s Office prior to your departure. Email the form
to or; or fax
the form to (512) 854-9774 in care of Sergeant Frank Lofton or Sergeant
Elizabeth Brown. Don’t hesitate to use this service, you can leave your
home with assurance that it will be cared for and watched over while you
are away.

uPdates to Barton Creek CountrY
CluB faCilities Karen Moore, Director of Barton Creek Country Club Membership
                               As we celebrate this season of Thanksgiving, we turn to our wonderful Club
                               Members who are our neighbors and friends. Barton Creek Country Club is
                               very blessed to have a wonderful community to call home and we very much
                               appreciate the patronage, dedication and spirit of our Club Members. We hope
                               to see many of you at the Club this holiday season as we feast on the bounty of
                               Thanksgiving, welcome Santa Clause, toast one another at the Member’s Holiday
                               Cocktail Party, and ring in the New Year!

2008 has been a busy year at the Club. Members have enjoyed our renovated Spa Salon and Spa Boutique, as
well as a specially designed Member Spa menu that features some of the most innovative treatments in the
Austin area. Word is out and our Spa Director has received calls from several local competitors asking her to
share some of her secrets. Don’t worry, she won’t. The new Coffee Market featuring freshly made sandwiches,
salads, baked-goods and gourmet coffee drinks also opened this year and Members can enjoy these treats under
a market umbrella on the new Coffee Market patio. This summer the hotel proudly opened our newly renovated
Bartons Lounge serving classic cocktails with a Texas twist from 4 p.m. until midnight. And, our most recent
addition has been the opening of the 8212 Wine Bar & Grille in the hotel featuring 33 wines by the glass from
all over the world. Lunch and Dinner served daily from 11:00 am - 9:00 pm and until 10:00 pm on Friday and
Saturday evenings.

While the Clubhouse is exclusive to Barton Creek Country Club
Members, the 8212 Wine Bar & Grill and the Bartons Lounge is
available to all. Members do enjoy their Member discount in
those areas as well as their 30% discount off rack rates in the
hotel. As so many of our Members host their business associates,
family and friends in the hotel, the newly renovated guest
rooms have been very well received as well as utilizing our Club
Concierge to handle any of their guests special arrangements.

We have not even mentioned golf, which as most of you know is our claim to fame. We are very proud of the
quality and diversity of our four golf courses and offer quite simply the very best golf selection in Texas.

To our Members, we wish you a blessed Thanksgiving and appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your
families. If you live here at Barton Creek and are not a Club Member, we would like to invite you to belong to our
wonderful Club tradition. Please call our membership office at 329-4010 for membership information.

  At this time the newsletter is not currently available on the BCN website. However, if you contact
    Kim Hulse, your association manager, by email at or by phone at
       (512) 219-1927 then she can email you an electronic copy of the newsletter by request.

status of stratus develoPMent in
our neighBorhood
Due to the current economic slowdown, Stratus’ commercial and residential developments in the Barton Creek community
have slowed and some planned developments have been shelved for an indefinite time period.

The final remaining retail space in the Barton Creek Village Retail Center (East Building) is currently under lease
negotiations. However, development of the West Building has been delayed with no specific start date specified at this time.

Similarly, residential development has slowed. Completion of the six single family lots (one lot
already sold) and two multi-unit/condominium lots in Amarra Drive (Phase 1) is now finished.

Completion of the infrastructure and street construction for Amarra Drive (Phase 2), which
includes 35 single family lots and two multi-unit/condominium lots, will occur within the next
month. However, selling of these lots have been delayed indefinitely.

Furthermore, design planning continues for Amarra Drive (Phase 3), which includes 91 single
family lots and one commercial lot. However, currently no start date for construction exists.

getting to know Bill fliCkinger
                    Bill Flickinger, of the Austin law firm         current law, collections of past due assessments, deed
                    of Willatt & Flickinger, is the general         restriction enforcement and other selected projects as
                    counsel for our Association. For the past       assigned by the Board. Bill moved to Austin in 1985 after
                    8 years, Bill and his firm have assisted the    graduating from Duke Law School. He and his wife Cheryl
                    Board of Directors on a range of issues         have two children, 18 year-old son, L.D. and four-year
                    including amendments to governing               old daughter, Faith. Bill also represents numerous other
                    documents, advice on procedures and             homeowner associations in central Texas.

neighBorhood safetY and seCuritY
rePort   Norm Schumaker, Chairman of Safety and Security Committee
The Barton Creek North POA has contracted with the Sheriff          Perhaps of more concern are the instances of false alarms.
Department to patrol the Barton Creek area for the last few         Over 50% of the Sheriff ’s activities are related to false alarms
years. These are random patrols and were designed to address        from home security systems. We should all be careful with
a rash of burglaries. This strategy has worked quite well. Over     our security systems and call the vendors emergency number
the past year residential burglaries have represented only 4%       to cancel a false alarm BEFORE the Sheriff is dispatched.
of the Sheriff ’s activities in the Barton Creek area. However,     Remember each of these alarms are viewed as real until proven
the sheriff ’s department has alerted us to a significant rise in   otherwise. That means the office dispatch is racing to get to
automobile burglaries at the Country Club and other public          the location of the alarm and is putting himself/herself at risk.
areas. Everyone would be wise to lock their cars when they          In addition, there is the cost as well as the wasted resources.
leave them parked.
                                                                    During the holiday season the Sheriff Patrol will add double
In the early part of the year, the community was experiencing       patrol shifts for the week of the Thanksgiving Holiday and the
a large number of automobile accidents that appear to have          week of Christmas and New Year’s Day.
dropped off after the traffic sign was installed on Barton Creek
Boulevard. There continues to be thefts from various public         However, overall the Barton Creek area continues to be a very
places and construction sites which are difficult to police.        safe place to live!
                                                                                                            continued on page 5..

holidaY season fire hazards
As the holiday season approaches, please remember to be especially vigilant
regarding fire safety hazards.

Austin’s current dry weather, on the heels of a very hot, dry and long summer,
exacerbates the risk of any fireworks sparking a serious fire within our community.
This risk is especially high along our many greenbelt areas. If your property does
abut a greenbelt area, it might be prudent to turn on your irrigation system on
New Year’s Eve as a precautionary measure. Residents need to be aware that any
dumping of tree and lawn pruning, leaves or other debris onto these greenbelt
areas further increases the risk of serious fire.

As they travel far and with little control, stick or “bottle rocket” fireworks (sticks on
the bottom with explosives on top and missiles with rudders on the bottom) present the greatest fire danger. Please be
aware that fireworks are not allowed within our community.

As the holiday season also increases the use of open flames inside your home, please be vigilant to avoid leaving burning
candles or other fires unattended or after going to bed. Remember to open your fireplace flue before lighting a fire. Also,
inspect your chimney each year and have it cleaned regularly.

Turn off your Christmas tree lights when you leave the house or when going to bed. As the holiday season often overloads
available electrical outlets, inspect your electrical cords for any exposed wires. Also, take extra care when preparing those
holiday meals. With so many distractions and extra people in the home, it is easy to become distracted.

We have been reasonably lucky in the Barton Creek area, but fires do occur. Remember that home fires double in size
every 30 seconds. In the Barton Creek area we are fortunate to have a Fire Station right on Barton Creek Boulevard so
the response times to our homes will be quick to a fire alarm. However, we need to keep in mind that in many of our
neighborhoods the streets are relatively narrow and the fire trucks are quite large. The local fire code requires a 25 foot wide
clear access lane.

While hosting holiday parties, awareness that parking on the narrow streets can restrict access by the fire trucks is
important. If you are having a party, be sure to check your restrictive covenants and regulations for your neighborhood.
Parking may be forbidden or restricted to one side of the street only. If you fail to follow the neighborhood policies, you
may be opening yourself to civil liability if there is a fire and the fire trucks cannot gain access to the site of the fire. Also,
make sure visiting guests know about your family fire escape plan and designated meeting place outside the home.

The Oak Hill Fire department is very helpful with any specific questions and will even do a fire inspection if requested. They
can be contacted at 288-5534. It is an old saying, but it stills applies in our modern world: “An ounce of prevention is worth
a pound of cure.”

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

reCent roadwork in our
Over the last few months you have seen a lot of work underway on our roads. The intersection of Southwest Parkway
at Barton Creek Boulevard has been expanded to include a left turn lane and the road has been widened and
straightened to ease the congestion at rush hour. The project is almost finished and should be complete by the end of

On Barton Creek Boulevard and Lost Creek Boulevard you have seen repairs under way to replace weak areas and to
fill potholes and other problems on the roads. Once all these repairs are completed, the road will be resurfaced with
a trap rock finish to increase traction in wet weather. These activities are dependent on weather conditions so please
be patient as the work is pursued. As we noted in the last report, the resurfacing will require caution while the work is
being done since the material requires time to properly setup.

Planning ahead to ProteCt Yourself
during the holidaY season
The holidays are prime time for endless errands, lengthy to-do lists and a whirlwind of shopping. It’s also the time of
year when criminals take advantage of your busy life and giving spirit by pretending to be volunteers from charitable
organizations calling for a donation.

Thieves may sell your information on the black market or use it to obtain money, credit or even expensive medical
procedures. Unless you’re vigilant in protecting your records, you’ll have to work even harder to repair the damage to
your credit. The average victim spends 30 to 40 hours rectifying the problem.

Here are some tips from Shiela Jagger, our neighbor at Treaty Oak Bank, along with CSIdentity, to help you safeguard
your identity information and your wallet:

•     Never give out any of your personal information over the phone unless you made the call.
•     Research charities or organizations to verify their authenticity before donating.
•     If you choose to make a charitable donation in response to a phone solicitation, take down the contact
      information and then call the charity directly to be sure the right organization benefits.
•     Plan your response ahead of time so you aren’t caught off guard by solicitations.
•     Keep your confidential information private. Your bank or credit card company won’t call or e-mail to ask for your
      account information. They already have it.
•     Keep an inventory of everything in your wallet and your PDA, including account
•     Don’t keep your Social Security card or any card with your Social Security number,
      such as an insurance card, in your wallet. Keep your confidential information
      private. Your bank or credit card company won’t call or e-mail to ask for your
      account information. They already have it.
•     Stop getting banking and credit card information in the mail.
•     Monitor your bank and credit card transactions for unauthorized use. Crooks with
      your account numbers usually start small to see if you’ll notice.
•     Keep your vehicle registration and insurance forms in a sealed envelope in your
      glove box and lock it and your car when at home or away.
•     If you conduct business online, use your own computer. A public computer is less secure, as is wireless Internet.
•     Don’t store credit card numbers and other financial information on your cell phone.

If you are the victim of identity theft, take the following steps:

•     Make an identity-theft report to the police and get a copy. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
      Also, contact the office of your state’s attorney general; you may be able to file a report there.
•     Close accounts that have been tampered with. Contact each company by phone and again by certified letter.
      Make sure the company notifies you in writing that the disputed charges have been erased. Document each
      conversation and keep all records.
•     Place a seven-year fraud alert or a “freeze” on your credit reports.
•     Begin the process of having the fraudulent information removed from your credit reports.
•     Consider purchasing identity theft insurance. It cannot protect you from becoming a victim of identity theft, but it
      can help you pay the cost of reclaiming your financial identity.

According to Bill Morrow, CEO of CSIdentity, “Taking a proactive approach to protect your identity is always the best
plan. At a minimum, never, never give anyone your Social Security number. ID thieves are getting smarter and will try
to catch people off guard. Always be on the alert for scams.”

earlY woods residents - MartY and
MarY Jones
Comfortably warm in Medford, New Jersey, Marty and Mary Jones decided to look for a nice warm spot to live “south
of a snow shovel.” It was 1994 and one of their sons had recommended a beautiful and tree covered community near
the Barton Creek Country Club as a place for retirement. By July of 1995 they had built their Texas Hill Country Style
home in the Woods and were moving in.

They were among the first 10 residents of the Woods. There were no homes or schools on the West side of Barton
Creek Boulevard except for the high school. No apartments, no Governors Hill, no Wimberly, no Watersmark. The only
developed properties between the Bridge and Lost Creek were St. Michaels High School, the Woods, BCCC and the

“When we moved here, we never thought the area would develop into such a prestigious location to live,” observed
Marty. “We just liked the combination of large lots, numerous oaks and junipers, and the proximity to town and
services (11 miles to the capitol).”

“We feel the great neighbors were a wonderful added
bonus. And initially, we didn’t have fenced in yards, so we
traded flowers and vegetables for a close up relationship
with the deer and other wildlife. Later, as neighbors began
to build pools, fences appeared and we were able to plant
our tomatoes and flowers, “ reflected Marty.

Having spent 34 years with Ford, Marty and Mary have
worked and lived in many cities across the United States.
Their Woods home, however, wins the longevity award.
Marty and Mary celebrated their 50th anniversary here
in 2007, and later hosted all 6 of their sons and their 13
grandchildren for a week of fun and bonding. (No they did
not all camp out in the home and backyard).

For the first few years, the road to Southwest Parkway was in very poor condition, and after each rain it would be
flooded in two locations. This would keep traffic down. Marty believes traffic is still pretty tolerable is you can avoid
the hours considering all of the added development and community growth.

                              Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays from everyone at RealManage. We have enjoyed serving your community this year and hope to
serve you again next year. Enjoy yourself this holiday season and remember RealManage is always here to help your
community with anything it may need. We look forward to hearing from you next year. Please don't hesitate to
contact us or your association manager, Kim Hulse, should you need anything concerning your community. Kim
Hulse can be contacted via email at or by phone at (512) 219-1927.
Kim Hulse, Barton Creek North Property Owners Association Manager
                                        Please note the new BCNPOA assessment payment address:
Kim Hulse can be reached at:
                                        2633 McKinney Avenue #130-502
7035 Bee Caves Road, Suite 108          Dallas, Texas 75204-2581
Phone: (512) 219-1927                   Be sure to change the address with your online payment companies.
                                        Residents can also pay via the Resident Portal at the Barton Creek North                Property Owner’s Association website.

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