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									                                                                           MARK YOUR CALENDARS:
Farmworker Hunger Strike                                                   Farmworkers and Allies to
                                                                           Fast for Fair Food Now!

                                                                           FEB. 24, 2003
                                                                           HUNGER STRIKE TO BEGIN
                                                                           AT TACO BELL CORPORATE
                                                                           HEADQUARTERS IN IRVINE, CA

                                                                           FEB. 28, 2003
                                                                           NATIONAL CONVERGENCE AT TACO
                                                                           BELL HEADQUARTERS IN SUPPORT
                                                                           OF HUNGER STRIKERS

                       Last year's historic Taco Bell Truth Tour brought unprecedented
                       national pressure on Taco Bell, as 70 workers and 30 students
                       led a caravan of protests from Atlanta to LA, on their way to
                       a march of 2,000 angry consumers on Taco Bell headquarters
                       in Irvine. The tour resulted in the first-ever talks between
                       farmworkers and fast-food executives, but Taco Bell has yet
                       to take any concrete steps towards taking responsibility for
                       the sweatshop-like conditions in Florida's tomato fields.
                                                                           Stay tuned to the Coalition of
                                                                           Immokalee workers web site, at
                                                                 , for details on
                                                                           how you can participate in this
                                                                           historic action - or email us at

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