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Screen Direct provides intensive, tailored workshops, designed to


Screen Direct provides intensive, tailored workshops, designed to

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									Screen Direct provides intensive, tailored
workshops, designed to teach students
how to act for lm and television.
In one or more practical sessions, students will explore a scene
from contemporary cinema, perform it for camera, and review it.
During this process they will learn about the craft of screen acting
and gain invaluable insights into the basics of lmmaking.
Who should attend?
Arts and Media Studies Students, Drama/Performing Arts GCSE, A-Level, BTec 1st Diploma Performing Arts courses,
Drama Students from years 9 to 13 (13-18 year olds) and anyone considering pursuing a career in TV or Film.
Maximum class size is ten students per class – but can be more in certain circumstances.

What are the bene ts of a Screen Direct workshop?
Tailored for your speci c needs
If the students are studying a particular text as part of the curriculum, we can use this text to provide a scene,
which will then be transposed into screen script format for use as the working script on the day of the workshop.
Alternatively, one of many contemporary lm scripts we currently hold in our substantial catalogue may be used to
provide a scene for the workshop. We will create the storyboards, oor plans and provide the equipment.

Fits in with your timetable
Our courses vary in length from three hours to several days, and even a once weekly project over a full
school/college term. For shorter workshops, students will have the opportunity to perform and witness a single
scene being ‘shot’ in a simulated lm-set environment. For longer workshops, several di erent approaches can be
accommodated, with separate review sessions where their performances can be seen on screen, assessed and
even re-shot to apply things learned.

On-set environment encourages quick learning
Seeing the action 'live' on screen following a take, then seeing their scene in its edited form later in the workshop
process, provides an e ective way for the students to quickly understand the lmmaking process, and the di er-
ences between acting for stage and screen.

It's about the medium too
The course also prepares aspiring actors for the world of lm and television by teaching them about the process of
  lmmaking, and life on a lm set - important knowledge for any budding screen actor.

Indispensable advice
These are intensive courses, packed with practical advice that most actors take years to learn.
Who teaches the courses?
MARK McGANN: Mark is one of the famous acting McGann Brothers. Throughout the last 27 years he has
appeared in leading roles in many TV and lm productions including: the Bafta awarded ‘Shackleton’ with Kenneth
Brannagh for C4 lms, as John Lennon for NBC productions in ‘John & Yoko’, and with his brothers Joe, Paul and
Stephen in the award winning Irish potato famine drama ‘The Hanging Gale’ for the BBC, for which he was also a
co-producer. He has been fortunate enough to work with some of the best known names of British and American
Cinema including Nic Roeg, Michael Gambon & Dennis Hopper to name but a few, and has twice been nominated
for a Lawrence Olivier Award for Best Actor. He is also an accomplished theatre director. Mark ful lled a long term
desire when forming Screen Direct and its sister company Drama Direct in 2007, namely to o er practical work-
shops designed to share his experience to students and teachers in the educational sector and beyond.

ED THOMAS: Ed has spent ten years working in the eld of visual media. His lmmaking activities include
producing, directing, editing and camerawork for various documentary and drama pieces. He has also worked
extensively in the corporate sector with companies including Zurich Financial Services, OKI Printers and Power
Train, helping these nd new ways to communicate through lm and digital media. His work is frequently used at
large events. He has taught classes in Editing with Final Cut Pro and Directing for Film at cre8 studios in Swindon.
He is often involved in the concepting and storyboarding phases of short lm production. In addition to editing,
his post-production skills include compositing, sound mixing and DVD production. He is a highly accomplished
stills photographer and designer whose work has been used by amongst others, world renowned lm maker
David Lynch, as well as numerous companies for marketing purposes including Dune Shoes, The Great British
Duck Race, Herman Miller and others.

What will students learn?
Performance for camera
Blocking, shot types, movement, o -camera acting, lighting, CGI and tips from the pros

Fundamentals of lm-making
Sequences, scenes, beats, editing, repetition, framing and continuity

Voice, wild tracks, microphones, music, ADR and foley

Performance quality
Preparation, research, improvisation, spontaneity, rehearsal and relaxation

Practical matters
Stunts, props, on-set behaviour, costume, hair and make-up

The business
Casting, nance, agents and starting out

         To arrange a course, or discuss your needs, call us on:
                                       01373 471486
                           or email

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