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									Addendum – note on data

The paper is based on analysis of data contained in four of the appendices to the
Interim Report: Appendices 1, 2, 18 and 23. Appendices 1 and 2 comprise data
collected from all cases dealt with by circuit judges and district judges over a four
week period. While providing information that is representative of cases handled by
the judiciary during that period, the data are not representative of all cases, since
they relate to the bloodiest cases - namely those that went to contested hearings.
The data provided by insurers in appendices 18 and 23, on the other hand, provide
details of all cases resolved by certain insurers in specified periods (both litigated
cases and the more numerous non-litigated cases). These data are therefore more
representative of cases as a whole. Despite the differences in sources and the extent
to which the data are representative of all cases, there is a considerable degree of
consistency in, for example, median claim values, median costs and the relationship
between costs and claim value.


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