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									October 2007                                                              Action Against Bullying Newsletter | Issue 8

Welcome back to a new academic year. We hope you enjoyed the summer break and are looking forward to
the year ahead. Action Against Bullying has been busy planning activities for West Sussex for Anti-Bullying Week in November.
We also have a new timetable of training events for this year. There will be lots happening in Autumn as the Government is
launching “Safe to Learn”, which will be new general guidance on bullying with more specific guidance on homophobic and
cyberbullying. We will, of course be offering schools and partners support in implementing the new guidance.


The theme for Anti-Bullying Week              ● Asking clubs, leisure centres, cub
this year is bullying in the                    groups, and sports clubs etc to write
                                                their own policies on anti-bullying.
community. Action Against
Bullying has drawn together a                 ● Drumming workshops to learn about
group of agencies who work both                 difference and working together for
                                                community groups.
in schools and in communities
who are planning activities for               ● Writing to school councils to tell
West Sussex during Anti-Bullying                them about other things schools can
                                                do to become safer from bullying.
Week.These activities are also
being planned in consultation with            ● Creating young people’s pages online      WHAT ARE YOU
young people’s advisory groups                  about bullying - including ideas of
                                                things to do for Anti-Bullying Week.
                                                                                          GOING TO DO FOR
and West Sussex Youth Cabinet.
                                              ● Disseminate information about bus-
These activities will include:
                                                school agreements. Share a case study     WEEK? PLEASE MAKE IT
● Putting messages onto bookmarks to            of a school that uses peer mentors        ONE ASPECT OF YOUR YEAR LONG
  hand out in libraries to let people           and how they can help.                    WORK ON ANTI-BULLYING. LET US
  know that bullying is not acceptable                                                    KNOW WHAT YOU ARE PLANNING!!
  anywhere and where to get help.             More detailed information on all of these
                                              activities will be sent out to schools
● Holding a poster competition on the         shortly and will be available on our
  theme “Safer Together, Safer                website:          The Anti-Bullying Alliance will be
  Wherever” and putting posters up in
                                              If you have any comments on any of          sending all schools a pack at the end
  the community.
                                              these, or would like to suggest an          of September with guides for adults
● Co-ordinating “taster” sessions of          idea, or tell us what you are               and young people and stickers and
  clubs and leisure activities for schools    planning for anti-bullying week             postcards. You can download
  and youth clubs to encourage young          please contact:                             more resources from the
  people to join in positive activities and   Karen Watkins 01293 435618                  website from September at:
  find safe places to go out of school.                                         

                          Have you signed the DFES Schools Anti-Bullying Charter?
                         If not you can find it here -
      Please encourage your school to sign up and inform the Anti-Bullying Alliance that you have done so.
County                                Data
                                      A consultation group has been meeting over the last few
Guidance                              months to agree a strategy for collecting useful data on
                                      bullying.The Anti-Bullying Alliance has produced
Online                                several audit tools, which can be accessed at:
The West Sussex Guidance              We are working to develop a unique set of
on developing anti-bullying           tools using this and the set of audit tools that
schools and communities is            are already available to schools in the County
now available as an online,           Guidance:
downloadable electronic               It is our intention to make data recording and
version.                              analysing as simple and effective as possible.The
You can find it at                    system will be set up electronically and will be piloted             in the coming year with a locality group.
                                      If you have any comments, questions or are
                                      interested in piloting the materials please contact
                                      Paul Rigglesford.

                                        YOUTH                                        Cyber Bullying
                                                                                     The Department for Children, Schools
                                        PARTICIPATION:                               and Families (DCSF), in conjunction with
                                        INTERESTED                                   the children’s internet charity Childnet
                                                                                     International have launched new guidance
                                        YOUNG PEOPLE                                 on cyber bullying.
                                                                                     The first National conference to launch this
                                        OUT THERE??                                  document was on the 25th September. The
                                        The views and ideas of                       second will be held in November.

       Young                            children and young people
                                        are vital to the
                                                                                     Action Against Bullying will be disseminating the
                                                                                     information in the guidance and offering support
                                                                                     and training for schools in West Sussex.
    People’s                            effectiveness of our work
                                        at Action Against Bullying.
                                                                                     Homophobic Bullying
participation                           We have worked with the Youth
                                        Cabinet and advisory groups to
                                                                                     Preventing and Responding to Homophobic Bullying
                                                                                     in Schools has been launched as an online guidance
Worthing Advisory Group                 maintain lines of communication
                                                                                     document in September by the DCSF.
met up on 1st August to                 between young people and
plan some anti-bullying                 ourselves.We recommend that all
                                        youth settings have systems to
                                                                                     Safe To Learn                     is another web-
ideas. The children made                                                             based guidance document available from 21st
                                        enable the voice of young people to
posters   and     designed                                                           September. It replaces ‘Don’t Suffer In Silence’ and
                                        be heard.We are looking at
bookmarks.                                                                           gives a complete overview of the suite of materials,
                                        developing a webpage for young
                                                                                     providing guidance and recommendations from the
They have also made a video of          people by young people and would
                                                                                     DCSF on how to prevent bullying and deal with
themselves discussing the issue of      also like to set up a page of the
                                                                                     incidents when they occur.
bullying in the community and           newsletter to be written by young
possible solutions to these issues.     people to be sent to youth and                   Links for all the above documents can be
This video will be available in         school councils.We also intend to                 found at
November for youth settings to
use as a stimulant for discussion
                                        create a young people’s version of
                                        the County Guidance in the
                                                                                    Resources: Young Voice
and to raise awareness of the           forthcoming year.                           Resource for families
issues young people face. If you                                                    This pack was developed by asking young people and
are interested in obtaining a copy
                                        If you work with any                        their families about real life experiences. It details
of this DVD please let Jenny            children or young people                    how to take action safely, how to help your child
Johnson know on 01293 435618.           who may be interested in                    while you do so and gives a step by step guide with a
A short piece from the                  becoming involved with                      sample letter to write to a school.This unique set of
DVD will be available on-line           any of this work please                     2 booklets, fold out credit card sized guide and letter,
                                                                                    brings practical help to families.
from November at                        contact us and let us                                                           Links to this can be found at
New powers for schools - As the Act is implemented,
                                                                                  Forthcoming events:
                                                                                  AAB Training and support
what is relevant to bullying prevention?                                          for schools
The implementation of The Education and Inspections Act began April 1st           Cyber Bullying: The new Guidance.
2007.The new guidance replaces earlier ones provided by the National              What does it mean for us?
Strategies on school behaviour and attendance policies. It focuses                1 day 13th February 2008
particularly on provisions in the Education and Inspections Act 2006, which       NEAPC, Crawley
came into force on 1 April 2007. Some of the provisions, such as the
statutory power to discipline, are new. Others re-enact or replace existing       Developing effective anti-bullying policy
legal provisions.The guidance aims to explain what this means in practical        and practice in schools and other
terms.The Act clarifies and strengthens schools’ powers to discipline,            youth settings.
reducing the risk of misunderstandings and challenges to their authority.         2 days 27th & 28th November 2007, NEAPC
Schools are advised to review their existing policies and statements of           OR 1st & 2nd July 2008 SAPC,Worthing
principles.There is separate guidance on Truancy,                                 Reporting, recording and responding to
                                                                                  bullying incidents.
Exclusions and Tackling Bullying                                                  1 day 25th March 2008 SAPC
New Rights and responsibilities are set out for schools, pupils and parents.
                                                                                  Planning activities for anti-bullying week
The governing body is also legally required to consult other appropriate
members of staff, plus all pupils and parents.The requirement to consult all
                                                                                  Twilights, 3.30-5.30 31st October, NEAPC
pupils is a new one. Previous legislation included a duty to consult staff and
                                                                                  OR 6th November, MSAPC, Horsham
parents, but taking account of the pupil voice is now a requirement rather
than optional.The new powers include the power to discipline a pupil for          Protective Behaviours –
actions off the premises.                                                         an anti-bullying strategy
Part 7 of the Act (“Discipline, Behaviour and Exclusion”) includes:               1 day 23rd January 2008 MSAPC
New statutory power to discipline; New powers on detention and
                                                                                  To book a place on these courses or to
confiscation; Re-enacted duties on school behaviour policies; Re-enacted
                                                                                  enquire about any other training needs please
power to use reasonable force; Extension to powers on parenting
                                                                                  contact Jenny Johnson on 01293 435618 or
contracts, parenting orders and penalty notices; Changes to arrangements
for excluded pupils (as regards their continuity of education; supervision;
and, for fixed period exclusions, reintegration interviews); School
                                                                                  Other Training:
attendance: tidying up clauses.
Primary National Strategy: Developing and reviewing your whole school behaviour   EQUALITIES AWARENESS
and attendance policy and Key Stage 3 National Strategy: advice on whole school   WORKSHOP DAY
behaviour and attendance policy, published by the Department for Education and    18th January 2008, 9.30am – 3.30pm
Skills in September 2003 (DfES 0759-2003 and 0628-2003).                          North East Area Professional Centre (NEAPC) Crawley,
                                                                                  The course will be advertised to schools in the

  In a nutshell:                                                                  Autumn Term in the usual ways.The focus group
                                                                                  will be Headteachers, Senior Managers, SENCOs,
  New rights and responsibilities for schools, pupils and parents                 Inclusion Managers, and Governors. A school
  Statutory power to discipline                                                   securing one place (at normal INSET rates) will be
                                                                                  offered a second place without additional cost.The
  Saturday detentions
                                                                                  day will provide an overview of schools'
  Governing body required to consult appropriate members of                       responsibilities in Equalities including recent changes
  staff, parents and pupils.                                                      and innovations.The choice of three workshops will
  New requirement on pupil voice                                                  allow delegates to select options most relevant to
  Power to discipline a pupil for incidents off the premises                      their school's current development, and to build on
                                                                                  existing inclusive practice.
  New use of parenting orders
                                                                                  Workshops will address:
  New powers of detention and confiscation                                        Impact assessment
  Changes to arrangements for excluded pupils                                     Racist incidents and creating a non-bullying culture
                                                                                  Community Cohesion
  Reintegration interviews after fixed period exclusions
                                                                                  Gender and sexual orientation
  Disclaimer: This is a brief guide only, readers are advised to inform           Religion or belief
  themselves fully by reading the full text and guidance.The author has no
  liability in regard to action taken as a result of reading this newsletter.
                                                                                  Creating policies
Safer Place Competition 2007/8                                                             Staying Safe Consultation
The ‘Safer Place Awards’ is an annual event run on behalf of the West Sussex               The Government has published “ Staying Safe, a
Strategic Community Safety Partnership, which invites young people to submit               consultation document”. Of the five Every Child
details of projects they are leading to make their schools and communities                 Matters Outcomes, children and young people said
safer.This would clearly include work around bullying and related issues.                  that Staying Safe was the most important.The
We know there is lots of good work going on out there, so why not                          consultation aims to raise awareness of the
encourage the children and young people you work with to enter? There are                  importance of safeguarding children and young
large cash prizes and the finals are held at the luxurious South Lodge Hotel in            people, promote better understanding of
Lower Beeding in February 2008.There is also the chance to represent the                   safeguarding issues, encourage a change in
West Sussex High Sheriff at a national awards event later in 2008.                         behaviour towards children and young people and
                                                                                           their safety and welfare, ensure work in this area is
The closing date is 23rd November 2007                                                     coherent and coordinated, and reinforce existing
Full details and an entry form can be found on the West Sussex Grid for Learning at:       activities by providing links and plugging gaps. It        commits to improving safety on the streets, including
                                                                                           tackling bullying outside schools, extending policies
                                                                                           used in schools to other settings. The summary
A survey of 1,145 gay and lesbian secondary school students                                and full consultation document can be read
across the country found that two-thirds had been victims of...                            at:

Homophobic bullying                                                                        Parliament 4th July 2007
The survey, by Stonewall, found that 41 per cent had been physically bullied,              Mr. Marsden:To ask the Secretary of State for
17 per cent had received death threats, and 12 per cent had been sexually                  Children, Schools and Families (1) what steps he
assaulted. One in three pupils report that it is the adults in school - teachers           plans to take to encourage schools to (a) record all
and support staff - who are responsible for homophobic incidents, while half               incidents of bullying and (b) report the statistics to
say staff had failed to respond to homophobic language. Less than a quarter                their local authority; [146512]
of pupils say their school had told pupils that homophobic bullying was
                                                                                           (2) What progress is being made on the
wrong.The report said the situation was particularly bad in religious schools,
                                                                                           recommendation of Third Report of Session 2006-
with 75 per cent of gay pupils attending faith schools experiencing
                                                                                           07 of the Education and Skills Committee, on
homophobic bullying. Pupils at faith schools are also less likely to report it.
                                                                                           Bullying, HC 85, on developing a system for
The National Union of Teachers and NASUWT have sent out guidance to
                                                                                           collecting and recording incidents of bullying in
their members on homophobic bullying, but schools have been slow to adopt
                                                                                           schools; [146513]
this into their procedures. Stonewall found that where schools intervene
swiftly in cases of homophobic bullying and explicitly state it is wrong, gay              Jim Knight:As we make clear in the Government
pupils are 60 per cent more likely not to have been bullied. Simon Watt, 17,               response to the Committee’s Third Report of Session
who has been a victim of homophobic bullying since he was 12, wants anti-                  2006-07, my Department recommends as best
bullying guidance rewritten and more training given to teachers on how to                  practice that schools record all incidents of bullying
handle homophobic bullying. Jim Knight, the Minister for Schools, said the                 and report these statistics to their local authority
widespread culture in which homophobic name-calling is seen as acceptable                  (LA).We will be strengthening this message in our
needed to be changed, adding that it should be viewed in the same way as                   revised overarching anti-bullying guidance and will
racist abuse.The DCSF has worked with Stonewall on new guidance for                        ensure it is clear in the more specialist guidance we
teachers on homophobic bullying which is now available.                                    are preparing on homophobic and other forms of
The results of the survey are available at:                                                prejudice-driven bullying.                                                     Please see our section on data to see how
A link for the guidance can be found at                          we are developing work on data collection.

 Contact Details:                                 Booking a place on a course or                     Useful Contacts:
 For information on any of the activities         requests for support and training:
 mentioned or to contact us please use                      Freephone:
 the following information:                                                                          Childline 0800-1111
                                                  All the information is available online at:
 Paul Rigglesford                        where you                NSPCC 0808 800 5000
 AAB Strategic Lead, Community Safety,
                                                  can also download copies of all AAB      
 Youth Issues
 01243 382957
 Karen Watkins                                                                             
 Action Against Bullying Co-ordinator                                                      
 01293 435618                                                           

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