CALENDAR OF SEARCH AND PARTNER EVENTS JANUARY MAY 2009 January 2009 Date Place Event by tls22199


									                   CALENDAR OF SEARCH AND PARTNER EVENTS

                                JANUARY - MAY, 2009

                                     January 2009

Date    Place          Event                                             Organization/s
6       Gatineau      Meet CIDA & Show SEARCH film                      SEARCH

8-9     Bangkok       Write shop on an Asian civil society submission   Forum Asia
                      to the DRC
9-10    Chiang Rai    The 5th Stateless Children’s Day                  Plan + UNIAP
15      Jakarta       Launching the ASEAN Peoples’ Centre Office-       Forum Asia +
                      SAPA                                              SEARCH +ASEAN
13-14   Brunei        High Level Panel                                  Working Group

13-14   Bangkok       Training Needs Assessment Stakeholders            UNIAP Thailand
15      Bangkok       Counter Trafficking Regional Inter-Agency         UNIAP Regional office

16      Bangkok       Interagency Working Group                         UNIAP

18-20   Bangkok       3rd Regional Women Human Rights                   Forum Asia
                      Defenders Forum
19      Bangkok,      Press Conference: UN Special Rapporteur on        Forum Asia, APWLD
        FCCT          HRDs Ms. Margaret Sekaggya
20      Bangkok       Progress of the World’s Women Report              UNIFEM
18      Bangkok       Debriefing meeting (Partners and network)         HSA
19-21   Chiang Rai    Project on ‘Strengthening collaboration to        DSI, Ministry of
                      fight against human trafficking : Combining       Justice +UNIAP
                      the human rights perspective”
19-22   Bangkok,      5th Annual Consultative Meeting of ASEAN          NHRCT
        Thailand      NHRI
29      Vientiane     Consultation on Promotion of Child                HSA
26-30   Ranong,       Project on “ Strengthening collaboration          DSI, Ministry of
        Thailand      mechanism to fight against human trafficking      Justice +UNIAP
                      : Combining the human rights perspective”
30      Bangkok       Management Board Meeting                          UNIAP

31      Cambodia      Preparatory Meeting in Cambodia                   TF AMW
31      Bangkok       National Workshop on TOR AHRB                     Forum Asia, People’s
                                    February 2009

Date       Place         Event                                            Organization/s
2           Mae Sot       National Workshop on TOR AHRB                   Forum Asia, HRIEB,
4-5         KL            National Workshop on TOR AHRB                   Forum Asia, SUARAM
9           Hanoi         National Workshop on AHRB TOR                   Forum Asia, VLA
06          Cambodia      Dialogue on National Human Security             HSA
8-10        Jakarta       Participation of TF in UNI-APRO reg. Asia-      TF AMW
                          Pacific strategic planning
4-10        Visit to      Mr. Francois Dupuis, 1st Sec. Development,      SEARCH et al
            Bangkok       Canadian Embassy in Jakarta
10          SEA           Dr. Cook is in SEA                              SEARCH
11          Bangkok       Morning- meeting with UNIFEM for ACWC,          SEARCH, UNIFEM,
                          Afternoon- meeting with UNIAP-mid term          UNIAP
11          FCCT,         Panel discussion Justice on top Khmer Rouge     ECCC
            Bangkok       Trail
12          Jakarta       National workshop on AHRB TOR                   Forum Asia, HRWG,
13          FCCT,         Lunch: Global Report on Trafficking in Person   UNAIP
            Bangkok       2009
13          Bangkok,      Seminar on Rohingyas Boat People from           Chulalongkorn
            CU            Myanmar: Possible and Durable Solutions         University
13          Jakarta       Meeting with ASEAN Secretariat                  SEARCH
13          Manila        National Workshop on TOR AHRB                   Forum Asia, TFDP,
13-15       Trang         Dr. Cook’s workshop on Child Rights             AIHR, SEARCH
Feb15-                    Deloria Many Grey Horses from Four              SEARCH+ Forum Asia
March 15                  Directions visit in Thailand
16          Laos          Interface Meeting with HLP + SAPA TFAHR         Forum Asia
                          Strategy Meeting
16          Cambodia      National Workshop on TOR AHRB                   Forum Asia, ADHOC
17          East Timor    Membership Visit and Primary Partnership        HSA
18-19       Laos          High Level Panel                                Working Group
19          Bangkok       Thai National Consultation                      TF AMW
19          Bangkok       Thailand Inter-Agency Working Group             UNIAP
                          Meeting on Human Trafficking
18-19       Bangkok       Reg. Consultation for Gender Groups: on the     Forum Asia,
                          1st TOR AHRB                                    APLWD,IWRAW
18-21       Bangkok       Peter Hoffman in Bangkok/ South East Asia       SEARCH
20          Bangkok       TF on AMW Consultation on National Focal        TF AMW + SEARCH
                          Points Plus Civil Society Events
20          Bangkok       Meeting: Working Group on Birth Registration    UNESCO
                          & Statelessness
20-22       Bangkok       ASEAN Peoples’ Forum                            SAPA
20-22       Bangkok       Participation in ASEAN People’s Forum           Working Group

21         Bangkok      Workshop on ASEAN Declaration                  TF AMW
22         Bangkok      4th ASEAN Civil Society Conference,            Forum Asia, SAPA
22         Bangkok      ACSC :Dialogue with ASEAN Sec. Gen             TF AMW
23-25      Bangkok      SAPA 3rd General Forum                         SAPA
23         Bangkok      SAPA: Session III : Working Group              TF AMW
24         Bangkok      SAPA: Session III : Reports-Working Group      TF AMW
25         Bangkok      SAPA : Morn & Afternoon Session                TF AMW
24-24      Champasak,   5th Thailand-Lao PDR Case Management           UNIAP, IOM, WVFT
           Lao PDR      Meeting
Tbc                     SEARCH Child Rights Learning Forum             SEARCH
26-27      Hua Hin      Compilation Workshop for TOR AHRB              Forum Asia
26         Hua Hin      Delegate to meet rep ASEAN Summit              TF AMW/ Samy
           Hua Hin      CSO-HLP interface meeting,                     ASEAN
27-Mar 1                14th ASEAN Summit
                                        March 2009

Date       Place        Event                                          Organization/s
2          Bangkok      South East Asia Steering Committee            IICRD
2          CU,          Post ASEAN Summit 2009: Brief by Dr.          ASEAN
           Bangkok      Surin Pitsuwan
1-24       Thailand     Phil Lane Jr. trip to Thailand / South East   SEARCH
1-2         Hua Hin     SEARCH Partners Meeting (Child Rights)        SEARCH + Partners
( possible)
3-6                    Child Protection Partnership ( CPP)            IICRD
4-6        Tbc         UNIAP Retreat                                  UNIAP
9 - 11     Somerset,   CPP Partners Planning Session, RBM             IICRD
           Bangkok     Workshop
16-19      Bangkok     CPP Lived Realities of Children                IICRD
                       Assessment Workshop
2-27       Tbc         10th Regular Session on HRC                    Forum Asia
Tbc        Tbc         Publishing and disseminating compilation       VLA
                       of international, ASEAN and Vietnamese
                       legal documents on rights of MW
12-18      Mae Sot,    Move Media Rights Festival (MMRF),             Amnesty Thai, MTM,
           Chaing Mai, International Human Rights Film & Art          OHRSD- MU,SEARCH,
           Bangkok     Festival, Thailand                             MMP, FA
13-14      KL          Strategy Planning Meeting                      Working Group
16-18      Bangkok     AFP workshop on Human Security Aspect          HAS
                       of Woman & Children in ASEAN
16-19      KL          High Level Panel on ASEAN Human                Working Group
                       Rights Body
19         Bangkok     Regional Trainings/Special Trainings           UNIAP
20-22      Phuket      SEARCH JPSC meeting                            SEARCH- Forum Asia
Late       Jakarta     Meeting with ASEAN & CIDA                      SEARCH
31         Cambodia     SAPA TFAHR Strategy Meeting to the 2nd        SAPA

                     regional consultation with HLP
Tbc     Tbc          Expert Meeting on Regional Human Rights    Forum Asia
30-31                Activity on Establishing an ASEAN          Working Group
                     commission on Women & Children
30-31   Singapore    National Consultation and Engagement –TF   TF AMW, Forum Asia
                                       April 2009

Date    Place         Event                                      Organization/s
April   Cambodia     Country Visit & ASEAN Meetings             Working Group
08      Bangkok,     Dialogue on National Human Security        HSA
        Thailand     Reporting
13-14                Reg. Consultation on Refugee Groups on     Forum Asia
                     TOR AHRB
17-23   Mahidol –    Basic Course on Human Security (Second     HSA
        Bangkok      Batch)
23-24   Hanoi        Consultation on GMS countries on TF MW     TF AMW
24      Tbc          Interagency Working Group                  UNIAP
26-27   Tbc          Project Steering Committee                 UNIAP
29-30   Jakarta      CSO-Expert dialogue on AHRB                Forum Asia
Tbc     Brunei       National Consultation                      TF AMW
                                    May 2009

Date    Place         Event                                       Organization/s
1-2     Jakarta      Regional Consultation for Child Rights     SAVE, TdH,
                     Group on the 1st draft of the TOR AHRB
May                  NHRI Related Activities                    Working Group
May     Bangkok      Submission of TF AMW CSO-Framework         TF AMW
                     to ALMM
May     Cambodia     Focal Point-National Committee Workshop    TF AMW


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