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					Rugby Football Union
                               Keen on Rugby? Enjoy playing, coaching and passing
About Rugby                    on new skills to young people?
Football Union:
                               Are you interested in a career in sports development or
vRugby is a new National       the sports industry?
initiative launched by the
Rugby Football Union
aiming to involve over         Would you like to enhance your CV with some fantastic
3000 young people (16-         sports/ community development experience all within
25)       in    volunteering   rugby?
opportunities across the
country. Volunteers will
run exciting and diverse       Volunteer opportunities:
‘bite size’ rugby- based       Volunteers are needed to run taster projects which will be one of
projects that really benefit   four themes:
their      club   or   local      • vRugbyFun Plan, organise and deliver a fun rugby event for
community.                            others to take part in healthy exercise.
                                  • vRugbyLife Use rugby’s ethos to run a session to educate
                                      young people about healthy lifestyles (nutrition, exercise,
  Where?                              obesity, alcohol, drugs, behaviour, etc.)
  Various sites across            • vRugbyCash Raise money for a project of your choice to
  Coventry &
                                      benefit your rugby club.
  When?                           • vRugbyForce Make an improvement to your club facilities so
  October 2009 - Jan                  they can be used more by your local community.
                                To start your volunteering
  Benefits to you:              experience please contact
  Training                      the organisation for an
  Hands on experience           informal chat or to arrange
  Regular support               a visit.
  Social events                 ORGANISATIONS
  Expenses paid                 CONTACT DETAILS:
  Immediate start                                               The Rugby Football Foundation
  Clothing                      Please sign up with             and V, an independent charity
  Certificates                  Horizon Volunteering to         championing youth volunteering
                                receive this                    in England, are funding the
  Requirements:                 organisations contact           project. Community Rugby will
  1.   Application form         details.                        be delivering the project.
  2.   Informal Discussion                                    Horizon volunteering:
  3.   CRB Check                You can sign up by
  4.   Reference                visiting the office, going
                                                              Tuesday - Thursday 10 am - 4
  5.   Training                 to the website or by
                                                              pm, Friday 11 am - 4 pm
                                                              Call (024)7679 5210 or
Don’t forget to let Horizon volunteering know once you
arrange your volunteering.                          
Visit our website at:

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