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									2010 Events Calendar, Townsville North Queensland

Townsville city has cemented its reputation as entertainment capital of the north. With frequent
art exhibitions, concerts, expos, festivals, carnivals and sporting competitions, thousands of
visitors come to Townsville each year to enjoy the best the region has to offer in entertainment.
Visit townsvilleholidays.info to see what's on when you plan to visit Townsville.

                    23-Jan-10     Bucko Billy Rodeo                                Towers
          23-25 January 2010      Goldfield Ashes                                  Towers

                    26-Jan-10     Australia Day Celebrations                       Townsville

                    26-Jan-10     Slumdog Millionaire 20/20 Cricket Challenge      Townsville

                                  Townsville Home, Caravan, Camping and
            12-14 March 2010      Boating Expo                                     Townsville

            19-22 March 2010      Cowboys vs Panthers NRL Home Game                Townsville
                                  Joseph and his amazing technicolour              Charters
            14-20 March 2010      dreamcoat                                        Towers

            27-28 March 2010      Burdekin Barra Rush Fishing Competition          Burdekin

                      1-Apr-10    Townsville City Council Awards                   Townsville

                 2-5 April 2010   Cowboys vs Titans NRL Home Game                  Townsville
                                  Townsville to Port Hinchinbrook Bluewater
                2-5 April 2010*   Classic                                          Townsville

               9-12 April 2010    Cowboys vs Tigers NRL Home Game                  Townsville
                   17-18 April*   Towers Cup                                       Towers

              17-18 April 2010    Black River Rodeo                                Townsville

             17-18 April 2010*    Home Hill Canefield Ashes                        Burdekin
              23-25 April 2010    All Australian Jamboree                          Towers

              23-26 April 2010    Cowboys vs Eels NRL Home Game                    Townsville
         23 April - 2 May 2010    Ten Days in the Towers                           Towers
2010 Events Calendar, Townsville North Queensland

                  24-Apr-10    Burdekin Auto Festival                  Burdekin
       30 April - 2 May 2010   Country Music Festival                  Towers

       30 April - 3 May 2010   Cowboys vs Storm NRL Home Game          Townsville

                 April 2010*   Fashion Bash                            Townsville

                 1-May-10*     Burdekin Junior Eisteddfod              Burdekin

             1-2 May 2010*     Festival of One Act Plays               Townsville

                  2-May-10     Groovin' the Moo Music Festival         Townsville

            14-16 May 2010     Australian Italian Festival             Ingham

                 16-May-10     Burdekin Sugar Rush                     Burdekin

            21-22 May 2010     PBR Troy Dunn International             Townsville

            22-30 May 2010     Northern Beaches Festival               Townsville

                 22-May-10     Burdekin Growers Race Day               Burdekin

            28-30 May 2010     Ingham Car Show                         Ingham

            28-31 May 2010     Cowboys vs Sea Eagles NRL Home Game     Townsville

                 May 2010*     Rollingstone Big Weekend                Townsville

                 May 2010*     Townsville Heritage Day                 Townsville

            May/June 2010*     Drag Racing winter classic              Townsville
            May/June 2010*     Towers Cup                              Towers

                  7-Jun-10*    Parry Nissan Great Northern Race Day    Townsville
           12-13 June 2010     Restorers club swap meet                Towers

           11-13 June 2010     Tropical QLD Orchid Show                Townsville

           11-14 June 2010     Cowboys vs Raiders NRL Home Game        Townsville

           11-14 June 2010     Palm Creek Folk Festival                Townsville

          12-13 June 2010*     Mt Stuart Sprint Tarmac Rally           Townsville

           12-14 June 2010     Burdekin Sugar Bowl Tennis Tournament   Burdekin

                 13-Jun-10*    Eco Fiesta                              Townsville
2010 Events Calendar, Townsville North Queensland

             25-28 June 2010     Cowboys vs Sharks NRL Home Game             Townsville

                  26/06/2010*    Hervey Range Spirit and Soul Festival       Townsville

                    Jun 2010*    NQ Open Tennis Championships                Townsville

                    30-Jun-10    Ayr Show                                    Ayr

                                 National Off-Shore Superboat
                3-4 July 2010    Championships                               Townsville

                3-4 July 2010*   Shell Show                                  Townsville

               4-11 July 2010    NAIDOC week

                3-5 July 2010*   Townsville Show                             Townsville

               9-11 July 2010    Townsville 400                              Townsville

               9-10 July 2010    Herbert River Agricultural Show             Ingham

              16-18 July 2010    Mungalla Kupmurri Festival                  Ingham
              17-18 July 2010    Heart of the Goldfields Rodeo               Towers
                                 Magnetic Island to Townsville Open Water
                    18-Jul-10    Swim                                        Townsville

                    18-Jul-10    Paluma Push                                 Townsville

              23-26 July 2010    Cowboys vs Knights NRL Home Game            Townsville

              24-25 July 2010    Townsville Gem Show                         Townsville
              24-25 July 2010    Charters Towers Gold Fever Festival         Towers

                    29-Jul-10    Chefs in the North Dinner                   Townsville

              29-31 July 2010    Townsville to Cairns Bike Ride              Townsville

       30 July - 8 August 2010   Australian Festival of Chamber Music        Townsville
                   July 2010*    Gold City Campdraft                         Towers

                   July 2010*    Townsville Winter Racing Carnival           Townsville

            July/August 2010*    Annual All Bike Drag Meet

            July/August 2010*    Australian Concerto and Vocal Competition   Townsville
            July/August 2010*    One eighth Mile Drag Race                   Towers

            July/August 2010*    Memorial Wild Bunch Meeting                 Townsville

2010 Events Calendar, Townsville North Queensland

                  1-Aug-10*    Burdekin Craft Spectacular                 Burdekin
           1-3 August 2010*    Charters Towers Show                       Towers

            6-9 August 2010    Cowboys vs Broncos NRL Home Game           Townsville

          6-29 August 2010*    Townsville Art Society Awards              Townsville

                  8-Aug-10*    Townsville Running festival                Townsville

          18-22 August 2010    Townsville Cultural Fest                   Townsville
          19-26 August 2010    Charters Towers Performing Arts Festival   Towers

          19-22 August 2010    Townsville Amateurs                        Townsville

          20-23 August 2010    Cowboys vs Bulldogs NRL Home Game          Townsville

         21-22 August 2010*    Black River Rodeo                          Townsville

         21-22 August 2010*    Townsville Spiritual Fair                  Townsville

         27-28 August 2010*    Ingham Races                               Ingham

          27-29 August 2010    Great Tropical Jazz Party                  Townsville

       29 Aug - 5 Sept 2010*   Burdekin Water Festival                    Burdekin

                 29-Aug-10*    Oratorio Choir Concert                     Townsville
               August 2010*    Goldfields Charity Ball                    Towers

               August 2010*    Pioneers Luncheon                          Ravenswood

               August 2010*    Tyto Cultural Expo                         Ingham

                 1-Sept-10*    Giru Show                                  Burdekin

        3-6 September 2010     Cowboys vs Roosters NRL Home Game          Townsville

        3-7 September 2010     Sunferries Magnetic Island Race Week       Townsville

         3-8 September 2010    Gamefishing Clue Billfish Challenge        Townsville
  3 September - 21 November
                      2010*    Percival Portrait Award                    Townsville

       8-25 September 2010*    Townsville Eisteddfod                      Townsville

                  11-Sep-10    Ingham Sugar City Rodeo                    Ingham

      18-19 September 2010     Townsville Triathlon Festival              Townsville

      24-25 September 2010     Hinchinbrook Family Fishing Classic        Ingham
2010 Events Calendar, Townsville North Queensland

             September 2010*     Australian Hand Cane-Cutting Championship   Burdekin

             September 2010*     Burdekin Society Annual Art Exhibition      Burdekin

             September 2010*     Port Hinchinbrook Fishing Classic           Hinchinbrook

               Sept/Oct 2010*    Orchid Show                                 Townsville

                     9-Oct-10    Ingham PBR Bullride                         Ingham

            9-10 October 2010    Townsville Greek Fest                       Townsville
                   16-Oct-10*    Charters Towers Amateurs                    Towers

               23-30 Oct 2010    Maraka Festival Ingham                      Ingham

           23 Oct - 7 Nov 2010   Home Hill Harvest                           Burdekin

                    30-Oct-10    Ravenswood Halloween Ball                   Ravenswood

                October 2010*    Full Noise Festival                         Townsville

                     6-Nov-10    Stinger Net Opening Celebration             Ingham

              December 2010*     Carols on the Strand                        Townsville
              December 2010*     Christmas Fair                              Towers

              December 2010*     Stable on the Strand                        Townsville

                    31-Dec-10    Ravenswood New Year Bash                    Ravenswood

*Dates still to be confirmed.

Townsville Enterprise has taken every effort to ensure dates are correct.

Last updated 7th January 2010.

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