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					We can help you with:

                                         When you come into
                                       counselling you may be
                                     unsure what to expect. The
                                                                       Room to talk
                                       information in this leaflet        Person centred counselling
Low self-confidence/                 answers the most frequently
self-esteem                                                                     with Sheryl Landman
                                     asked questions. We hope
Loss and bereavement                  that you will find it helpful.


Relationship and personal


Work related issues



Child related issues                                                   24 Meadowbank Avenue
Trauma                                                                 South Lanarkshire ML10 6JS
                                       Room to talk counselling
Abortion related issues                   Tel: 07707 352 642           Tel: 07707 352 642
                   . . . and more    Email:      Email:
                                    Website:      Website:
What is person centred                  How long is a session?                   What about confidentiality?
counselling?                            You will be offered a free initial       Strict confidentiality is always
Person centred counselling is based     session of 20 minutes, where you will    maintained as it is an essential part
on the belief everyone is a unique      have an opportunity to discuss your      of the counselling process. No
individual, nobody can know us          issues, identify the areas you want to   personal information, either verbal
better than we know ourselves, and      work on and decide whether or not        or written, will be disclosed to
we all have our own resources to        counselling is right for you.            anyone outside the practice
rely on in times of need.                                                        without your consent, unless you, or
                                        A normal session lasts for 50 minutes.   someone else, is at risk.
                                        Your counsellor will discuss with you
It offers an opportunity to explore
                                        how often and when you will meet,        All counsellors are required to meet
problems, thoughts and feelings,
                                        depending on the problem you are         with a supervisor who monitors the
confidentially, in a non-directive,
                                        encountering. Sessions that start late   quality of their work in a way that
non-judgmental, safe and
                                        will still need to finish on time.       ensures your confidentiality.
supportive environment.

The counsellor seeks to help you
                                        How much does it cost?
                                        Each session will be £35.                Is my counsellor qualified?
understand more clearly the issues
that concern or trouble you. She        Concessions are available for            Sheryl Landman has a Diploma in
will respect your values, choices       students and the unwaged.                Person Centred Counselling from
and lifestyle. She will help you                                                 Strathclyde University and, as a
explore your feelings and try to help   What if I need to cancel an              member of the British Association of
you discover what lies behind what                                               Counselling and Psychotherapy, is
is troubling you.                                                                bound by their Ethical Framework
                                        If you are unable to keep an             for Good Practice and by their
                                        appointment we ask that you give at      Professional Conduct Procedure.
                                        least 24 hours notice (except in
                                        completely unavoidable
                                        circumstances such as sudden

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