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      Return Date:- 1st November 2007
Section One – Introduction and Instructions

Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council would like to invite you to provide a
quote for the provision of a visual display wall in the Council’s Integrated
Borough Command and Control Room.

We have sent this request for quotation to certain suppliers that we believe
will be able to provide the product(s) specified. However, this does not
prevent any other company submitting a quotation and the selection criteria
will remain the same.

Organisation of Document
This document contains four sections:
   • Section One – introduction and instructions for completion;
   • Section Two – background information and specification;
   • Section Three – supplier response;
   • Section Four – the Schedule of Costs and Undertaking;

Instructions for Completion
It is essential to comply with the following instructions in the preparation and
submission of your quotation.
One copy of the quotation must either be: -
        a)      delivered to the following address and must be clearly marked
               “For the attention of Janice Leech”:-
                       Oldham Security Services
                       VIP Centre
                       Vulcan Street
                       OL4 1LA
                For receipt acknowledgement, please enclose a stamped
               addressed postcard/sealed envelope.
               or alternatively;
     b)    may be submitted by email to .
           Your email must have ‘QUOTATION for Control Room Furniture’ in
           the subject heading and it is advisable to request a delivery receipt
           prior to sending.

Your quotation must be completed in full and where necessary signed and
dated. Failure to return a completed quotation will invalidate your submission.
Your quotation must be completed in English.

Any quotation submitted will be deemed to remain open for acceptance or
non-acceptance for not less than 90 days from the closing date stipulated
below. The Council may accept the quotation at any time within this
prescribed period. The Council shall, however, not be bound to accept the
lowest or any quotation.
The standard terms and conditions of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council
will apply to all orders placed as a consequence of this quotation process. For
further information about selling to Oldham Council, visit:

If you need any clarification regarding this process or any of the information
contained in this document, please contact the Officer named below. If for any
reason you are unable to submit a quotation then the Council Officer named
below should be contacted either in writing or alternatively by fax or by e-mail:

         Contact Name                  Janice Leech
                                       VIP Centre
                                       Vulcan Street
                                       OL4 1LA


         Telephone Number              0161 785 3111

         Fax Number                    0161

RFQ Return Deadline

Quotations must be received by 17:00hrs on Thursday 1st November 2007.

Quotations received after this time and date may be disregarded.

Selection Process

The Council will be undertaking an assessment of all submitted quotations.
This will follow a ‘supplier compatibility meeting’, which will explore the
suppliers potential to dovetail into the broader project. In particular, this is to
ensure that appropriate account has been taken in project costings of the
interface with other suppliers to deliver the overall project.

The selection will be undertaken by the Project Board and will be confirmed in
writing by Monday 8th November 2007.

Each quotation will then be subjected to the following scoring mechanism:
Average Score Provided by                                        No information provided on                                              The price quoted is irrational                       Not at all compatible

Referees                                                         quality of goods or service


Average Score Provided by                                        Some information on either                                              The price is more than double                        At least 1 element is


Referees                                                         quality or service delivery                                             the estimated contract value                         compatible

Average Score Provided by                                        Low quality goods/low quality                                           The price is over the                                At least 2 elements are
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Selection Criteria


Referees                                                         service delivery                                                        estimated contract value by                          compatible
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Project Compatibility

                                                                                                                                         between 60% & 100%

Average Score Provided by                                        Low quality goods/ below                                                The price is over the                                At least three elements are


Referees                                                         average service delivery                                                estimated contract value by                          compatible
                                                                                                                                         between 40% & 60%

                                Experience/References Provided
                                                                                                      Quality of Goods/Service Offered
Average Score Provided by                                        Below Average quality                                                   The price is over the                                The proposal is partially


Referees                                                         goods/below average service                                             estimated contract value by                          compatible and, with
                                                                 delivery                                                                between 20% & 40%                                    amendments could be used

                                                                 Acceptable Quality of                                                   The price is substantially                           The proposal includes an


                                                                 Goods/Below Average                                                     under the contract value by                          indication of how it can be
                                                                 Approach to Service Deliveyr                                            more than 20%                                        made compatible

                                                                 Acceptable Quality of Goods                                             The price is +/- 20% of the                          The proposal is mostly


                                                                 and Acceptable Approach to                                              estimated contract value                             compatible and the proposal
                                                                 Service Delivery                                                                                                             demonstrates this

                                                                 Acceptable Quality of Goods                                             The price is +/- 10% of the                          The proposal is a viable


                                                                 and Good Approach to                                                    estimated contract value                             alternative to a fully
                                                                 Service Delivery                                                                                                             compatible system

                                                                 High Quality Goods and Good     9                                       The price is +/- 5% of the                           The proposal is almost fully

                                                                 Approach to Service Delivery                                            estimated contract value                             compatible save minor issues

                                WEIGHTING x1
                                                                                                      WEIGHTING x3
                                                                                                                                                                               WEIGHTING x2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WEIGHTING x3

                                                                 High Quality of Goods and                                               The price is +/- 2% of the                           Integrated and Completely
                                                                 Excellent Approach to Service                                           estimated contract value                             Compatible

Expandability & Futureproofing                                                                                                                   WEIGHTING x1
           1                                        2              3                                    4                      5

                                                                                     Some consideration given to

                                                                                                                   A full medium term strategy
                                                        expandable but more detail
System obsolete or due to
become obsolete within 2

                            System not expandable

                                                        System potentially

                                                                                                                   provided for future


Freedom of Information Act (2000)

The Council is a public authority under the Freedom of Information Act 2000
(the “Act”).
As part of its duties under the Act, the Council may disclose information to a
person making a request unless the information is covered by an exemption
under the Act. The Council is required to determine whether the public interest
in maintaining the exemption from disclosing it outweighs the public interest in
disclosing it.
Suppliers must state in their quotation whether or not they consider the
information supplied, if disclosed to a third party, would be prejudicial to their
commercial interests and if so, the reasons for such a claim. Suppliers should
be aware that although such claims and reasons will be taken into
consideration by the Council when deciding whether to disclose information,
the Council may still be required to disclose such information so that the
Council’s statutory obligations are met.
Receipt by the Council of any material marked ‘confidential’ or equivalent
should not be taken to mean that the Council accepts any duty of confidence
by virtue of that marking. The Council shall not be responsible for any loss,
damage, harm or other detriment however caused arising from the disclosure
of any of the confidential information under the Freedom of Information Act or
other similar legislation or code.


The project must be delivered by 28th February 2008.

You must provide a nominated point of contact for the completion of the

You must provide a programme of works to the Project Manager.

Your quotation should include:
      (a) a migration strategy (from existing to new);
      (b) any delivery lead times that the project manager needs to be aware
      of; and
       (c) the boundaries of your project (i.e. where you have assumed either
       the client is providing something or something is being provided by
       another contract)

Section Two - Background Information

This RFQ is one of six linked projects that form the overall project to upgrade
the Council’s Command and Control Facility to meet the future needs of the
service. The six projects include:

       (a) the provision of control room furniture
       (b) the provision of ANPR software and infrastructure
       (c) the provision of a visual display wall
       (d) the provision of a video entry system
       (e) the provision of CCTV management and review software; and
       (f) the provision of digital image storage solutions

Further details on the procurement, including details of the other linked
projects can be found on the Council’s website at:

This is a complex procurement process, in which the various elements are
interdependent. It is, therefore, necessary to set out the broader CCTV
strategy for the Council.

Oldham Council’s Cabinet has determined that there needs to be investment
in the CCTV Service in order to fully integrate it into the wider objectives of the
Local Strategic Partnership. It has noted some headline issues that are
extracted from the report to Cabinet and need to be addressed at an early

   •                   Combined Command & Control: A key decision to develop the role
       of the CCTV system is whether the system should become the command and control
       centre for the Council and partners. To optimise the benefits of CCTV the Control
       Room should have the capability to direct operational staff from the Council, FCHO
       and the Police to deal with events ranging from crime to enviro crime and security
       concerns. Such an innovation is in accordance with Home Office best practice and
       has the particular advantage of real time intervention as crimes or other events like
       fly tipping are happening. The National Policing Improvement Agency have also
       recently produced best practice guidance on the use of CCTV in command and
       control. The Area Commander of GMP is very supportive of this approach if the
       Council operates the system, but further consultation and development will be
       required to ensure the essential supportive framework of policies and procedures is
       in place.

   •                   Prioritisation of activity: OSS should be directly linked into
       delivering the Local Area Agreement through use of the GMAC strategic assessment
       process and the tactical assessment of priorities. For example, a more pro-active
       local presence could be achieved through the network of PCSO patrols and
       potentially the OSS mobile guards supported by tasking from the CCTV Control
       Room. Services could be targeted to areas of: high crime, anti-social behaviour and
       race hate crime, based on reported and anticipated incidents. CCTV scanning
    would need to be prioritised on these areas to help direct the local teams to any
    incident with the intention of preventing crime and anti-social behaviour and if this is
    not possible then ensuring effective detection and enforcement.

•                   Supporting Envirocrime/Traffic Management Enforcement: The
    combined command and control should also include environmental enforcement for
    fly-tipping and littering as well as anti-social behaviour and also for traffic
    management. The CCTV system would be used to provide primary evidence for the
    immediate imposition of fixed penalty notices through CCTV operators or through
    contacting street based enforcement officers to apprehend and sanction offenders.
    This will require direct radio links from the CCTV Control Room to the Council’s
    Enforcement Officers. This approach would also provide the basis for responding to
    the recent request of the Chadderton Community Council for a dedicated service in
    that area.

•                    Digital control systems: The advantage of a digital control system,
    in addition to removing the obsolete and increasingly unreliable analogue equipment,
    is that it provides a more efficient and flexible system with improved speed of
    response and recording. Such systems have substantial storage capability, which
    provides for the easy transfer and the long-term storage of data.

•                     ANPR Technology: One very important technological development
    is Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Technology. This is a national
    initiative linked to policing and community safety, which uses intelligent surveillance
    to read vehicles number plates to identify vehicles that have been stolen or used in
    criminal activity. This resource would be a major addition to the capabilities
    available to the partnership for a wide variety of applications including enviro crime
    and fly tipping.

•                   101 Services: Oldham is one of the pilot areas for the forthcoming
    101 services, which is a new non-emergency contact number. The Government
    have recently confirmed that it remains their intention to roll out the 101 pilots
    nationally. The 101 service will receive calls of both a non-emergency police nature,
    but also calls requiring a local authority or joint response (for instance, complaints
    about children throwing fireworks, people dumping rubbish, etc). A joint command
    and control would further add to the efficiency of a partnership response.

•                     Intelligence gathering: The CCTV system is a key tool in the
    collection, management and distribution of intelligence material for both policing and
    local authority response. It is of course critical that Oldham, like other areas has an
    effective intelligence gathering, command and control structure in place.

•                   Service development contracts: There appears to be some
    considerable potential to develop the role of OSS both within the Council, but also
    through providing services to other public and private sector organisations. For
    example, the Control Room could offer the same out of hours business continuity
    and emergency planning services, CCTV, security patrols, etc for other local
    authorities and public sector organisations.

•                   Developing private sector support/contracts: There is the
    potential to work closely with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce to
    develop a proposition for the installation of CCTV cameras to reduce crime that can
    affect business especially in private car parks. Furthermore, it may be possible to
    extend the CCTV system coverage on a chargeable basis to cover industrial estates,
    retail developments and similar facilities where business crime accounts for
    approximately 20% of the total acquisitive crime in the Borough. Any business
    development will not only enhance the overall CCTV provision, but also provide an
    income to support the further development of systems.
This commitment to the future enables the Council to invest in the Command
and Control room, currently located at the VIP Centre, Vulcan Street, Oldham.

Cabinet has made available £203,500 of capital money to complete an
upgrade of the interior of the Command and Control room. Money is not
available to upgrade cameras or provide for any additional elements outside
the Control Room environment at this stage.

Although our estimated value of the contract will not be disclosed, we can
provide you with guidance about the band within which we anticipate the
contract will fall bearing in mind our contract procedure rules. This is as

      The provision of control room furniture           £10,000 -
      The provision of ANPR software and infrastructure £10,000 -
      The provision of a visual display wall            £10,000 -
      The provision of a video entry system             £1,000 - £10,000
      The provision of CCTV management and review software £20,000 -
      The provision of digital image storage solutions  £50,000 -

This project will provide for the ongoing capability to deliver an effective CCTV
system for the Borough and provide additional capacity for combating crime,
envirocrime, and anti-social behaviour.

Core to the project will be to replace the current hi resolution analogue video
cassette recording (VCR) infrastructure at the VIP Centre with new digital
recording technology that requires less maintenance, is more flexible, is
higher quality and has less impact upon the environment (VCR tapes contain
toxins that are damaging to the environment and are gradually being
withdrawn by EU Regulations).

In addition, the project will replace the cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor wall at
the Control Room with liquid crystal display (LCD) which require less
maintenance, are more flexible, provide higher quality vision and have less
impact upon the environment (LCD screens use considerably less electricity
than CRT screens).

The project will provide the control infrastructure to support automatic number
plate recognition (ANPR) at a future date, which will enable the Police to
identify and track vehicles used in criminal activity, to clamp down on tax and
insurance evasion and to provide operational support to targeted enforcement

Associated with ANPR, the project will upgrade the fibre optic links between
the Control Room and the Police National Network. This will enable the
Control Room to access the Police National Computer and, in due course,
form a strong foundation for the Control Room acting as an Integrated
Borough Operations Command & Control Centre (I-BOCC). I-BOCC will
enable the development of rapid tasking and coordination of non-emergency
first response by partnership resources, including both Police and council
resources, enable the Control Room to be used as a tactical command centre
for partnership operations (such as the Beat Sweep initiative) and enable the
Control Room to operate as a fully functioning Emergency Control Centre in
the event of partners requiring to instigate the Emergency Plan.

The project will provide for the essential replacement of the specialist furniture
required to house the digital recording platform, LCD viewing screens, and I-
BOCC tactical command posts.

Visual Display Wall

This contract is for the provision of specialist CCTV Visual Display Wall within
the Control Room at Oldham Council.

                                                                        Proposed Visual
                                                                        Display Wall



                                                         C1        C2             ND1

                                                              C3                  ND2
                                                                                               D10   D11








The diagram above demonstrates the required location. Access can be
arranged for firms to measure the space and assess requirements.

Display wall must include the following:-

       Racking and mounting for 6 x 48” LCD ultra low mullion screens
1 x wall control server with associated software and up to 160 channel

Capacity of integration of geographic information systems (mapping)

Capacity to incorporate cable/satellite television images

Capacity to incorporate internet images

Ability to allow operator choice of display from a single camera up to a
25 way
split screen on each of the 6 x 48” monitors

System to be configurable to operator preference or shift preference

System must be compatible with the Synetics Synergy Pro CCTV
Management System
Section Three – Supplier Response

Suppliers are invited to set out their response here.
Section Four – Schedule of Costs and Undertaking

I/We the undersigned hereby offer to provide the goods and/or services
described or referred to in this quotation documentation for the following
costs, exclusive of value added tax:
(all costs to be quoted in pounds sterling and exclusive of V.A.T.)

                                                                                              UNIT COST
            Description of Goods/Services                                                     (excl V.A.T)
    1.      XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                                             £

    2.      XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                                             £





                                            TOTAL COST OF XXXXXXXX £
The above costs must include all travelling/subsistence, expenses and

                  i)       Settlement Terms _______________________________

                  ii)      Delivery period from receipt of order ____________ days

                  iii)     Multiple Quotation Discount 1 _______________

                  iv)      State any other charges __________________________

Please explain your rental/leasing options that are available. It is the Council’s
intention to procure this contract through capital expenditure, but the Council
has not yet ruled out a rental/leasing option.

                                                                                            ANNUAL COST
            Rental/Leasing Costs                                                              (Excl VAT)
    1.      For a Rental/Leasing Term over 3 Years                                      £

    2.      For a Rental/Leasing Term over 5 Years                                      £

  If it is your intention to submit a bid for more than one quotation for this project, you may enter a
multiple quotation discount. Please be clear about any parameters or conditions that you wish to attach
to that discount.
  3.     For a Rental/Leasing Term over 7 Years                       £

I/We hereby offer to supply the above mentioned goods and/or services on
the Council’s Standard Conditions of Contract and confirm that we have read,
understood and agree to be bound by the Council’s Standard Terms and
Conditions for all orders placed as a result of this quotation process.

I undertake, if selected to do so, to attend a supplier compatibility interview to
determine my ability to complete the project and interface with other project


Name (Block Capitals)


For and on behalf of

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