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					                              A Piece Of My Mind
                          (some thoughts from your President)

Hi, neighbors,

The Landscape and Architectural Committee chairs have asked me to pass along some
information that was discussed at the May board meeting. Also, a homeowner wanted me
to alert you to a concern she has and that I agree with. Let’s take them in order:

Architecture –

We’ve all heard about solar panels being used as energy-saving methods to generate
electricity and/or to heat your home. There is even some talk in Phoenix about potential
tax savings if these devices were installed. This concept has great merit, but also several
drawbacks, not the least of which is cost. Since all of this is still in its infancy, there is
more news to come. However, should you decide that you want to install solar panels, you
first must get approval from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). An approval
request form can be found on the website.

Landscape –

Remember that, although our CC&Rs allow any landscaping modifications to your back yard
to be done without ACC approval, there are a few requirements and exceptions that go
along with this: (1) no planting of any type may be placed within five feet of any building or
patio wall that comprises any part of a common wall; (2) no planting may interfere with the
established drainage pattern on the lot; and (3) any authorized representative of the
Board has the right to enter onto and inspect any portion of the lot to assure compliance.

A pool or a shed are not considered “landscaping” and need ACC approval. A tree or
planting that will grow high enough to interfere with your neighbors view of the mountains,
or any structures that extend over the top of the wall must have ACC approval. Better to
be safe than sorry, so please abide by this rule so you don’t have to remove something that
has cost a lot to install.

Lastly, during this past winter, when we had a spell of super cold temperatures, many trees
were frozen, even those which normally don’t freeze. Oak Creek Landscaping will remove
those that are definitely lost, but will wait two more months for the others to give nature
a chance to heal itself and, hopefully, we won’t need to remove them. If a decision is made
to remove any trees from your front yard, Copper Rose Community Management will send
you a letter prior to the removal.

Homeowner Concern –

It’s gotten warm much earlier this year, and now the wild critters are becoming more
active. The “north 40” and the easement to the west of the property are both homes to
rattlesnakes and other creatures of the desert. Gophers dig holes, many times large
enough for you to stumble into, especially in the dark. Please be careful where you walk.
Even if you walk only on the sidewalks, if you walk at night, carry a flashlight for your own
safety as well as that of your pets.

Other things -

Sandy Sandoval, our Association Manager at Copper Rose, has been getting emails sent to
her old address. Her new email address is Please update your
files to reflect this change.

Several homeowners expressed concern (and rightfully so) over the “campers” we had
relaxing along the tree line at the far end of the north 40. Their play area consisted of a
sofa, a couple of recliners, a tree house about 20 feet up with a metal pole with which to
descend from the tree house, a nice hammock hung about 15 feet in the air, and more. It
was quite a deal….if you didn’t mind the beer cans and booze bottles and all the
accompanying trash. Even though they were not on Wrightstown Ranch property, we
agreed that this was not something we wanted in our back yard. We contacted the police
and we hope the problem has been resolved.

I wish you all a really super summer! Enjoy the days and nights, the wonderful variety of
foods, and everything else that comes from living in this magnificent part of the country.
We live in an excellent neighborhood, and that’s proven to me every day by the folks who
wave and say “Hi” just because it’s the right thing to do. Your Board tries very hard to
keep Wrightstown Ranch THE place to live. I think we’re succeeding.

Thanks for your time,

Ron Richardson, President


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