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					Remote technology management - how can leveraging global support
                        models reduce cost and improve uptime?

                Dimension Data is taking contact centre managed services to a whole new level. More
                companies than ever before are examining how they deliver on their core business
                and seeking ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. By thinking strategically
                about their core services and partnering with contact centre experts, companies
                are able to take advantage of the market-leading skills and expertise of strategic
                partners, and focus on what they do best.

                One of the ways Dimension Data has found to offer
                increased value to discerning clients is through a managed
                services framework that applies an end-to-end approach. By
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                offering full lifecycle contact centre IT support, companies
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                can maximise their return on investment, enjoying improved


                availability with less effort. Dimension Data Cape Town CIS

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                General Manager Simon Cranswick says, “it’s about working
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                with a strategic business partner that can deliver technology                                      Support      Delivery      Support
                solutions and improve and innovate its service.”                                                   Services   Management     Services
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                This proactive, outcomes-oriented management approach                                                          Third-Party

                appeals to contact centre operators who are under pressure                                                    Management

                to find ways to deliver better service with less resources.
                One such company is German airline, Lufthansa. Cranswick
                explains, “searching for ways to lower costs and be more
                efficient, Lufthansa saw the value in using a remote service
                management model to manage its contact centres across the           s	   Innovation - new business benefit, ideas and new
                world. It needed its centres to be highly available - 24x7 to all        innovations through technologies and managed risk.
                of its customers.”
                                                                                    Innovation is critical to the success of managed services.
                Like Lufthansa, many companies are placing contact centres          Cranswick points out that customers are looking for more
                at the centre of their customer service strategies. This means      than just a supply of technology; “through a strategic
                that stability is more important than ever before. Companies        business partnership, Dimension Data keeps its customers
                are reliant on contact centre systems to support critical           up to date with what’s going on by regularly developing
                services – and remote managed services (RMS) ticks all the          and reviewing roadmaps of projects, looking at priorities,
                boxes. It offers thorough end-to-end management of their            dependencies and value to the business (ROI). Through
                systems whilst being flexible, customisable and proactive.          managing and maintaining contracts, we can innovate
                                                                                    and identify solutions to problems and optimise managed
                Dimension Data’s managed services framework is made up              services to benefit all clients.”
                of four strands:
                s	   Support - proactive maintenance and monitoring                 Within a contact service environment, service availability is the
                     linked to SLAs                                                 most obvious requirement. Companies aim for upwards of
                s	   Management - full lifecycle support on infrastructure          99.98% service availability. Besides the ‘always available’ benefit,
                     and systems to maximise return on current IT                   there are other positives in using a remote managed service:
                     investment, better quality and service delivery                s	   24x7 access to a pool of specialists, reducing
                s	   Improvement - understanding business strategies                     excessive standby duties
                     and aligning IT with business, developing an IT                s	   Proactive approach to service delivery with close
                     strategy and vision, efficient use of capital                       monitoring aiming to catch incidents before they happen
                                                                                                                                          OPINION PIECE
                                                              But can it work for everyone?
s	   Centralised administration model with strict change      While a global service contract may promise to add
     controls to maintain stability                           immense value to your company, it might not work for you.
s	   Economies of scale - dedicated on site vs shared         Companies with massive in-house IT operations are less
     resources off site is much more cost effective.          likely to gain maximum benefit unless they’re looking to
                                                              cut costs. The full benefits come to companies that need
Even with the evolution of technology and networks,           continuity of service but can’t put dedicated resources
offering such benefits is no small feat. Managed services     behind the task.
must be backed up by a sound process and skills base.
Cranswick says, “this is where South Africa’s value           Cranswick says it’s important to make the decision based on
proposition is so attractive. By placing the responsibility   two important factors: “One - organisations need to be mature
for managing the availability of contact centre services in   and decide what is core to their business and what can be
South Africa, Lufthansa have managed to access people,        outsourced; and two – to make sure they’re outsourcing to
processes and technology at a much lower cost.”               a capable organisation with experience in delivering against
                                                              contractual targets.”
And by getting Dimension Data to manage processes and
                                                              About the Author: Simon Cranswick is General Manager for Dimension
deliver on agreed service levels, Lufthansa got rid of its
                                                              Data’s Customer Interactive Solutions in South Africa’s Western Cape
headache of managing multiple contracts. The result has       region. He has 13 years experience in the contact centre industry and has
                                                              a strong vertical knowledge of the telco service provider space.
been a service with improved availability for customers
and real savings through leveraging economies of scale.       His experience covers virtual contact centres, outsourcing, knowledge
                                                              management, self-service, MIS, customer satisfaction and quality
                                                              solutions and development of sustainable Managed Services models.
To deliver a 24x7 service means providing a lot of            He is passionate about his team’s ability to deliver Remote Managed
                                                              Services for contact centres in offshore markets – and believes
manpower to give you round the clock coverage. This is        strongly in understanding contact centre operational drivers and
                                                              challenges. Doing this ensures they have a solid starting point for
why the shared services model is so useful. Cranswick
                                                              driving solutions into customers rather than pushing technologies to find
says, “it lets us cross-pollinate the accounts with the       business problems. Value propositions are led through business demand
                                                              and more often than not enabled by key technologies, so his message
knowledge of the shared core team whilst reducing the risk
                                                              is, “make sure you are including the contact centre operations in your
of depending on one or two key dedicated specialists.”        strategic planning.”
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