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                       • Why choose HP Workstations?
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                       • HP xw6400 Workstation
                       • HP xw8400 Workstation
                       • HP xw9400 Workstation
                       • HP c8000 Workstation
                       • HP nw8440 Mobile Workstation
                       • HP nw9440 Mobile Workstation
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 Why choose
                                                                Power users

 HP Workstations?                                               HP offers Workstation solutions for every level of need – from
                                                                entry models with power and graphics that far exceed those of
Today’s designers, analysts, engineers and animators know       everyday PCs, to high-end systems that support massive real-
that, when it comes to choosing a workstation, you need a       time transaction volumes and rapid decision-making on
solution that helps you perform your most specific and          crowded trading floors.
intensive tasks quickly and effectively.
                                                                Engineering and design
That’s why, as well as delivering workstations with blazing
performance and graphics, HP works with the industry’s          When you’re dealing with complex designs and models, you
leading independent software vendors (ISVs) to ensure they’re   need maximum output quality and efficiency, and minimum
tested, certified and optimised for the key applications you    development costs. HP Workstations deliver. We’ve teamed
depend on.                                                      with leading ISVs to make securing the best application
                                                                performance for your current and future demands simple.
From basic 2D to complex 3D support and innovative
visualisation capabilities, HP solutions – tuned for optimum
performance, quality, realism and reliability – keep you        Animation and post production
creative and productive whenever and wherever you
need to be.                                                     The market for rich digital content is taking off like never
                                                                before, and pushing the envelope is a more prevalent
For example, HP Personal Workstations deliver next-generation   challenge than ever. HP Workstations are engineered to
performance and single-platform flexibility for 32-bit and      meet and surpass not just the needs of content creators in
64-bit computing on Microsoft® or Linux® systems – providing    general, but also those of editors, compositors, animators,
broad support for today’s latest trailblazing applications      designers, special effects managers and more.
and graphics.

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HP recommends Windows® XP Professional.

                      HP xw4400 Workstation
                      It´s a desktop evolution
                      You’ll find everything about the HP xw4400 much more advanced than a           HP xw6400 Workstation
                      desktop PC. Except the price, that is. Leading-edge capabilities like 64 bit
                      support, fast PCI-Express x16 graphics and ECC error-checking memory,          Small workstation, big ambition
                      for instance. It’s ideal for designers, engineers and other demanding          Who says it’s what you add that matters? Taking the
                      power users.                                                                   size, power demands, heat and noise away from this
                                                                                                     workstation make it perfect for space- and
                      • Dual Core Intel® Pentium® D processor, Intel® Core 2 Duo processor or
                                                                                                     power-constrained environments! So put it to work on
                        Intel® Core 2 Duo Extreme processor
                                                                                                     financial trading desks, in OEM enclosures and more.
                      • Genuine Windows® XP Professional
                                                                                                     • One or two Intel® Xeon® 5100 Series processors
                        or Linux®
                                                                                                     • Genuine Windows® XP Professional
                                                                                                       or Linux®

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HP recommends Windows® XP Professional.

                                          HP xw8400 Workstation
                                          Ultimate power… set loose
                                          No other HP personal Workstation offers you so much
                                          concentrated power as the HP xw8400. Free from
                                          space-constraints, this hugely expansive, top-of-the-line work-
                                          station really lets rip. Power through massively
                                          complex tasks and enormous data sets. It won’t even
                                          break a sweat.
                                                            ®       ®
                                          • One or two Intel Xeon 5100 Series processors

                                          • Genuine Windows® XP Professional
                                            or Linux®

                                                                HP xw9400 Workstation
                                                                Pinch me, I must be dreaming
                                                                No, you’re not. The visual realism you can achieve with
                                                                this Workstation really is that astonishing. With advanced
                                                                visualisation capabilities like single or dual PCI Express
                                                                x16 graphics – plus superior 64 bit performance and
                                                                expandability – graphic- and storage-hungry tasks are no
                                                                match for it!

                                                                • Up to 2 single- or dual-core AMD OpteronTM 200 Series

                                                                • Genuine Windows® XP Professional
                                                                  or Linux®

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HP c8000 Workstation
Trying to concentrate on mammoth tasks like aerospace
or automotive design? Here’s the solution. Extreme UNIX®
power, but whisper-quiet. You can count on leadership
64 bit price/performance and AGP 8x graphics. And –
at last – some peace and quiet!

• Up to 2 dual-core PA-8900 processors

• HP-UX 11i TCOEi or MTOEi

• AGP 8x Pro graphics

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HP recommends Windows® XP Professional.

                                                                           HP nw9440
                                                                           Mobile Workstation
                                                                           Office not required, seatbelt recommended
                                                                           Lightning-fast processing and NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500M for
                                                                           astonishing graphics precision. All in a unit you’ll find extremely
                                                                           easy to carry. We just redefined power and performance on
                                                                           the move.

                                                                           • Intel® Core® Duo Processor up to T2700 or
                                                                             Intel® Core® 2 Duo Processor up to T7600

                                                                           • Genuine Windows® XP Professional
                                                                             and Linux® certified

HP nw8440
Mobile Workstation
Take your desk with you!
Combines Workstation power and ATI Mobility FireGL V5200
graphics with a host of advanced mobile features. Let your work-
place become global, your mind be inspired, and your business

• Intel® Core® Duo Processor up to T2700 or
  Intel® Core® 2 Duo Processor up to T7600

• Genuine Windows® XP Professional
  and Linux® certified

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HP Remote graphics software
Why should distance limit your creativity?
Access workstation applications and performance in real time,
wherever you are, over a standard network. Innovative                                      Your notebook displays exactly the same image
HP Remote Graphics Software makes it happen. And you can                                   as your workstation in the office. You’re free to
                                                                                           interact, work and collaborate in real time, on
use it almost anywhere.                                                                    the go, using the keyboard and mouse.

Get fast access to the industry’s best graphics with prices and performance to suit you.
With 20-plus years’ graphics expertise and strong vendor relationships, our Leadership
Graphics Program ensures stable and powerful workstation/graphics combinations.

• Professional 2D and multi-display applications
• Entry-level 3D for small models and visual realism

                                                                                           gr s
• Mid-range 3D for bigger models and visual realism
• High-end 3D for large models and demanding visual realism

                                                                                             ap olu
                                                                                               hi tio
                                                                                                  c ns
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                        19"                                                              20.1"                                                          24"

HP L1955 Flat Panel Monitor                                             HP LP2065 Flat Panel Monitor                                HP LP2465 Flat Panel Monitor
A super-clear, extra-bright, space-saving screen that’s                 Perfect for graphic-heavy users needing exceptional         Give your productivity an extra boost. View multiple
great for both PC and workstation users. You can even                   performance and features. No glare. No flicker.             windows at once – from almost any angle – on this
“tile” panels together – ideal for panoramic viewing in                 Just fast response times, wide views, extra-bright screen   ultra-bright, high-contrast display. Lightning-fast responses.
data-intensive environments.                                            and more to make viewing easy and comfortable.              Superior clarity… Flat-screen technology doesn’t get much
                                                                                                                                    better than this!

HP Flat Panel Speaker Bar (optional)
Add full multimedia support with ease. Includes stereo speakers with full sound range,
plus external headphone jack.

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HP TOTAL CARE FOR                                                           choose
                                                                            It makes sense that you should have resources
                                                                            available to you when you are making technology

                                                                            decisions. You are buying more than a machine –
                                                                            it is a vital part of your business.

                                                                            As you invest in technology, you’ll want to get the
                                                                            most out of it. That’s why we offer a variety of
We’ve reshaped our business to reflect what it means to own a personal
                                                                            resource options.
computer. It should be an experience. An adventure. A bond.
With our unrivalled HP Total Care services, you get expert help for every
stage of your computer’s life. From choosing it, to configuring it, to
protecting it, to tuning it up – all the way to recycling it.               PROTECT
                                                                            You and your business are seamlessly connected to
Find the services that are right for you.                                   the tools to help keep your business data safe. If more
                                                                            help is necessary, we’re here for you 24x7.

                                                                            When your business changes, we can help you make
                                                                            changes to your technology. We even help recycle
                                                                            your old technology safely.

                                                                            Find out more about HP Total Care
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HP Workstations give you the power.
Work fast. Work wonders. Work your way…
with powerful, innovative technologies
                                          For more information about how
supporting all your key applications.     HP Workstations can give you the power,
                                          contact XXXXXXXX
                                          on XXXXXX
                                          or email XXXXXXX

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