2010 PA HAVA Grant Proposal

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					            INCLUSION SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL 2010                                                        Date:            20-Jan-10

            State of Pennyslvania HAVA Grant Proposal
            To Make Elections Accessible to Individuals With Disabilities
            Office Name
            City                                                        State       PA       Zip
            Phone                                                       Fax

                                                                                    Unit             Shipping
                         PRODUCT ORDERED                     Item No.     Price      #      Cost      (each)          Total
            4-stand voting booth with one accessible
            and three standard shelves to provide
            privacy and independence for voters with
            disabilities -- Patriotic Red White and Blue --
            designed for counties with optical
Booths      scan/paper voting                               4-stand       $799.00    0                  $58.00
            Ballotcall Max Election Alert System -- for
            Heavy/locked doors/inaccessible hardware
            or to allow voters with disabilities to request
            assistance. With new MAX alert system
            with flashing strobe, recordable chime, and
call bell   2,500 foot range                                BCMAX         $599.00    0                  $18.00

            Cone Cap Accessible Voter Parking + 28        CCPKG +
signs       inch cone (new, simpler sign solution)        28 PVC-L         $54.90    0                  $13.00
            Cone Cap 2 sided accessible entrance sign CCENT2 +
signs       with reversible arrow + 28 inch cone      28 PVC-L             $64.90    0                  $13.00

            Custom Stand Up Signs (2 sided) with
            Symbol of Access Designating Accessible
signs       Sites/Entrances in Pennsylvania               SUS2            $139.00    0                  $27.00
            Mobi Mat Soft Matting 9 foot for Unpaved
mats        Lots (designed for grass or gravel lots)      AM9             $649.00    0                  $34.70
ramps       1 inch threshold ramp for small lips at doors TR1               $89.00 0                      $16.70
ramps       5 foot pathway ramp Lite (ideal for curbs)      PR5L           $360.00 0                      $64.70
            BallotMag Magnifier Customized for PA
Voting      Optical Scan voting for privacy and
Process     independence for voters with disabilities.      BMAG             $7.95 0                       $1.30
            Interior Accessibility Kit with BallotMag,
Voting      Clipboard, Signature Guide for Optical Scan
Process     Voting, Reference materials                     VKLT            $26.95 0                       $3.30
Voting      AutoMARK 2-switch for voters with limited
Process     dexterity                                       VATAP          $149.95 0                       $3.90
            AirVoter Sip N'Puff System (compatible with
Voting      all marjor DRE and AutoMARK voting
Process     systems)                                        AIRVOTE        $329.95 0                      $13.90
            TOTAL:                                                                              $0.00                       $0.00
            INSTRUCTIONS TO County                          This form assists with proposals to use with submissions to the
            Pennsylvania HAVA Grant program. You may use this form to calculate requested items or look at our catalog for
            Over 250 other eligible items in our catalog -- custom proposals available -- call 1-866-232-5487 for more info.

            Proposal Only
            -- Please Sign and Fax Back to 847-869-2515 to approve and order items