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									   A Compact between North West Leicestershire
                 District Council
the Voluntary and Community Sector of North West

            final document
              April 2003


Sectors need to trust each other and strive to work on shared objectives. All
partners are committed to serving the community of North West Leicestershire by
identifying and meeting needs through liaison, guidance and support, and in
providing quality services, which in turn will enhance community development
and improve quality of life for all residents.


With the rise in partnership working, there is increasing reliance on each other in
order to achieve goals. Therefore it is important to recognise:

(i)   that the Statutory Authorities are working under increasing pressure,
financial limits and statutory duties.

(ii)   the wealth of professional skills within the Voluntary Sector, which work
within tighter financial constraints and insecurity.

(iii) that community groups, self help groups, arts, sports and leisure groups are
important and need to be recognised and encouraged for their large
contribution to the Quality of Life of the area.


Voluntary Groups must be open and accountable but also trusted and the
circumstances in which they work recognised.

Funding the Voluntary Sector should be appropriate - not as a cheap option, but
it may be a cheaper option.


This requires a strategic approach and there must be a commitment by voluntary
and statutory sectors to work together

      (a)   within their sector
      (b)   between sectors.


There should be agreed standards and guidelines for good practice, recognising
the volunteering ethos.


The ultimate aim of working together, undergirded by a compact, is to seek to
form a seamless service across sectors to serve the local community and a
process to resolve difficulties and conflicts.

         Commitments to be made by Statutory Organisations

1.    Working with Voluntary and Community Organisations

The recognition of the value the voluntary sector brings to community
development by recognising the expertise and initiative of the voluntary and
community sector, providing adequate time for meaningful consultation, and
enabling partnership working to facilitate sharing of information regarding local
and national developmental opportunities.

2.    Recognition of these groups

In recognising the valuable contributions groups can make, there must be mutual
respect and sharing of information on a regular basis with a commitment to
understanding each member’s role within the community.

3.    Funding and Accountability

Voluntary organisations and community groups should be adequately resourced
to enable them to carry out their work with some flexibility but with an adequate
process for being accountable.

4.    Policy Development and Consultation

Working in partnership with the Voluntary Sector from the beginning with regular
meetings and, where necessary, time to seek the views of community groups
and individuals, using a variety of methods which recognise the limited time
many groups can give.

5.    Good Practice

To develop a mutually agreed code of good practice and quality control and to
keep partners informed of proposed changes, allowing sufficient time for

6.    Commitment to North West Leicestershire Compact

The Compact needs quality of partnership and to be seen to deal fairly and
transparently with the Voluntary Sector.

     Commitments to be made by Voluntary and Community Groups

1.     Working together with Statutory Bodies

Working in partnership towards the delivery of quality services and to meet
shared objectives with frequent communication between partners.

2.     Recognition of their role

Acknowledge the role and obligations required of statutory bodies by Central
Government and to encourage, through sharing of information and experience,
an awareness of that role to develop a partnership approach and better

3.     Funding and Accountability

To be accountable for funding through the provision of annual reports and
accounts with clear performance indications and quality control procedures in

4.     Policy Development and Consultation

To establish regular communication with named officers to facilitate the
exchange of information and knowledge of what services are being provided
and, through partnership working, develop policy.

5.     Good Practice

Working in partnership to share examples of good practice.

6.     Commitment to North West Leicestershire Compact

To give a commitment to working in partnership for the benefit of the community
of North West Leicestershire.

    Community Groups and the North West Leicestershire Compact

Community Groups are usually under resourced, many remain unfunded and
staffed by volunteers. They are mutual interest groups, engaging in arts, sport,
leisure, and faith activities as well as community action.

There needs to be a recognition that these groups are important and they should
be acknowledged and encouraged for their large contribution to the Quality of
Life of the area. They require appropriate communication and there needs to be
openness and better information, points of contact and understanding.
Alternative methods of communication and consultation need to be developed
but more meetings/forums are not always appropriate as the time to attend
meetings/forums is not always available to those whose first priority is to run their
own groups.

                 Black and Minority Ethnic Organisations
                and the North West Leicestershire Compact

A commitment is required to work within an equal opportunities policy and good
practice and actively seek out minorities, ensuring the use of plain English in all
written materials, and ethnic minority languages, where applicable.

                         Resolution of Disagreements

A mediation process should be designed to produce clear, written guidelines
with a mutually agreed grievance procedure.

                    Action Planning and Review Process

To agree aims, objectives, actions and timescales, together with the resources
needed.     To be monitored through clear, mutually agreed performance

Signed by                                    Signed by
Malcolm Diaper on behalf of                  Martin Gage on behalf of
North West Leicestershire                    the Voluntary and Community Sector
District Council                             of North West Leicestershire

Dated 2nd April 2003

 the final document
has been produced by
   members of the
joint steering group

   consisting of:

       Mr D Berry
   Mr J Carrington
      Mr M Diaper
     Ms R Elliott
        Mr M Gage
 Councillor J Geary
      Ms M Murray
    Mrs A Stratton


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