A Birthday Party to Remember!

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                             A Birthday Party
                               to Remember!
                                           Wild Britain’s Parties are great fun & great value
                                                                Pre­Bookable Party Extras
                                                                Exclusive ‘Meet the Keeper’ Sessions
    Standard Party Package                                   On the day of your party, choose the Animals you wish to
 A party at Wild Britain includes entry to the park,          meet in your exclusive Session. Also includes an Animal
 your own lunchtime party table, free adult places*                Adoption Certificate for the Birthday Child.
 and a choice of two party menu options.                                          £15.00 per party

        Lunchbox Menu: £7.50 per child                                         VIP Art Package
 At your special party table, enjoy our fabulous lunch          Paint a ceramic animal to take home. £2.50 per child
  boxes including two filled rolls, crisps, fruit item,
            sweet treat and drink carton.                                      Fun Party Bags
                                                                     We have two options for fun party bags.
                                                               £1.50 Option: Souvenir Butterfly and cute Fluffy Bug
    Traditional Menu: £9.00 per child                         £3.50 Option: Souvenir Butterfly and cute Fluffy Bug, a
Served at your special party table, enjoy a selection of                  power ball, pencil and rubber.
          delicious sandwiches, party nibbles,
      crisps, jelly and ice‐cream and soft drinks.                             Birthday Cakes
                                                              Yummy. Yummy. Choose either a 10” delicious themed
                                                               ladybird or butterfly cake. Available in Chocolate or
A Typical Party                                                               Victoria Sponge. £25.00
                                                                     (You can of course bring your own cake!)
11.00     Arrive at Wild Britain

11:10     Explore the Butterfly Jungle & Alien Invaders      *Free Adult Places
11:40     Join a ‘Meet the Keeper’ Session                   To help supervise your party, one adult is
                                                             admitted free per five children.
12:00     It’s Party Food Time!
                                                             Additional adults are £5.00 each,
12:30     Follow the Hedgehog Play Trail                     including a cup of tea or coffee.
13:00     Get Arty in the Arts & Craft Cabin
          Adventure Playground & one last visit to the
          Butterfly Jungle before heading home!
                                                           To book, call 01234 772770 or visit the Gift Shop.
 Booking a Wild Britain party is easy!

 1.    To book, just telephone Wild Britain on 01234 772770 or visit the gift shop. Your booking will be held for 10 days.
 2.    To confirm your booking, complete and return this booking form to us within 10 days. Please include a £20 deposit. Cheques
       should be made payable to Wild Britain. Only approximate guest numbers are required at this stage.
 3.    Upon receipt of your deposit, you will receive written confirmation.
 4.    On the day of the party, please ensure you bring the remainder of the balance with you.
 5.    Enjoy your party! Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance – we are here to help!

 Required Party Date:

 Preferred Start Time:           10.30am                           12.00pm                             13.30pm
 (please tick)

 Approx Number of Guests:        Aged 2‐16                         Adult Guests*
 (please state no in box):

 Party Menu:                     Traditional                       Lunchbox
 (please tick)                   @ £9.00 Each                      @ £7.50 Each

 Birthday Child’s Name:

 Birthday Child’s Age:

 Your Name:

 Phone Number:

 Email Address:
                                    Please tick this box if you do NOT wish to receive news and offers by email from us

 Address (inc postcode):

 Pre­Bookable Party Extras:
 Number of Party Bags:           Option 1                                                 Option 2
 (please state no in box):       @ £1.50 Each                                             @ £3.50 Each

 Additional Activities:          Exclusive “Meet the Keeper” session                      VIP Art Package
 (please tick)                   @ £15.00 Per Party                                       @ £2.50 Each

 10” Birthday Cake:              Design:                                                  Flavour:
 (please tick)                   Ladybird              Butterfly                          Chocolate                Victoria Sponge
                                 Cakes cost £25.00 Each

 Signed………………………………………………………………………………… As parent or guardian of………………………………………………………………

       * Please note, Wild Britain does not supervise visits and party organisers should ensure they have sufficient
      adults to supervise their party. We require a minimum of two accompanying adults and recommend a ratio of
                                               one adult per five children.

                                          Wild Britain, 65a Renhold Road, Wilden,
www.wild‐                             Nr Bedford MK44 2PX.
                                                     Tel: 01243 772770

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