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Rene E


									                              Rene E. Llewellyn
                                      925 Willow Springs Drive
                                     Louisville, Kentucky 40242
                                           (502) 554-8890


Eastern Kentucky University. Masters of Science in Community Nutrition.
January 2006 – Present. GPA 4.0.

University of Kentucky. Masters of Science in Hospitality and Dietetics Management.
August 2005 – December 2005. GPA 4.0.

University of South Florida. Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. Medical/Nutritional Track.
September 2002 – December 2004. Graduated summa cum laude. Cumulative 4.0 GPA.

Saint Petersburg College. Associate of Arts in General Education.
January 2001 – August 2002. GPA: 4.0.

Atlanta School of Massage Therapy. Neuromuscular Therapy Practitioner Certificate.
January 1992 – August 1992. GPA 3.9.

Arts Institute of Atlanta. Certificate of Business Management.
September 1987 – May 1988. GPA 3.8.

                                      ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE

Club Officer and Webmaster. USF Saint Petersburg Anthropology Club, Saint Petersburg, FL.
September 2002 – December 2004.
Provided leadership and technical support for university student organization. Organized and
scheduled lectures, luncheons, presentations, and field trips for anthropology students. Managed club
budget and other administrative duties. Designed and maintained internet web site for the club.

Archaeological Field School Technician. Grand Island Archaeological Project, Grand Island, MI.
July—August 2004.
Participated in Phase 3 archaeological survey conducted by Dr. James Skibo of Illinois State
University. Conducted preliminary survey and test unit layout; artifact point plotting, soil evaluation,
horizon diagramming, and feature excavation at two prehistoric sites. Provided assistance with artifact
point plotting and transect setup at underwater historical site, Cleaned, labeled and preserved the
recovered artifacts. Interpreted project goals and accomplishments for daily tour groups on the island.

Research Assistant. Multimodal Communications Project, Saint Petersburg, FL.
January 2003 – January 2004.
Participated in biological psychology studies conducted by Dr. Sarah Partan of the University of South
Florida. Coded videotaped animal behavior responses to various audio and visual stimuli utilizing The
Observer 5.0 behavior analysis software. Designed and maintained multiple reports on experiment
results. Digitized analog video for archive purposes.
                                                                         Llewellyn Curriculum Vitae 2

                                         WORK EXPERIENCE

Webmaster. Society for the Anthropology of North America, Durham, NC.
January 2004 – Present.
Designed internet web site for professional academic and research organization, including all graphics
and HTML coding. Maintain and update web content upon request.

Graduate Assistant, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY
August 2006 – December 2006.
Monitored departmental computer lab and provided basic technical support to students. Assisted
faculty with word processing and literature searches. Graded exams and entered student record data
into Blackboard Academic Suite course management program. Maintained food science laboratory
and shopped for food preparation class supplies.

Information Processor Specialist, University of Louisville School of Nursing, Louisville, KY
June 2005 – August 2005.
Provided word processing, record-keeping, and literature search services to School of Nursing faculty
members as part of the Research Office team. Maintained and updated faculty literature databases.
Assisted with grant-related projects and provided organizational support upon request.

Reporting and Automation Analyst. Tech Data Corporation, Clearwater, FL.
January 1996 – November 2000.
Developed intranet sites for both the Sales and Marketing Operations team and the Product Marketing
department using Microsoft FrontPage and text editors. Managed daily site maintenance and periodic
document updates. Specialized in design of custom statistical Excel reports with clear, non-technical
interfacing, tailored to the needs of individual department managers and directors throughout the
company. Acted as call statistics reporting project manager. Researched, designed, developed and
maintained over 150 daily, weekly and monthly reports for seven different internal business units.

Product Returns Analyst. Tech Data Corporation, Clearwater, FL.
March 1993 – December 1995.
Researched and produced executive summaries and in-depth product returns analyses on a monthly
basis to support strategic planning by the management team. Developed and maintained a Microsoft
FoxPro returns database and streamlined report templates to provide detailed returns reporting for
external customers and product vendors upon request.

Customer Sales and Support Administrator. Landmark Distributors, Inc., Atlanta, GA.
June 1988 – December 1991.
Promoted and sold independent label music media to retail music outlets throughout the southeastern
United States.

                                     VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE

Web Designer and Data Analyst. Community Farm Alliance, Louisville, KY.
April 2005 – Present.
Processed and organized retail outlet contact database in preparation for community food access
survey. Currently developing new internet website for the organization.

Web Designer. EarthSave Louisville, Louisville, KY.
March 2005 – May 2006.
Created and maintained internet web site for non-profit educational organization to promote their
annual Taste of Health festival.

Museum Docent. Weedon Island Preserve Cultural and Natural History Center, Saint Petersbug, FL.
August—November 2004.
Provided information and interpretation of archaeological and natural history exhibits to park visitors.
                                                                        Llewellyn Curriculum Vitae 3

                                         TECHNICAL SKILLS

        20 years' experience with Microsoft Excel, Word, Access and FoxPro Databases, Outlook,
         and PowerPoint.

        15 years' experience with Microsoft FrontPage web development software, Paint Shop Pro
         Image Editor, and HTML coding.

        Expertise with Blackboard Academic Suite educational management program, EndNote and
         Reference Manager bibliography software, Novell GroupWise email client, Visio Flowcharts,
         The Observer 5.0 behavioral analysis software, Dazzle video digitalization software, and
         Lucent CentreVu Call Center Administration software.

        Some experience with Visual Basic programming and Java Script.


        ―Nutritional Genomics: Separating ‗Fat‘ from Fiction,‖ April 2004. Tomorrow’s Leaders
         Undergraduate Research Symposium. University of South Florida. Saint Petersburg, FL.

                                       HONORS AND AWARDS

                    King O'Neal Scholar Award for 4.0 cumulative GPA at commencement
                    University of South Florida Chancellor‘s List of Exceptional Scholars Fall 2004
                    Martha & Evert Nolten Memorial Scholarship ($1,000.00)
                    Francis Elvidge End Memorial Scholarship ($2,500.00)
                    Member: USF College of Arts and Sciences Honors Society
                    Member: Phi Kappa Phi International Honors Student Society


       American Dietetics Association                         Community Food Security Coalition
       American Anthropological Association                   Southern Foodways Alliance
       Society for the Anthropology of Food                   EarthSave International
        and Nutrition                                          Slow Food USA

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