Methodware Partner Questionnaire

 Thank you for your interest in Methodware’s Global Partner Program.
 In order for us to learn more about your company, please:
  complete the questionnaire below. You can fill in the questionnaire directly in Microsoft Word,
    or alternatively print it and fill it in by hand.
  provide us with a 3-year financial summary of your company.

 Please email your documents to or send by post to
 Methodware Ltd, P.O. Box 27-415, Wellington, New Zealand.

 Company Name:

 Company Address          Address 1:
 (Head Office):
                          Address 2:



                          Zip/Postal Code:


 Telephone Country & Area Code:         +                   Telephone Number:

 Fax Country & Area Code:               +                   Fax Number:

 Primary Contact:                                                         Title:



 Year of Incorporation:

 Company Ownership:

 Company Directors:

 Name of Parent Company (if applicable):

 Subsidiary Companies:

 Additional Office Locations:

 Number of Full Time Employees:

 Have any of your owners/principals been in the news in a negative way?            Yes        No

 If Yes please specify:

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What vertical markets does your company target?
   Banking/Financial Services                          Education
   Government (Central/State/Local)                    Healthcare
   Insurance                                           Manufacturing
   Recreation / Entertainment                          Retail
   Telecommunications                                  Utilities
   Other, please specify:

What percentage of your sales in the last 12 months has been to:
Small Business (revenue size up to USD30M)                         %

Mid Market (revenue between USD30M and USD300M)                    %

Large Corporate (revenue above USD300M)                            %

Which Methodware Tools are you interested in reselling?
   Enterprise Risk Assessor (ERA)            COBIT Assessor
   Planning Advisor                          PRo Audit Advisor
   All                                       Not sure at this stage. I require additional information.

Does your company currently distribute any other software products?               Yes             No

If Yes please specify:

Do you currently represent any potentially competing products?                    Yes             No

If Yes please provide details:

Does your company currently support any other software product?                   Yes             No

If Yes please describe your
call centre/help desk setup:

How many employees provide technical support?

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Do you have expertise in Governance, Risk, Compliance, Internal Audit?               Yes        No

If Yes please provide details:

How many employees are engaged in the provision of these services?

What are the drivers for automation of Internal Control, Governance, or Risk in your market?

How many employees will you allocated to the Methodware account?
Technical:                          Sales:                             Marketing:

Please outline your proposed marketing strategy for Methodware tools in your region (a more
detailed marketing strategy will be required should an agreement be formalized):

                 Thank you for completing the pre-qualification distribution questionnaire.
                                  We will be in contact with you shortly.

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