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                  Cumann Geinealais na hÉireann

Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette
                                          (incorporating “The Genie Gazette”)

Vol. 5 No. 3                                                                                           March : Márta 2010

                                                   The Flight of the Ministers
                                  It’s that time of the year again and                                                 in which to engage our Diaspora?
                                  despite budgetary constraints and                                                    Other nations understand the need
                                  a biting recession, Government                                                       to officially recognise and reward
                                  Ministers a plenty are packing                  The President of the                 excellence and achievement
                                  their bags for the annual St. Pat-              Society, Rory Stanley,               amongst their overseas communi-
                                  rick’s Day exodus. It seems that                FGSI, wishes all of                  ties. Though, the achievements
                                  the only Irish people in the world              our Members, friends                 may well benefit their host coun-
                                  that will be denied the grand                   and readership around                try alone, it is the fact that a mem-
                                  spectacle of a ministerial presence             the world a Happy St.                ber of a nation’s Diaspora was the
    GENEALOGY                     on the viewing platforms at their               Patrick’s Day.                       achiever which is recognised by
                                  National Day parades will be                                                         many of our European partners.
      HERALDRY                    those who elected them and con-                                                      Ireland has, for many reasons,
                                  tinue to pay for them. Bowing to                                                     shied away from the creation of
  VEXILLOLOGY                     the growing public pressure to            Irish officials abroad carefully culti-    National Honours or an Order of
                                  curb ministerial excesses, An             vate business networks that can reap       Merit for its own citizens and its
                                  Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, TD, has           substantial inward investment for          Diaspora. Though the issue was
SOCIAL HISTORY                    banned the limos, VIP lounges,                                                       raised several times over the last
                                                                            Ireland. The list of official engage-
                                  first class flights and any unneces-      ments for the senior Ministers like        decade, nothing has been pro-
  Heritage Matters                sary lunches or champagne recep-          Mary Hanafin, for example, concen-         gressed as yet. Surely Ireland
                                  tions—where practicable, of               trate on business and investment.          publicly honouring members of
     Book Reviews                 course. While An Taoiseach and            Minister Hanafin is to speak at a          her Diaspora for their achieve-
                                  the Minister for Foreign Affairs,         lunch hosted by the Irish American         ments on our National Day would
   Open Meetings                  Mícheál Martin, TD, will join             Business Chamber and Network in            be more appreciated than simply
                                  other prominent Irish and Irish-          Philadelphia. However, is it not time      sending them one of our politi-
  News & Queries                  Americans as guests of President          that we carefully re-examine our           cians to view their St. Patrick’s
                                  Obama at the White House on St.           links with our Nation’s Diaspora and       Day parade? Indeed, this Society
                                  Patrick’s Day, other Ministers will       possibly develop a more sustainable        proposed a method of honouring
                                  travel to every continent except          connection with those of Irish ances-      our Diaspora in the Genealogy &
                                  Antarctica. Twenty-three officials,       try overseas? Last year we looked to       Heraldry Bill, 2006 involving the
                                  including An Taoiseach and                our Diaspora for ideas to pull the         granting of Arms by the Chief
                                  twenty-one Ministers, will repre-         Nation out of a largely homemade           Herald of Ireland. However,               sent the Nation at events around          economic mess. A conference was            whether by offering St. Patrick’s
                                  the world. As some of the Junior          held in Dublin attended by some of         Day Diaspora Scholarships, for
                                  Ministers travelling are hardly           the biggest names in business, trade       example, or by commissioning
                                  household names outside their             and innovation around the globe—           research on the Irish abroad and
        CONTENTS                  own constituencies, one wonders           most of Irish extraction. Work, we         offering publication grants, we
                                  what impact, if any, they will have       are told, is on-going on the many          would be honouring and recognis-
Annual Report of the GSI     2    on the Irish Diaspora. However,           suggestions proffered during that          ing the real achievements of our
Board                             opportunities to showcase Ireland         conference. But are we overlooking         Diaspora in a truly meaningful
                                  during these trips do exist and           a simple, though prestigious, manner       and cost effective manner indeed.
An Overview of the GSI       2

Four Courts Press at
                             2                Irish-American Heritage Month
                                  Washington, DC—March 1st 2010,             our founding documents. When famine       service, Senator Kennedy worked
                                  President Barack H. Obama signed the       ravaged Ireland in the 1840s and          tirelessly to create opportunity for all
James Scannell Reports..     3    Presidential Proclamation declaring        1850s, many Irish men and women           Americans. His legacy lives on in the
                                  March to be ‘Irish-American Heritage       sought a new beginning in the United      legislation he championed, which will
                                  Month’. The Proclamation opens             States. Though they faced poverty and     bolster and protect the health, educa-
                                  ‘From long before American independ-       discrimination, these immigrants          tion, and civil rights of Americans for
GSI Lecture Programme        3    ence to today, countless individuals       transformed our cities, served in our     generations to come.’ Turning to
                                  have reached our shores, bringing          Armed Forces, and settled the frontiers   Northern Ireland, the President said
Membership of the GSI             vibrant cultures and diverse roots, and    of our young Nation. Their children,      that ‘In the face of violence perpetu-
                                  immeasurably enriching our Nation.         and succeeding generations of Irish       ated by some -- testing a hard-earned
National Library of          4    This month, we honor the contributions     Americans, have preserved their cul-      peace -- the people of Northern Ireland
                                  made by the tens of millions of Ameri-     ture's values while becoming leaders in   have responded heroically. Undaunted,
Ireland Acquisitions              cans who trace their heritage to the       every facet of American life. During      they and their leaders persist on the
                                  Emerald Isle.’ The President outlined      this year's Irish-American Heritage       road to peace and prosperity enshrined
Diary Dates                  4    the Irish contribution to the US saying    Month, we also celebrate an extraordi-    over a decade ago in the Good Friday
                                  ‘Irish Americans fought for our inde-      nary Irishman: Sen. Edward M. Ken-        Agreement.’ He ends by calling on all
Archive News & AGM                pendence, and their signatures adorn       nedy. Throughout his career in public     Americans to celebrate this month.

                           Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                              ISSN 1649-7937

PAGE 2                              I R E LA ND ’ S G E NE A LO G I C A L G A Z E T T E ( I NC O R P O R A T I NG “ T HE G E NI E G A ZE T T E ” )                  V O L. 5 NO . 3

                                              Annual Report of the GSI Board
The following is the Annual Report of the Board of            Lower George’s Street, Dún Laoghaire and this enable           our Director of Archival Services, Séamus O’Reilly,
Directors of the Genealogical Society of Ireland Limited      the growing collections to be fully catalogued and safely      were both appointed Fellows of the Society by the new
adopted by the Board at its meeting of March 4, 2010.         stored. In collaboration with Dún Laoghaire College of         President to mark his inauguration. In addition to the
As usual the Annual Report covers the period from             Further Education (DLCFE) a work experience pro-               above, the outgoing Board dealt with matters relating to
AGM to AGM, however, the Annual Financial Report is           gramme centred on archival research and cataloguing            the Society’s membership of the Federation of Family
for the period ending December 31, 2009. The Board of         was successfully provided by the Society for five stu-         History Societies; The Wheel; Integrating Ireland and
the Society met twelve times during the year to deal with     dents in February. Endeavours to secure a more perma-          such matters relating to the Society’s Sectoral Repre-
the day-to-day business of the Society. In addition to        nent home for the Archive are continuing. Two more             sentation on the Strategic Policy Committee on Culture,
attending these meetings each of the directors undertook      graveyards were surveyed and successfully recorded             Community Development and Amenities of Dún
duties associated with their various portfolios including     during the period, St. Canice’s in Finglas and St. Peter’s     Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. The Board also
organising eleven Morning Open Meetings and twelve            in Little Bray, the latter with the aid of the students from   complied with its statutory obligations in respect of the
Evening Open Meetings, the latter with guest speakers         DLCFE. St. Canice’s was published in the Festschrift.          Companies Acts 1963-2009, its position as a Registered
arranged by the Cathaoirleach. However, the January           The Board considered and adopted three substantial             Charity and as a Nominating Body for Seanad Éireann.
2010 Evening Open Meeting had to be cancelled as the          policy documents during the year, the first dealing with
venue was closed for ‘health and safety’ reasons due to       structures, corporate identity and protocols, the second              Michael Merrigan, MA, FGSI, General Secretary
the adverse weather conditions. The Society published         volunteerism, gender equality and encouraging greater
twelve issues of its newsletter ‘Ireland’s Genealogical       participation of the membership in the governance of the       In order to reduce the printing costs associated with the
Gazette’ and its readership figures continued to be very      Society and the third, concentrated on the activities of the   AGM, the Agenda is produced below.
strong throughout the year especially on-line where it        organisation. The incoming portfolio holders will bring
was available in pdf format. The newsletter has been          forward plans to implement these policies over the next        1.        20.00hrs—Minutes of the 2009 AGM
central to all the Society’s campaigns including those        five years. The Society launched a newly designed
aimed at having the 1926 census returns released and          website following consultation with the Members and it         2.        Matters Arising
though, Senator Lábhras Ó Murchú is progressing with a        is hoped to expand the facilities and options thereon over
short Bill on the 1926 census, this has been unfortunately    the coming months. The Society’s new President, Rory           3.        Directors’ Annual Report (printed above)
delayed due to the enormous amount of legislation             Stanley, FGSI, was inaugurated in December 2009 and
required to meet the current recessionary conditions. The     was presented with his own personal Arms designed by           4.        Annual Financial Report
Society has also vigorously campaigned for a meaningful       Melvyn Jeremiah of the International Association of
public consultation on the Government’s proposed              Amateur Heralds and beautifully drawn by Heraldic              5.        Election of the Board 2010/11
amalgamation of the National Archives, National Library       Artist, Andrew Tully. The latter was also appointed as
and the Irish Manuscript Commission. In addition to the       the Society’s first Honorary Herald and Fellow of the          6.        Installation of in-coming Cathaoirleach
monthly newsletter, the Society’s publication programme       Society. Also in December, the Society appointed Maj.
for the year also included the Society’s Annual Journal       Gen. David, The O Morchoe, CBE to the position of              7.        Guest Speaker— Prof. Risteárd Mulcahy
and a ‘Festschrift’ in honour of Liam Mac Alasdair,           Vice-President and Fellow of the Society. In recognition
FGSI. Courtesy of the Office of Public Works a tempo-         of their contribution to the Society and to genealogy in       8.        22.00hrs—Close of Meeting
rary new home for the Society’s Archive was secured at        general, Society Cathaoirleach, Séamus Moriarty, and

                                            An Overview of the GSI Board
This year the Society will mark its twentieth anniver-        described as ‘cabinet style’ where each Board member            resolution. The day-to-day operation of the various
sary of its foundation on October 25th 1990 by Frieda         has a specific area of responsibility reporting to the          portfolios is the responsibility of the portfolio-holder.
Carroll, Joan Merrigan, Jean Reddin and Michael               Board as a whole. This style of governance allows for           Each Director delivers a short report on his/her brief at
Merrigan. Over the past twenty years the Society has          a greater degree of innovation as it values personal            each meeting. The incoming Board in 2010 will be
been very fortunate to have had dedicated, efficient          initiative amongst the Board members. It also allows            greatly assisted by three policy documents that have
and hard working Executive Committees and, from               the Board to freely draw on the professional, aca-              been adopted by the Board, including a blueprint for
2000, Boards of Directors. The Society is a company           demic, administrative or corporate experience of each           the Society’s activities for the next five years. In
limited by guarantee, a registered charity and a nomi-        member and this is especially the case during the               addition to the Board of Directors the Society has
nating body for Seanad Éireann. So, as with any com-          collective consideration of policy, operations and, of          various non-executive officers whose roles are largely
pany, it has its statutory and reporting obligations. Its     course, finance. The Board operates under its Standing          ceremonial, though, not exclusively so. These include
governing body, Board of Directors, is elected annu-          Orders which were adopted in October 2000 and only              the President, the three Vice-Presidents, Emeritus
ally at the AGM held on the 2nd Tuesday in March              amended three times in the interim. The Board meets             President, the Honorary Herald and, of course, the
each year. The members at the AGM elect the Ca-               on the first Thursday of each month (except January             Fellows of the Society. The latter are collectively
thaoirleach (Chair), Leas-Chathaoirleach (Vice-Chair),        when it meets on the second Thursday) at 20.00hrs               known as the ’College of Fellows’ and the role of the
General Secretary and the Director of Finance. In             with the meetings usually ending by 22.00hrs. The               College is to elect the Society President, however, the
addition up to eight members are elected ‘without             Agenda and a copy of the Minutes of the previous                Board may, from time to time, allocate other functions
portfolio’ which are allocated at the incoming Board’s        meeting are distributed electronically in advance.              to the College. As you can see, the GSI Board provides
first meeting in April. The modus operandi of the             Given the ‘cabinet style’ of governance, only matters           its members with real opportunities to develop and to
governing body of the Society has variously been              of policy, finance and corporate affairs are decided by         advance the Society and its worthy objectives.

                                         Four Courts Press at Forty
Over the past number of years this newsletter                  publish works of scholarly merit to the highest                literature, film and media, art, music and drama,
has carried reviews of publications from a range               editorial and production standards and it has                  archaeology, Scottish and Ulster studies, mili-
of publishing houses in Ireland and especially,                been spectacularly successful in this regard. Its              tary and legal history, philosophy and theology
from Ireland’s premier academic publisher,                     publications, many of which are of immense                     and, believe it or not, Italian studies. The Press
Four Courts Press. Indeed, April 2010 marks                    importance to the genealogist and social/local                 also invites publishing proposals and very im-
the fortieth anniversary of the first Board meet-              historian, are primarily aimed at an academic                  portantly, it applies a peer review policy to all
ing of the company under its founder and Man-                  readership, but not exclusively so. The standard               its titles. This level of service to academia is the
aging Director for four decades, Michael Ad-                   of production has always ensured a readability                 enormously important legacy that Michael
ams. Just over a year ago in February 2009, Mr.                and accessibility that can and does appeal to the              Adams bequeathed to students, academics and,
Adams died and though this was understanda-                    general reader. Indeed, as the numbers returning               above all, lovers of learning not only in Ireland
bly a great personal loss to his colleagues at                 to third level education or availing of adult                  but much further a field. To mark its fortieth
Four Courts Press, they can be enormously                      education courses continues to increase, these                 anniversary special events are planned through-
proud of his legacy. From the outset forty years               publications have become essential reading for                 out the year. For further information and the
ago, Four Courts Press had as its mission to                   students of history, geography, Celtic studies,                2010 catalogue see:

                                 Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                          ISSN 1649-7937

           V O L. 5 NO . 3        I R E LA ND ’ S G E NE A LO G I C A L G A Z E T T E ( I NC O R P O R A T I NG “ T HE G E NI E G A ZE T T E ” )                         PAGE 3

                                  James Scannell Reports...
        GRAVESTONE SOUGHT                                   the Civil war through the lens of WD Hogan’                     IRA gang, which included the British heiress
                                                            exhibition which focuses on one of the most                     Rose Dugdale, stole paintings valued at IR£8M
The body of one Ireland’s top inventors of the              frequently accessed source of photographs                       while in the mid 1990’s Dublin master criminal
20th century, Louis Brennan, credited with the              relating to the War of Independence (1919-                      Martin ‘The General’ Cahill stole over IR£30M
invention of the monorail, the helicopter and the           1921) and Civil War (1922-1923) in Ireland and                  worth of paintings from the house. In 1978
‘steerable’ torpedo, has been located in St.                is on view Monday to Friday between 10.00hrs                    owners Sir Alfred and Lady Clementine gifted
Mary’s Cemetery, Harrow Road, London.                       and 17.00hrs and on Saturdays between                           the building to the Irish State but continued to
Originally from Castlebar, Co. Mayo, efforts                10.00hrs and 14.00hrs and admission is free.                    reside in it until their deaths in 2004 and 2006
are being made to have proper headstone                                                                                     respectively. Russborough House attracts up-
erected over his grave, however, due to his                          ART COLLECTION SAFE                                    wards of one million visitors annually and, as
family being also interred in it, it is not possible                                                                        such, is very important to the local economy
to repatriate his remains to Castlebar, Co.                 Several units of the Co. Wicklow Fire Service                   around Blessington, Co. Wicklow.
Mayo, as some people hoped. According to a                  were called to a major fire on Monday February
number of historians, he was the first man to get           8th which broke out in Russborough House                               EMMET SPRING LECTURE
a helicopter off the ground, and sold the design            near Blessington, Co. Wicklow. It took over
of his dirigible torpedo to the British Govern-             three hours for the fire to be brought under                    On Monday March 15th Dr. Máire Kennedy,
ment for £110,000 which would equate to                     control. Although extensive damage was caused                   Divisional Librarian, Special Collections Dub-
£10M in today’s terms. However he died penni-               to the ‘west wing’ which was undergoing resto-                  lin City Public Libraries, will present the 8th
less as he invested all his money in subsequent             ration, a part of the roof collapsed, all valuable              Annual Emmet Spring Lecture on
gadgets and inventions. Brennan died in 1932                items including much of the original Beit Col-                  ‘Rediscovering Emmet’s Dublin: through the
after being hit by a car while on a Swiss holi-             lection of paintings, had previously been re-                   collection of Dublin City Library and Archive’
day.                                                        moved from the site as restoration work com-                    at 18.30hrs in the Conference Room of the
                                                            menced. Initial investigations indicated an                     Dublin City Library and Archive, 138–144,
   PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION                                  electrical fault may most likely have caused the                Pearse Street, Dublin 2. All welcome and, of
                                                            fire. Russborough House was built in 1741 and                   course, admission is free. Doors open at
On view at the National Photographic Archive                houses a valuable fine art collection, antiques                 18.00hrs. This event has been organised by
in Temple Bar, Dublin, until May 2010 is the                and silverware. It has been the target of several               Dublin City Public Libraries and The Emmet &
‘Witness to War: the War of Independence and                robberies over the past forty years. In 1974 an                 Devlin Committee.

                                           GSI Lecture Programme
   PRÉCIS OF THE FEBRUARY                                   in the 1861 census to its peak of 5,381 in 1946. After-         Solomons born in Dublin in 1882 was a member of
                                                            wards although the Jewish population was in steady              Cumann na mBan during the Irish Revolution and
           LECTURE                                          decline, they made an outstanding contribution to the           Michael Noyk, a lawyer, worked closely with Michael
                                                            nation in the twentieth century. The 1937 Constitution          Collins during the War of Independence when Robert
On Tuesday Feb. 9th 2010, the Society’s Vice-               of Ireland, uniquely amongst the western democracies,           Briscoe was on Collins’ staff. Stuart has a wealth of
President, Stuart Rosenblatt, PC, FGSI, delivered a         specifically guaranteed religious freedom to the Jewish         information on this topic. A very lively Q&A followed
very fine lecture on the topic‘From Immigration to          congregations. Amongst those who played a prominent
Integration of the Jewish Community in Ireland’.
Stuart is probably the nation’s foremost authority on
                                                            role in the political, cultural, professional, business and        GSI LECTURE PROGRAMME
                                                            academic life of the country were: Robert Briscoe and
the archival history of the Irish-Jewish Community as       his son, Robert, both twice elected Lord Mayor of
he has painstakingly catalogued this unique heritage                                                                        Tues. March 9 – Risteárd Mulcahy – ‘The life of Dick
                                                            Dublin and members of Dáil Éireann; Gerald Gold-                Mulcahy’. Tues. April 13 – Tim Carey, Heritage
stretching back circa 350 years. His sixteen volume         berg, Lord Mayor of Cork and earlier Sir Otto Jaffe
magnum opus provided the basis for this lecture,                                                                            Officer, Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council –
                                                            who was Lord Mayor of Belfast in 1899 and 1904. A               ‘In Honour and Memory - Memorials of Dun
however, Stuart explained that the first recorded           future President of Israel (1983-95), Chaim Herzog,
Jewish presence in Ireland was in 1079 with a visit by                                                                      Laoghaire-Rathdown’. Tues. May 11 – Mary Beglan
                                                            was born in Belfast in 1918 and grew up in Dublin
five Jews, possibly from Rouen, to the Irish king                                                                           – ‘On-Line Sources of Irish Genealogy’. Tues. June
                                                            where his father, Isaac Halevy Herzog, became Chief
Toirrdelbach who was also the overlord of the Hi-                                                                           8—James McGuire - ’The Dictionary of Irish Biogra-
                                                            Rabbi in 1919; Harry (Aaron) Kernoff, portrait, land-           phy’. Any suggestions on the Society lecture pro-
berno-Norse city of Dublin. However, Stuart concen-         scape and decorative painter, born in London in 1900
trated on the modern era from the 341 Jews recorded                                                                         gramme please contact Séamus Moriarty, MGSI by
                                                            and moved to Dublin in 1914; another painter, Estella           e-mail on

               Membership of the Genealogical Society
In the annual review of the Membership Pack-                School or Institutions assumed Arms or em-                    prefer, simply download the form and forward it
ages the Board agreed, under Res: 09/11/718 to              blems registered with the Society free of charge              with your remittance to the Society’s Director of
maintain the Annual Subscription for 2010 for               to a maximum of ten registrations; occasional                 Finance, Mr. Denis Ryan, MGSI, 6, St. Thomas
Irish and Overseas Members at the level agreed              group projects; Members’ internet forum; ge-                  Mead, Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
in 2007 of €40.00 to include the following:                 nealogical, heraldic and vexillological advice;
Member voting rights; optional second house-                and the facility to publish your research in the               Tracing Your Irish Ancestors
hold member with voting rights; Membership                  GSI Journal. This Membership Package shall be
Card (s); right to use GSI post-nominal; copy of            applied as and from Jan. 1st 2010 and be subject                              by John Grenham
the Annual Journal; monthly newsletter; use of              to annual review, however, existing Member-
the Society’s Archive; monthly meetings/                    ship Packages shall be honoured until their                   Highly recommended by this Society for EVERYBODY
lectures; special prices of up to 50% off se-               annual renewal date. Also under Res: 08/11/636                 researching Irish family history at home or overseas.
                                                                                                                              Doing your Family Tree? You need this book!!
lected Society publications; right to register              persons under twenty-five years can still avail
your own assumed Arms or emblems with the                   of 50% reduction on the membership fee.
Society free of charge; right to have your Club,            Membership can be renewed on-line or, if you                    

                               Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland
                                                                                                                                                    ISSN 1649-7937

                  is published by the                                             National Library Acquisitions
        Genealogical Society of Ireland Limited                     The National Library of Ireland has acquired the following collections of papers – The Brian Friel
 11, Desmond Avenue, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland             Papers cover the playwright’s writing career since 2000 and includes manuscripts and typescripts of
                                                                    finished and uncompleted works including in addition to programmes and correspondence relating
          E-mail:                      to the production of various plays. Also included in the acquisition are six albums of Irish and inter-
              Charity Reference:    CHY10672                        national theatre reviews and news cuttings about Friel, dating from the early 1960’s, personal diaries
                                                                    from 1999 to 2008, letters relating to his appointment as a Saoí by Aosdana; correspondence about
                                                                    productions and issues relating to the translation of his plays in 21 European, South American and
 The Society is a Nominating Body for Seanad Éireann                Asian countries; an extensive body of letters from other writers. In 2000 Dr. Friel donated papers
                                                                    relating to the first forty years of his extensive and prolific career to the National Library which now
             Board of Directors 2009-2010                           holds his entire archive of literary papers and correspondence. The acquisition of such a large collec-
                                                                    tion of Friel material is considered a major additional to Ireland’s heritage and will enable scholars
Séamus Moriarty (Cathaoirleach : Chairperson); Gerry Hayden         and literary historians to study the genesis of his works in details, from their inception to realization
(Leas-Chathaoirleach : Vice Chair); Michael Merrigan (General       on the stage and to follow their fortune worldwide thereafter. The Hugo Hamilton Literary Papers
Secretary : Company Secretary); Denis Ryan (Finance); Sharon        of Irish novelist and short story writer Hugo Hamilton covering the period 1985 to 2008 consists of
Bofin (Publications & Membership); Séamus O’Reilly (Archive);       draft manuscripts, both handwritten and typed corrections, with background notes in addition to
Barry O’Connor (Cemetery Projects); Bartosz Kozłowski (Poland)      research material for his novels, his short story collection and for his two personal memoirs. Also
(Internet Services); Pádraic Ingoldsby (National Projects)          included are two unpublished manuscripts, drafts of his screenplay and correspondence files Also
                                                                    included with this acquisition are the archives of his parents Seán and Irmgard Ó hUrmoltaigh,
                                                                    whose interests exerted an immense influence on the writer’s childhood, reflecting the clash between
                JOIN ON-LINE                                        post war Irish modernization and cultural nationalism. Immigrants to Ireland will discover a particu-
                                                                    lar resonance in Irmgard Ó hUrmoltaigh’s diaries which describe her struggle to settle in Ireland.
                    @                                               The William Smith O’Brien, M.P Papers consists of material relating to the 1849 Clonmel trial of
                                                                    the Young Ireland leader following his arrest for his part in the ill-organised July 1848 Rising in
                                 Tipperary. The collection includes a twenty page draft legal statement prepared by his defence team
                                                                    which provides previously unknown insights into the specifics of his role. This acquisition includes
                                                                    a contemporaneous line drawing of the Widow McCormack’s house in Ballingarry produced under
                 DIARY DATES                                        his direction. His original written journals following his deportation and imprisonment in Tasmania
                                                                    from 1849 to 1853 and journals written after his conditional release in 1854 until his death in 1864,
        Tuesday Mar. 9th & Apr. 13th 2010                           form the main body of this collection. The first thirty journals contain a full account of the journey
             Evening Open Meeting                                   and of his life in Tasmania, while the description of his day to day existence in solitary confinement
     Dún Laoghaire College of Further Education                     also provides an interesting commentary on penal servitude camps. While Smith O’Brien ostensibly
                                                                    wrote these journal for his wife, they were probably written with a wider publication in mind. In
         Cumberland Street, Dún Laoghaire                           addition to the Tasmanian journals, the collection contains sequence of twenty-three journals in
               20.00hrs—22.00hrs                                    which Smith O’Brien recorded his travel through Europe and a fascinating commentary by an eru-
                                                                    dite Irishmen on European countries as well as on Asia and North America. In both historical and
     Wednesday Mar. 24th & Apr. 28th 2010                           archival terms, the William Smith O’Brien Collection represents an extremely exciting acquisition
             Morning Open Meeting                                   by the National Library complementing existing collections held by the Library. James Scannell
   Weir’s, Lower George’s Street, Dún Laoghaire
               10.30hrs—12.30hrs                                                         FOUR COURTS PRESS
                                                                           Irish History, Genealogy, Local History and much more
              Contribution €3.00 p.p.                                             
     (Coffee/Tea included at Morning Meetings)                                Checkout the Sale Items - 10% Reduction On-Line

       Archive News                                  tion and purpose of the cataloguing process and
                                                     he was very impressed with enthusiasm and dili-
                                                                                                                        ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                                                                                                                    Notice is hereby given to all Members of the Genea-
The Director of Archival Services, Séamus            gence shown by the students. In addition to the                logical Society of Ireland that the Annual General
O’Reilly, FGSI has listed the very recent addi-      cataloguing duties, the students received instruc-             Meeting of the Society will be held on Tuesday
tions to the Archive as ‘Dalkey Anthology’           tion on the correct handling of the manuscript                 March 9th 2010 at 20.00hrs in Dún Laoghaire Col-
Volumes 1 and 2 complied by Frank Mullen and         collection and on how to carefully read the details            lege of Further Education, Cumberland Street, Dún
Edited by Padraig Yeates and published by            of each for recording purposes. Since a number of              Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. The Annual Report of the
                                                                                                                    Board and the Annual Financial Report will be deliv-
Frank Mullen 2008/2009; ‘Green, Blue and             the manuscripts date from the mid-seventeenth
                                                                                                                    ered at the AGM. Also Members will be elected to
Grey—The Irish in the American Civil War’ by         century, it was necessary that each student was                serve as Directors for 2010/11. Only fully paid up
Cal McCarthy and published by the Collins Press      familiarised with the writing styles and sometimes             Members are entitled to vote.     General Secretary
2009 ‘Hidden Dublin—Deadbeats, Dossers and           archaic legal language of the documents. It was
Decent Skins’ by Frank Hopkins and published         also important that they should understand the                   MEDAL SOCIETY OF IRELAND
by Mercier Press 2007; ‘Dublin in 1707—A             nature and purpose of each document, mostly
year in the life of the city - Maynooth Studies in   indentures and leases, in order to clearly and                 GSI Members researching ancestors or relatives who
Local History No 87’ by Brendan Twomey and           correctly record the documents. In both supervis-              served in the Irish, British, Commonwealth, American
                                                                                                                    or other armed forces or in the mercantile marine will
published By Four Courts Press 2009; and             ing their work and on the examination of the
                                                                                                                    find the publications and meetings of the Medal
‘Dictionary of Dublin—Dissent Dublin’s Prot-         recording, Séamus O’Reilly, was more than                      Society of Ireland of interest. Find out more about
estant Dissenting Meeting Houses 1660-1920’          pleased with the care and professionalism shown                those medals so cherished by the family and handed
by Stephen C. Smyrl, MAPGI and published by          by these students. The steady progress of their                down through generations. For further information on
A. & A. Farmer, 2009. Séamus O’Reilly encour-        work has very greatly assisted the Society in its              the Society visit its website at:
ages Members to donate suitable publications,        goal to have its entire collections recorded, cata-
maps or research papers and documents to the         logued and hopefully, digitised for uploading to
Society’s Archive. At the March Board Meeting        the Society’s website. The last two days of the
Séamus O’Reilly reported on the very successful      two week ‘work experience programme’ involved
‘work experience programme’ provided by the          ’field work’ which is central to any genealogical
Society for five students undertaking an adult       organisation—the transcription of memorial in-
education course at Dún Laoghaire College of         scriptions. The Director of Cemetery Projects,
Further Education. The students were introduced      Barry O’Connor, FGSI, brought the students to
to the archival work of the Society including the    Little Bray Cemetery, Co. Wicklow. Once again,
cataloguing of the collections, the sorting and      their enthusiasm and diligence was clearly evident
recording of our manuscript collection and two       and great progress was made with the transcribing
days of ’field work’ transcribing memorial in-       of these memorials for publication later by the
scriptions. As with any library or archive, the      Society. For their work the following students
sorting and cataloguing of its collections is ex-    were awarded, by a resolution of the Board, with
tremely important and indeed, requires careful       two years full membership of the Society, Gerard
planning and precision and consistency in its        O’Connor, Keith Thompson, James Meaney,
execution. Séamus O’Reilly explained the func-       Lorna Cassin and Jane Bradley.

                            Monthly Newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Ireland

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