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                                      You must follow site instructions
The most common                       You must obey the banksperson when
types of accident
                                        reversing or when told to do so
                                      Safety is a legal requirement
  - someone falling
    from height                       You are as much responsible for your
  - people falling on                   own safety as we are
    the flat – tripping
  - falls of material                 You must report all incidents and
    onto people                         unsafe situations to a Lift and Shift
  - manual handling                     Yard Operative or Weighbridge Desk
  - use of plant and
                           SITE         Attendant

In the waste recycling
                          RULES       There is a safe way to do EVERY JOB
industry alone, some of               You should not take risks if you are
the most serious                        unsure
injuries and fatalities
occur after:                          YOU MAY BE REMOVED FROM SITE IF
                                        YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THESE RULES
  - falling from a
    vehicle                           Wait to be seen by other drivers of
  - falling from height                 machines and vehicles
  - being struck by a
  - crush injury                            IF IN DOUBT – ASK US!
                      General Site Safety Rules
                                                        General Site Safety Rules          Personal Safety Rules
                      16. All Lift and Shift Staff
                                                        9.    When in the yard, be         1.   Any mechanical plant or
                          shall undergo induction
                                                              vigilante of moving               equipment found to be
                                                              vehicles and plant                defective must not be
                      17. All persons shall be given
                                                              machinery and wear high-          used and must be
                          a copy of these site rules
                                                              visibility clothing and           reported to the site
                      18. Appropriate Personal
                                                              hard hat                          Operations Manager.
Lift and Shift Skip       Protective Equipment
                                                        10.   Gloves and Goggles must      2.   Ladders are only to be
                          (PPE) shall be worn at all
   Hire Limited           times
                                                              be worn if there is a risk        used as work platforms
                                                              to health and safety              for tasks of short duration
                      19. Every accident and near
                                                        11.   Permission must be                and only if no alternative
                          miss event shall be
                                                              obtained from Lift and            means of access is readily
 Web site details         reported to Lift and Shift
                                                              Shift prior to any                available. Ladders must
                      20. Any person found to be
                                                              photography or video              always be secured to a
                          interfering with or
                                                              filming on site                   structure or securely
                          misusing fixtures, fittings
                                                        12.   Mobile Phones, Transistor         footed by another person
                          or equipment shall be
                                                              radios or personal                whilst in use.
To work safely on         removed from site
                                                              stereo’s / music devices     3.   Open manholes must be
                      21. SMOKING not permitted
  site, everyone          on site outside designated
                                                              must not be used on site          guarded and cordoned off.
                                                              unless used in the Staff          The Operations Manager
 including users          areas. From 1st June 2007
                                                              Rest Room.                        must be informed of open
                          there will be a full
and visitors must         smoking ban on site in
                                                        13.   All personnel, for their
                                                              own safety and that of       4.
                                                                                                or raised chambers.
                                                                                                Food and Drink can only
                          line with the new
obey the site rules       legislation
                                                              others are required to            be consumed in the
                                                              fully comply with their           designated areas
                      22. VEHICLE DRIVERS must
                                                              own employer’s statement     5.   ANY PERSON which is
                          report to the weighbridge
                                                              of safe working method.           believed to be under the
                          office after being directed
                                                        14.   Site Fire and Emergency           influence of drugs or
                          into the site premises by
                                                              alarms, equipment and             alcohol will not be
                          an official Lift and Shift
                                                              instructions are designed         allowed on site
 If you break the         personnel
                                                              to protect life. They must   6.   No person shall indulge in
                      23. VEHICLE DRIVERS must
rules you may not         not reverse unless being
                                                              be followed                       fighting, horseplay or
                                                                                                practical jokes within the
be allowed on site        instructed to do so by a
                          Banksperson                   Personal Safety Rules                   site.
                                                                                           7.   Machinery must only be
                      24. VEHICLE DRIVERS must
                                                        15. All persons are required            operated by the
                          wear a safety helmet at all
                                                            to wear Safety Helmet and           authorised person of that
                          times when at risk.
                                                            Safety Footwear. High               machinery and with
                      25. Safety Signs and notices
                                                            visibility vests are                permission from the
                          must be followed
                                                            required in vehicle                 Operations Manager
                      26. All visiting vehicles must
                                                            movement areas                 8.   WAIT TO BE SEEN!
                          turn on hazard warning
                          lights, beacons and

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