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Dear Mr(s):

My senior project is on HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) (A1). I selected this topic because I was told by my
doctor I needed the vaccine for it (A2). I know from the doctor’s information sheet and some basic Internet
searching that it is a sexually transmitted disease that could also be deadly (A2). In addition, this was the topic of
another student’s presentation in health class (A2). What I learned from that presentation and the information
sheet from my doctor scared me (A2). I wanted to know what I could do to prevent this disease from happening
to me (A2).

This project will be an educational and emotional learning stretch for me (A3). This is a learning stretch for me
because I know very little about HPV (A3). I want to understand the science behind this disease and how
something that generally doesn’t have any symptoms can be deadly (A3a). By educating myself and my peers, I
hope to overcome my fears and lessen my confusion (A3a). Under the direction of my mentor, I hope to hold an
informational session about the disease for teenagers and their parents to help them understand the potential life
threatening impact of the disease and the importance of the vaccine (A4).

The focus of my research will be on the science behind the disease and its impact on one’s health (B1). The three
areas I will investigate are: (1) Learning about HPV to understand how it is contracted and what treatments are
available; (2) What are the health risks associated with the disease?; and (3) How it can be prevented? (B2) I will
be working with my doctor. (B3a) Dr. Woodruff (B3b) is an OBGYN who can diagnose and treat patients with
this disease (B3). In working with my doctor, I hope to learn the “human” aspect of this disease that one cannot
get in research alone (B4). During my fieldwork, I hope to conduct patient and peer surveys (B5). From the
patient, I hope to learn how people found out that they had the disease, what treatments they follow, how their
quality of life is living with this disease (B5). From the peer surveys, I want to determine what others my age
know about the disease and what can be done to better educate the teenage population (B5).

My product will be an event (C1). I will hold an informational session on HPV for teenagers and their parents
(C1). My mentor/doctor will be present at the informational session to ensure the accuracy of the information
being given (C1). In addition to booking a date, time, and location for the event, I will need to advertise so people
will attend (C1). I will create a flyer to advertise the event and place it in doctors’ offices, at Kent Hospital, and at
the Warwick Public Library (C1). Next, I will conduct two confidential surveys; one with patients and another
with teenagers (C1). I will use the results to guide me in creating an informational brochure that should be both
helpful and easy to understand (C1). My goal is for my doctor to provide patients with this brochure in place of
the vague informational sheet that I was given (C1). Lastly, I will create a Power Point to show during the
informational session and I will provide a copy of my informational brochure on HPV to the audience at the event

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