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									Flagship Home Press Release

Hard to Treat Just Got Easier
A project in West London is opening its doors to visitors to demonstrate just
what energy savings can be achieved in hard-to-treat properties.

The Flagship Home is a 19th century, five-storey townhouse in Knightsbridge
which is typical of the housing stock in many cities in the UK. The obstacles
are also typical: it’s an HMO (19 units), it has solid walls, high ceilings and
large windows, it had no fixed heating system. And it’s in a conservation

“The energy efficiency measures installed in the Flagship Home will cut
carbon dioxide emissions and reduce fuel bills by more than 60%,” said
Councillor Timothy Coleridge, Cabinet Member for Housing, Royal Borough of
Kensington and Chelsea. “The Flagship Home offers real inspiration to
landlords and housing managers across the UK.”

Uniting the expertise of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea,
Westminster City Council, Rickaby Thomson Associates and SE Land &
Estates, the Flagship Home has undergone a remarkable transformation.

      Heat losses through the walls have been reduced by 65 per cent,
      through dry-lining and double- and secondary glazing.

      Two condensing boilers will provide communal heating to all the
      tenants, who now have their own radiators and programmable

      60 per cent of the building’s hot water will be supplied by a solar
      panel. Reliance on the boilers will be further reduced by the installation
      of a heat recovery ventilation system.

      The light fittings will ONLY take low energy light bulbs and the kitchen
      goods are all A-rated for energy efficiency.

The Flagship Home will be open for visitors later in 2004, once construction
work is complete. To register your interest in visiting the Flagship Home, call
Liz Warren on 020 8465 9241 or email
Notes to Editors

   1. The Flagship Home is a 19th century townhouse which has been
      refurbished to a much higher standard of energy efficiency. This will
      make living in the house more affordable for tenants, as their fuel bills
      will be reduced. It will also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide
      emitted into the atmosphere by the house – carbon dioxide is a major
      contributor to climate change.

   2. The house is divided into 19 bedsits and a two-bedroomed flat which
      will be rented out. Four of the bedsits are allocated as keyworker

   3. The Flagship Home is owned by SE Land and Estates plc, a private
      landlord and property company.

   4. The project’s partners are: Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea,
      Westminster City Council, SE Land and Estates. The project is
      sponsored by London Energy and is supported by the Energy Saving
      Trust’s Innovation programme.

   5. Carbon dioxide emissions will be cut by over 60 per cent - from 25
      tonnes a year to 9 tonnes a year.

   6. Fuel bills for the building will be cut by more than 60 per cent - from
      around £3,400 to £1,100.

   7. The Flagship Home’s National Home Energy Rating (NHER) will
      increase from 3.0 to 9.0 as a result of the project. The NHER is a UK-
      wide scheme which rates the energy performance of a home. The scale
      runs from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most energy efficient.


Media Enquiries:
Liz Warren
Marketing Consultant, Flagship Home

M: 07976 962 055 T: 020 8465 9241

Project Enquiries:
Jean Roberts
Private Sector Housing and Energy Officer
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

T: 020 7341 5673

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