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									Oracle Integration
Oracle Integration provides everything that is required to integrate data, enterprise
applications, and business processes within your organization and with trading partners. It
was built on Oracle's grid infrastructure and it delivers enterprise-strength performance,
scalability, as well as manageability. And with tight integration with the Oracle E-Business
Suite, it is the ideal product for Oracle Integration applications with third party applications,
B2B protocols, and Web services. Oracle Integration is a member of the Oracle Fusion
Middleware family of products, which contributes increases agility, better decisiveness, and
reduced expenses and risk to diverse IT environments today.

Oracle Integration provides over 250 adapters for connectivity with disparate systems
including databases, packaged applications, and legacy systems. In addition it also permits
online collaboration with business partners with the use of industry standard protocols
including EDI, EDI/AS2, Rosetta Net, UCCnet, and HIPAA. With integrated business process
management functionality, Oracle Integration automates paper-based processes and
integrates human workflow.

Oracle Integration offers views of critical business events and presents you with the
opportunity to monitor business processes within your organization to quickly detect and
rectify inefficiencies. You can compare current and historical process execution data with
key performance indicators of your business, as well as identify where corrective action is
considered necessary. Oracle Integration is available stand-alone and as part of Oracle
Application Server Enterprise Edition.
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