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									[RIEP] mietool training

Brief mietool training introduction

[Date] 2008
Kate Newhouse /
Joanna Humphreys
RSe Consulting
Context              National agenda and how mietool fits in
Councils need to do more with the resources available
Why? Because there is:
• Rising customer expectation for service
• Increasing demand for services – an          Efficiency and
  ageing population, environmental
  pressures and the need for more housing
• Continued drive for efficiency savings -
  CSR 07 requires 3% a year cashable
  savings over 3 years
                                               (measurement of
                                                efficiency and
                                              improvement tool)
Context                                     Background
The story of mietool so far…

• Project brief: To develop an efficiency and
  improvement tool that can be used at each stage of the
  project process from an option appraisal to benefit
• mietool has been developed by the Regional
  Improvement and Efficiency Partnerships in association
  with RSe Consulting, Department of Communities and
  Local Government and the London Borough of Brent
• Was created as a response to the growing emphasis on
  the need for consistent, robust and effective end-to-end
  project management
Context                          The thinking behind mietool
A tool can effectively support key project decisions

  Makes you ask the right
                                       No guarantee of realising
  Identifies gaps in knowledge         benefits
  Delivers transparency and            Pseudo-scientific - false sense
  accountability                       of security
  Communicates effectively             Dependent on data – rubbish
  Prioritises investment               in=rubbish out
  Starts arguments
                                 In addition…mietool supports CSR’07 reporting
                                  requirements and assesses qualitative benefits
                                 It doesn’t just focus on financial outcomes, but
                                     helps you “tell the story” of the project
Context                                                     Aims
mietool fits into the national agenda
The tool is designed to support Local Authorities and you:
• in assessing, planning and monitoring the delivery of high
  quality, low cost public services
• to identify and monitor efficiency gains and service
  improvement within their organisation

In the recent publication by the DCLG 'Measuring and reporting
Value for Money gains', the use of the tool was highlighted:
  “To assist councils with the monitoring of efficiency plans and
  achievements, the Department and Regional Improvement &
     Efficiency Partnerships (RIEPs) have commissioned RSe
         Consulting to develop a simple spreadsheet tool.“
mietool                                            When to use the tool
mietool can be used in a number of different scenarios
   I need to know
                           I have three options
   how much this                                                I want to adhere to
                           but don’t know which
  programme will                                                    end of year
                               one to pursue
  contribute to my                                                   reporting
      authority’s                                                  requirements
   efficiency gains

                                 I want to know how
                                the benefits of project
                                 A will compare with
  When will this work             those of project B             When will efficiency
 start making savings?                                           gains be realised?

            Is there something to help
                me monitor regional
                                                          Will there be any
Context                                                        Aims
mietool offers practical help in a number of areas
The tool is designed to:
• offer practical help in the following specific areas:
      Reporting against National Indicator 179
      Developing option appraisals
      Developing business cases
      Supporting project management
      Monitoring benefits realisation

• strike a balance between remaining user friendly and challenging the
  user to be as comprehensive as possible
Context                             mietool development
We liaised with many stakeholders to develop mietool
Context                                                   Background
Where we are now….
• Completed training pilot in East Midlands - 6 training sessions (2
  reps from each LA + 1 from RIEP at each session)
• Gathered feedback from these sessions
                                               “Interesting, highly relevant
   "I've been trying to communicate            and a great tool to aid
   how to do this in practice without          improvements“ A Leicestershire
   any tools to help. This will be a           District Council
   huge breakthrough in our speed
   of analysis" A Leicestershire
   District Council                         “Can see the benefits of using the
                                            tool, particularly the tracking
      "Looks a very good tool"              functions" Leicestershire Fire and
      Lincolnshire County Council           Rescue Service
• Final version of mietool ready for release
• Mid planning training strategy with each RIEP
Training                                                          Structure
The training has five key sections, main focus on practical
application – we make follow up calls to check on progress
How training is delivered
•   1 day session, up to 15 delegates, interactive exercises, mietool pack
     • An explanation of the national agenda
     • A guide to national reporting requirements           The training is
     • An approach to VFM analysis                          structured into 5
                                                            key parts
     • Overview of methods to deliver efficiencies
     • Training on the mietool
•   Post training
     • Follow up phone calls
     • Any further queries - mietool email address
Training                                                        Aims
Key aim is to ensure that you leave the session and are
able to begin using the tool straight away
• Understand the national reporting requirements
• Have a better understanding of Value for Money analysis and
  methods for realising efficiencies
• Introduce mietool and explain the benefits it offers you
• Provide comprehensive training on how to use the tool, through:
    • Learning key data gathering techniques
   • Trying out the tool using project examples
• Ensure you understand the information it generates / how to use it
• Provide an opportunity to try the tool out and ask questions
Training                                       mietool and data
A key element of the training is the focus on getting data

              Solid data
                                           It is essential that people
                                           make guesstimates.
      Good at             Lacking
       this                 this           Your skill lies in:
                                           • making people feel
                                           comfortable about making
   Costs                        Benefits   educated guesses
                                           • knowing when it is
      Ok at this      Uncomfortable        worth spending more time
                      with doing this      investigating the variable:
                                             • is it difficult getting
                Guesses                       the data?
                                             • is it a key driver of my
                                              benefits assessment?
Contact details                     Further information
There are contact details for both the training and mietool

 If you have any questions/comments about mietool
     then please email

Training/National roll out:
                 Kate Newhouse
                 020 7808 1136

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