Polling Station Rules

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					                                  Polling Station Rules

1. Campaigning by candidates or their supporters is not allowed inside the Polling
2. Voters must collect their voting slip from the Front Desk
3. Voters must take their voting slip into the private booth to cast their vote
4. A cross (X) should be placed beside the person’s name that you want to vote for
              Example :
                          Brown, Robert
                          The Birthday Party
                          Jones, Jemima
                          The Slumber Party
                          Peters, Andrew          x
                          The Winning Party
                          Young, John
                          The Happy Party

5. If you make a mistake on your voting paper, return it to the Front Desk and swap
   it for a new one
6. If there is more than one cross or mark on the paper, then it is not valid and will
   not be counted
7. Voting Papers should be folded in half before they are placed in the Ballot Box
8. Once a voter has voted, they should leave the Polling Station

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