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									The unique dry powder bedding hygiene
product for all animals and birds

Remember - Prevention is better than cure
Remember - Prevention is better than cure

What is Stalosan®F
Stalosan F is the natural answer – the unique dry powder
bedding hygiene product for all animals and birds.

• Helps prevent disease problems
• Proven efficiency
• Natural and environmentally friendly
• Safe
• Non-toxic/non-corrosive
• Reliable
• Simple to use
• Apply only 50g/m2 once or twice a week
• Established for over 40 years
• Applied to bedding as part of an
  overall hygiene system

Do you experience these costly problems?

• Damp, unhealthy litter     • Joint Ill              • Fly larvae
• Irritation to airways      • Watery mouth           • Ringworm
  from ammonia and           • Salmonella             • High mortality
  sulphur gases              • Pasteurella            • Scours
• Lameness/feet              • High cell counts       • Digital dermatitis
  problems                   • Mud fever              • Strangles
• Mastitis                   • Thrush                 • Foot rot

    Using Stalosan F reduces the occurrence of all the above problems,
                      therefore saving you time and money.
Remember - Prevention is better than cure

Benefits of Stalosan®F
                 Dairy cows:
                 Stalosan F reduces cases of mastitis, and maintains lower cell
                 counts increasing the quality and price you get for your milk.
                 Excellent for use in calving pens helping to reduce problems
                 such as scours and respiratory conditions.
                 Stalosan F is effective against the micro-organisms which cause
                 diarrhoea, joint and hoof diseases and infections caused by viruses.
                 It is a safe product which can be used in the presence of both adult
                 animals and piglets.
                 With the help of Stalosan F farmers can improve foot health and
                 reduce the time and expensive medication needed to treat such
                 problems. Easy and safe to use at lambing time helping to produce
                 healthier lambs and reduce cases of joint ill.

                 The threat of infection in the gaming world is constant, but with a
                 good hygiene routine including Stalosan F you can reduce this
                 challenge for as little as 1p per bird reared.

                 Stalosan F in the stable or trailer dries the bedding which saves
                 money. It also helps to reduce the challenge of disease and
                 problems such as strangles, thrush, mud fever and respiratory

                 Stalosan F is a must for all poultry, turkey, broiler and waterfowl
                 keepers. It is a totally safe product – can be used in the brooders
                 or with adult stock. To reduce the risk of infections, reduce
                 ammonia and keep the litter drier.

                 Using Stalosan F in the rearing pens helps to reduce joint ill and
                 scouring. It keeps the sheds drier and makes them smell fresh
                 and clean. It also reduces the number of cases of mastitis
                 ensuring maximum milk output.

                 Stalosan F is a safe, non-toxic dry powder to use in field shelters
                 or stables to dry the bedding, reduce ammonia and keep the
                 pathogens at bay.

 Also suitable for use with dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and other small animals.
Remember - Prevention is better than cure

Documented effect
Stalosan F is known for its many valuable and “kind to
animals” qualities. The effect is well documented by known
researchers around the world.
                              Stalosan F is effective against the following:
                              •   Bacteria
                              •   Viruses
                              •   Fungi
                              •   Parasites
                              •   Ammonia
                              •   Moisture

How to apply Stalosan F
Spread the product by hand onto clean floors or over
existing bedding, especially onto wet and damp
areas at the rate of 50g per m2, once or twice a week.
In cases of disease or infection apply at least 3 times
a week until the disease level or infection rate has
been reduced.

Suitable for use in the following situations:
•   Clean concrete floors
•   Earth floors
•   Rubber matting
•   Straw
                                  Special applicators are available to make covering
•   Shavings
                                  large areas easier to cover. These include the handy
•   Paper
•   Sawdust                       which covers up to 40m2 or a blower system to cover
•   Sand                          larger sheds.

    Available from local suppliers. For more information please call 02894 473 478.

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