Email Etiquette and Appropriate Use

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					Email Etiquette and Appropriate Use

              November 2005 IP Video
                 Melinda Bradbury,
    Ag Information Technology (AgIT) Call Center

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• Welcome by David Petritz, Director,
    Purdue Cooperative Extension Service
•   Overview of Extension Email Groups
•   Useful Outlook Tools
•   Email Etiquette
•   Legal Issues
•   Available Resources
•   Questions
    – email during presentation.
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          Extension Email Groups

• Who can use
  – All Extension Staff
     • For business announcements, etc
• Reach Extension staff based on physical area,
  program area or project
  – includes campus
• Who updates
  – Nancy Goodman and Melinda Bradbury

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            Extension Email Groups

• When to use
  – To transmit information to staff based on
     •   Extension Appointment:
     •   Program area – ex:
     •   Physical area – ex:
     •   Specific project – ex:
• How to use
  – Enter full address in TO field in Outlook
  – Lookup mailgroup address on CES Intranet
  – Use the “find” feature in Outlook’s address book

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           Extension Email Groups

• Questions to ask before using an email group.
  – Is this message appropriate?
     • Is this message business related?
  – Does this message apply to the members of this
     • If sending to, does the
       message apply to both campus and field staff?
  – Is there a better group to use?

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                Useful Outlook Tools

• Contacts
   – Add the Extension mailgroups to your contacts to save time
       • Caution – Beware of “short-term memory” in Outlook
• Personal Distribution Lists
   – Useful for local clientele mailgroups
• Delegate Access
   – Allows one person to create & maintain local clientele
     mailgroups in Outlook Contacts and share with others in office
• Blind Carbon Copy (bcc:)
   – Enables users to keep email addresses of clientele confidential

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        Top 22 Email Etiquette Tips

1.   Beware of hidden readers
2.   Write like Mom or the boss will read it
3.   Remain gender neutral
4.   Keep harassment and discrimination policies in
5.   Don’t use email to let off steam
6.   Control the urge to “flame”
7.   Respect others time
8.   Never reply to spam

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       Top 22 Email Etiquette Tips

9. Do not email the world
10.Copy with care; Reply to all with care
11.Don’t oversell your message
12.Ask permission before forwarding
13.Be cautious sending attachments
14.Always use a salutation and signature
15.Beware the exclamation point

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       Top 22 Email Etiquette Tips

16.Resist the urge to capitalize
  Also applies to all lower case letters
17.Use correct spelling, grammar and
18.Think before requesting a receipt
19.Keep editorial comments to yourself
20.Treat others as you would have them treat you
21.Consider e-mail’s limitations
22.Always use a descriptive subject line
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               More on Etiquette

• Tone
  – Using all caps or all bold letters is considered
  – A professional, conversational tone is best
• Professionalism
  – Email is a business communication
  – Avoid temptation to be too casual
• Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
  – Outlook has features to check all of the above

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                            Email Tips

•   Be short and to the point when sending email
•   Be sure to read the entire message before responding
•   Be cautious when using Reply to All to respond
•   Be judicious with the use of attachments
    – Alternatives to attachments are available
        • Office Shared folder
        • W drive
        • Sharepoint collaboration site
• Use the bcc field for personal distribution lists of
  clientele to protect address lists

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                    Legal Issues

• Employees e-mail is the property of the
  – Purdue policy for Access and Use of e-mail:
• E-mail is like a postcard – anyone can read it
  – E-mail is vulnerable while in transit
• E-mail can be subpoenaed
  – Not only yours but anyone you communicate with
  – E-mail has an indefinite shelf life – there is no such
    thing as deleted email.
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                     Legal Issues

• Protect your email account
  – Lock your computer when you walk away
  – Don’t share your password
  – Be cautious assigning delegate rights to your inbox
     • You are liable for anything sent as you or on your behalf
• EEO guidelines extend to email

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  Two Quick SPAM and PHISHING Tips

• Don’t feel obligated to read and respond to
  every message.
  – Never respond to questionable emails

• Use the technology to help protect you and
  manage your incoming e-mail
  – Use the University SPAM filter
  – Use rules in Outlook to automatically delete some
    questionable messages

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         SPAMMERs’ Favorite Tricks

•   Phony Subject Line
•   Numeric Address Formats
•   Celebrity Subject Headers
•   Dictionary Spam
•   Doubtful content
•   Fake unsubscribe links
•   Phony return address
•   Forged headers
•   Common Categories

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                  Available Resources

• Mail group search feature on the CES Intranet
• Documentation on AgIT Webpage
   –   Email Groups FAQ’s
   –   Creating Personal Distribution Lists
   –   Outlook Delegate Access
   –   AgIT Policies & Procedures
• Other Resources
   – Purdue Policies:
   – AgIT Call Center
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        Email, Mailgroups and You

• Important Questions to ask BEFORE you send
  that message
  – Is this the best way to relay this information?
     • Alternatives: phone call, office visit, traditional mail
  – Am I addressing this to the correct people?
     • Does this need to go outside my program area, physical area
       or project area?
     • Do campus staff need this information?
  – Is my message clear?
  – Have I included a descriptive subject?

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        Email, Mailgroups and YOU

• Extension email groups are designed to:
  – Provide enhanced communication among staff
  – Encourage the sharing of information between staff
  – Assure that all staff in an area (program, physical or
    project) receive the appropriate information
• Email and the mailgroups should make your job
  easier, not more difficult. Judicious use of
  email and the email groups helps all Extension

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