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									                                       THIS SERVICE IS REGISTERED BY
                                       THE COMMISSION FOR SOCIAL
                    All Cheshire County Council premises are
PLANNING FOR                           CARE INSPECTION
                              smoke free, therefore SMOKING
                                       Leftwich Green has been awarded an
           is NOT permitted in the building or the
YOUR STAY AT                           excellent quality rating
LEFTWICH GREEN                         All of the bedrooms are warm and well              Mobility and Continence Aids
                                       equipped. All bed linen and towels are
                                       provided.                                     Your mobility aids should be brought in
                                                                                     with you clearly labelled with your name.
                                                Clothing and Laundry                 If you are provided with continence
                                                                                     products at home please bring these with
                                       If your clothing is to be laundered by us     you as we are unable to provide these
                                       during your stay could you please ensure      items at Leftwich Green.
                                       that all items are clearly marked with your
                                       full name on arrival. Leftwich Green                    Personal belongings
                                       cannot accept responsibility for any loss
                                       or damage to your clothing.                   You will need to bring in any personal
                                                                                     items you may need for your stay
                                        Medication                    including toiletries.
Old Hall Road
                         We will encourage and assist you with
Leftwich, Northwich
                   your medication during your stay.                      Valuables and Money
                             Your medication will be stored in a
                               lockable cabinet. A ‘Medication Policy        It would be appreciated if you only bring
Tel: 01606 271987
                     Fact Sheet’ is available for further          a small amount of money for your
                                       information.                                  personal needs.

Leftwich Green Community Support
                         Meals                      We can offer a safe keeping facility for
Centre is a residential short break
   Leftwich Green offers a varied, nutritious    monies up to £50.00 maximum and any
service that includes a day service
   menu during your stay offering you a          valuables you wish to deposit with us.
                              choice of alternatives. Any special dietary
                                       needs are catered for.
Leftwich Green will not accept any                      Newspapers and Magazines           Starting your stay at Leftwich Green
responsibility for the loss of any money or
valuables which are not deposited with         Leftwich Green has copies of local papers   To ensure that you are able to make the
the management. You will be required to        and a small selection of daily newspapers   most of your stay at Leftwich Green, it is
sign a disclaimer.                             available.                                  important that time is taken when you
                                                                                           arrive to share information and give you
                                                                                           the opportunity to ask any questions that
                                                                Visitors                   you may have. Please allow at least 1
   Planned/Unplanned Health Visits                                                         hour so that the admission process can be
                                               Relatives and friends are welcome at any    fully completed.
During your stay you should be able to         time. It would however be appreciated if
maintain your own G.P. A temporary             main meals times were avoided where            Further reading and information
arrangement will need to be made for out       possible, and they are:                                     points
of area service users.
If you have any health appointments            Lunch :-         12.00 - 13.00              Information is available from:
planned during your stay, please bring                                                        •	 Cheshire County Council website:
appointment information and we will re-        Tea :-           16.30 - 17.15          
schedule any pre-booked transport to
Leftwich Green. If you require any                             Telephones                     •	 Telecare notice board and
assistance with this please ask the staff on                                                     information points
arrival.                                       We do have a telephone for you to use to
                                               contact friends and relatives during your      • The Carer notice board
If you become ill and need to go into          stay. Pleased ask staff for details on
hospital during your stay we will inform       arrival or if you wish to bring your own       •	 Information leaflets on various
your named contact as soon as possible.        Mobile phone please do so.                        topics, available from Leftwich
On arrival please inform staff of all                                                            Green CSC
next of kin details. This is vital                                Mail
information in case of an emergency.                                                       Cheshire County Council services are
It is unlikely that we will be able to         Letters can be posted for you on a daily    provided respecting the differences
accompany you to either planned or             basis.                                      between people and taking account of
unplanned health visits. Alternative                                                       needs relating to race, gender, disability,
arrangements for you to be accompanied                                                     age, faith or sexual orientation.
will be made where possible.

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