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Post-Master's Certificate in Geriatric Nursing by wbj55044



                                                 Post-Master’s Certificate
                                                 in Geriatric Nursing
                                                 General Information
                                                 The graduate program in nursing at Waynesburg College is offering a
                                                 12-credit Geriatric Nursing Certificate. This sequence of graduate level
                                                 courses, focused on evidence-based practice and systems approaches, will
                                                 be especially helpful to the professional nurse with an MSN or other
                                                 graduate degree who plans to assume a leadership role in shaping healthcare
                                                 delivery to the elderly population in our region. Nurse educators, nurse
                                                 administrators, and clinical nurse specialists will gain additional depth
                       Southpointe Center
               1001 Corporate Drive, Suite 100
                                                 of knowledge and clinical skills in geriatric nursing in order to lead at
                    Summit Office Building       an optimal level. Courses will be offered in 8 week sessions, held one
                    Canonsburg, PA 15317
                             (724) 743-4420
                                                 night a week from 6 to 10 p.m.
                                                 This program is particularly important as our region is known to be heavily
                                                 populated with elderly people. These people have complex healthcare
              North Hills Center-Wexford
                       3500 Brooktree Road
                        Wexford, PA 15090        needs and tend to dominate healthcare delivery. Completion of our
                             (724) 933-5290
                                                 certificate program will lead to enhanced education of nursing students
                      Monroeville Center         and improved quality of healthcare delivery services to this age group.
                            Penn Center East
                      777 Penn Center Blvd.
                                    Suite 102    Admission Requirements
                       Pittsburgh, PA 15235
                              (412) 824-3700       Evidence of a current RN license
                                                   Evidence of successful completion of a graduate degree in nursing or
                                                   other relevant discipline such as public health, business, or counseling
                             Main Campus
                      51 West College Street
                     Waynesburg, PA 15370          (via official transcripts)

 Waynesburg College
                                                   Resume or curriculum vitae
                                                   Narrative statement of career goals
Waynesburg College is a private Christian          1 Letter of recommendation
college in Southwestern Pennsylvania, with
adult centers in the Pittsburgh region. For
more than 150 years, since our Presbyterian
 founding, the mission of Waynesburg College
                                                 Curriculum Options
has been to help students make connections         NUR 538 Cross Cultural Nursing Practice with Diverse Aging Populations
that matter…connections between faith and          NUR 539 Collaborative Health Care Management of the
learning, scholarship and service, leadership              Geriatric Client with Chronic Health Conditions
          and values and personal growth.
                                                   NUR 595 Seminar on Selected Topics of Concern for Geriatric Clients
                       1-888-481-6029              NUR 567 Geriatric Nurse Specialist Practicum
                               (30 hours of clinical practice)

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