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									                                               Resume of Peter Ware PMP
                                            Senior Project Manager/Executive
                                                       Akron, Ohio

                                                 Value-Add Summary
Skills & Knowledge areas:         Application Development, Business Case Definition, Business Process Re-engineering,
                                  Customer Service, FDA Validation, Field Service, Program & Project Management, Project
                                  Integration Mgt, Project Scope Mgt, Project Time Mgt, Project Cost Mgt, Project Quality
                                  Mgt, Project HR Mgt, Project Communications Mgt, Project Risk Mgt, Project
                                  Procurement Mgt, Requirements Gathering &Specification, Supply Chain, Technology-
                                  based Software Implementations, Quality Assurance, Value Management

Application Software:             Amdocs Clarify, CAPA, Clear Express & Access, Astea Alliance 8.3, Metrix Open Uptime,
                                  Oracle ERP, Oracle CRM, SAP CRM 5.0, SAP ECC 4.7, EP, AC, FI, CO, ICM, SD, MM,
                                  QM, PM, PS, WMS, CS, GTS, SAP BI 5.0, Siebel, Xelus MRP. Wrote the requirements
                                  for three CRM commercial software packages

Methodologies/Tools:              Access, Agile, AIM, ASAP, CMMI, Excel, ITIL, Clarity, PLM, PPM, PMO, PRINCE2,
                                  PowerPoint, Primavera, Project Workbench, MS Project, RUP, SDLC, Sharepoint, SMP,
                                  Visio, Waterfall, Word

Summary of Experience:
   High-energy professional with 20+ years Project & Business Management experience
   Subject matter expert in ERP, Supply Chain, Customer Service processes and systems.
   Provides Consulting Services for strategic planning, process re-engineering and management of the design, development
    and implementation of systems for Service, Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing Organizations.
   Experienced in processes and tools for establishing PPM and running the PMO
   Certified Quality Process Improvement trainer, experienced in testing and validating systems including CAPA
   Knowledgeable in Lean Six-Sigma for Service and Continuous Quality Improvement methods and processes
   Respected as a proficient organizer, motivator, coach and developer of professional staff

Project Management & Consulting Experience:
    ServiceWare LLC: Fuji Medical Systems USA - March 2008 – March 2009
   Engaged as Project Manager for the US implementation of a global service CRM system ($2.0MM external Labor, 32
    persons) using Astea Alliance 8.3. Assumed responsibility for an in-process project (+ 6mths) implemented Contact
    Center, Field Service, Inventory, Contracts, Billing and Customer Portal. The system was global, and validated to FDA
    Regulation, with interface to a CAPA system and ERP. The project was challenging, requiring the PM to perform hands-on
    work in addition to traditional PMO activity: wrote interface and data migration design specs, designed test cases and
    managed the business testing for UAT. The project went live 2/2/09, rolled off end March.

    Bearingpoint: KLA-Tencor: November 2006 – March 2008
   Completed 14 month assignment as Program Director on a $20.0MM, 62 person, full-cycle global SAP Service
    Management CRM 5.0 implementation for a hi-tech manufacturer of semi-conductor yield management tools. Implemented
    Contracts, Contact Center, Dispatch, Service Orders, Confirmation, Billing & Finance functions. The program had a high
    RICEF component, with delivery by developers in three continents. The scope included BI and Mobility components with
    integration of Field Service Blackberry devices to SAP, implemented in 14 countries, and 2200 Users. Assigned to the
    project after 2 months when it was failing, Rolled off the project after successful go-live. Completed on time & budget.
    Presented a 3hr Jumpstart session at SAP CRM 2008, “SAP CRM Implementations and Upgrades: A step by step

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    Bearingpoint: Boston Scientific: August 2006 – October 2006
   Engaged to Project Manage the vendor selection process for a CRM (SAP, Seibel, Amdocs Clarify & Metrix) and
    Knowledge Management (Knova and Kaidara) solution for a Medical Device and Scientific Instrument Manufacturer.
    Developed Service business process flows and requirements for the existing and future state, including conformance to
    FDA and CAPA validation requirements, managed the vendor selection process. Completed the project on time and
    budget. Selected SAP and Knova.

    Bearingpoint: March 2006 – July 2006
   Engaged in RFP responses, project planning and Quick Win Operations based Projects at KLA-Tencor, Boston Scientific
    and other clients. Conducted the groundwork to enable the later CRM project to hit the street running.

    ServiceWare LLC: ServiceAccel: August 2005 – March 2006
   With a development partner, designed and developed an integrated third party Service Contracts and Billing, Install Base,
    Warranty and SLA management application to integrate with SAP ECC, reducing TCO and improving productivity in
    Service Contracts & Install base management. Enabled SAP clients to stay with ECC versus going to CRM for enhanced
    services capability.

    ServiceWare LLC: Symbol: Jun 2002 – July 2005
   Engaged as Project Manager and Business Process Owner on an SAP CRM 4.0. global service project with a budget of
    $39MM and 69 persons as a part of a corporate transformation project ($107MM) which also included Sales, HR, Supply
    Chain, and Finance using SAP ERP. Developed the business requirements and processes for Depot Repair, Contracts,
    Contact Center and Field Service. Conducted a proof of concept, and took the project through Definition and Blueprint
    phases. The client underwent acquisition. The corporate transformation was put on hold except for Operations, with
    quantified business benefits of $165MM over six (6) years in Service. Managed Symbol projects in parallel.

    ServiceWare LLC: Symbol Jan 2003– April 2005
   Engaged as Project Manager and Business Process Owner for a full-cycle multinational service logistics and distribution
    project using SAP ECC 4.7 linked to the proprietary in-house Depot Repair application, budget was $9.8MM with 29
    persons. Developed the business requirements and processes. There were high integration and development components,
    tying Warehouse Management to Parts carousels and Service MRP to SAP MM. A custom reverse logistics and component
    repair system and processes were developed and implemented with service parts sales and billing. Implemented
    successfully in Canada, US, Mexico and EMEA on time and budget providing business benefits of $22.5MM with
    payback in 1.3 years. Managed multiple projects in parallel. Continued with the SAP CRM 4.0 project at the same client.

    ServiceWare LLC: Symbol: Feb 2002– August 2002
   Engaged as Project Manager for a complex full-cycle Service web portal upgrade project. The infrastructure was re-
    architected, benchmark load testing was conducted using automated test software, security hardening was completed and
    new reverse logistics functionality was implemented. The revised infrastructure included 100% fail-over. Testing yielded a
    650% performance improvement over the existing Production configuration. Customer interaction and satisfaction
    increased dramatically as a result of the improved Website capabilities and performance. Managed Symbol projects in
    parallel, on time and budget. Continued with the SAP CRM 4.0 project at the same client.

    ServiceWare LLC: Symbol: March 2002– Jun 2002
   Engaged as Project Manager to implement a proprietary Depot Repair application. Early User acceptance was low, focused
    on improving the integrity and acceptance of the application, completed testing and rolled it out successfully on plan to
    fifteen (15) sites in the US, Canada and Mexico. Continued with the service web portal project at the same client.

    ServiceWare LLC: Symbol: Aug 2001– Nov 2001
   Engaged as Project Manager to improve service T&M Billing and Revenue recovery for a hi-tech service division of a
    hand-held device manufacturer. Created and implemented T&M repair billing processes and procedures. Recovered $740K
    for an investment of $85K. Completed the project as scoped.

    ServiceWare LLC: Symbol: Oct 2000– June 2001
   Project managed a full-cycle implementation of Telxon service contracts, support center and inventory management
    systems to Clarify when acquired by Symbol. The project was complex, across sites in Texas, New York and Mexico. The

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    go-live date was mandated by management and non-negotiable. It was successfully completed on time (9 months) and
    budget exactly as planned. Moved on to the T&M billing project.

    ServiceWare LLC: Telxon: Jun 2000– Sep 2000
   Managed a data integrity and system upgrade. Reduced errors to 0.004%, recovered billable revenues of $1.5MM in
    T&M and $1.5MM in annual contracts revenue in hi-tech service operation for an investment of $128K

    ServiceWare LLC: Telxon: May 2000– Jun 2000
   Conducted a Customer Services needs assessment project. Developed requirements and evaluated candidates for Depot
    Repair operation at a mobile device manufacturer. The candidates were Oracle 11i and Metrix OpenUptime. Developed the
    business case, ROI and payback analysis. Identified $4.8MM in annual benefit in Depot operations. Completed project
    as scoped. Moved on to data integrity and system upgrade project.

    ServiceWare LLC: Scitex: April 2000– May 2000
   Performed Service Level Performance Improvement Project Management. Conducted analysis and developed management
    recommendations in a report to improve service operations, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and service
    revenues for an international printer manufacturer. Showed the opportunity to reduce $15MM in the services operating
    budget. Completed project and final report on time and budget as scoped.

    ServiceWare LLC: IKON: Feb 2000– March 2000
   Field Service Representative Territory Management definition project. Managed a project to develop the requirements for
    a territory management system for a premier Office Equipment reseller on Oracle CRM. Completed project as scoped.

    ServiceWare LLC: Progressive Feb 1999 – Jan 2000
   Hired as the project manager for the separation and move of production and test systems on an IBM mainframe to separate
    systems for risk management. The project was critical; the annual benefit of splitting the production and test facilities was
    relatively small at $8.0MM in potential lost revenues, the risk was an accidentally crash of production. Transitioned
    project to internal resource before completion due to expenses cutback following Y2K.

    ServiceWare LLC: Telxon: Jun 1997 – Nov 1998
   Program-managed a full-cycle Oracle ERP Implementation with integration of non-Oracle CRM & Product Configuration
    with a total budget of $26.5MM and 80 persons. Managed the integration of Finance, Supply Chain, Make Product,
    Configuration (Calico), and BOM conversion, Engineering/PDM, Service Contracts and Call Center at an electronic
    equipment manufacturer. Was promoted from the Service Team to lead the program after the prime was fired.
    Delivered the Program on-time and budget despite the need to re-staff the program. Identified $57MM in business benefits
    for the Program. Rewarded by the client for an excellent job done with a leather jacket and a set of golf clubs.

    Astea: November 1995 – Mar 1997
   Hired as the Director, Program Management to manage the development of a state of the art Service CRM in Israel. The
    role included being responsible as GM for the functional design, planning and acquiring development resources for the
    project, grew the staff from 15 to 75, developing, testing and deploying the product in Beta Customer Sites in Israel. The
    product is commercially available today as Astea Alliance. Left due to strategic differences between self and the President
    of the company and the desire to become independent again. Note: my last project was installing this product at a Customer
    site in CT. The President and I are still on talking terms.

    ServiceWare LLC: Astea: November 1994 – October 1995
   Hired to create the concept, functional requirements, marketing and product proposal for Service Alliance, a new CRM
    product design for Astea. Completed the design a s scoped and was asked to join the client as Director Program
    Management, which I did.

    ServiceWare LLC: Johnson Controls: November 1993 – October 1994
   Hired as the Project Manager, by Astea, for a full-cycle implementation of Dispatch-1 at a premier US industrial controls
    company using Support Center, Field Service, Contracts, Inventory & Logistics modules. Managed the team successfully
    through definition, design, prototyping, testing and implementation in a pilot implementation. Completed the project as

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    ServiceWare LLC: Giesecke & Devrient: Federal Reserve Banks: June 1991- October 1993
   Project managed vendor selection services for a German Field Services startup in the US. Selected and performed a full-
    cycle implementation of Astea Dispatch-1 Product CRM using Support Center, Field Service, Contracts, Inventory &
    Logistics modules. Developed Operating Procedures, setup parts supply in pilot Federal Reserve Bank installations.
    Worked with the company as the service staff grew from 2 to 150. Provided the ability to deliver services to all the
    Federal Reserve Banks in the US. Completed the projects as scoped. Handed off responsibilities to new employees in the

    ServiceWare LLC: Xerox: Jan 1990– April 1991
   Project Managed developing a 24 hr Service capability and culture change to a multi-national Document company.
    Developed requirements, created policies and procedures, developed automated tools, prepared Operating Documentation
    for management and associates. Developed script and delivered a video highlighting the need for change. Implemented in
    US and EMEA for fifteen thousand (15,000) managers and associates in a fourteen (14) month project window. Completed
    the project on time and on budget as scoped.

    ServiceWare LLC: RTS: Aug 1989 – Nov 1989
   Hired to develop the design for a new Contracts Management and Billing System as the entry application for RTS into the
    service CRM market. The product Contracts First! was designed and built and is now sold commercially under the name of
    Viryanet. Completed the project as scoped.

Industry Experience: (prior to incorporating as ServiceWare LLC)
    Patton Consultants Inc.
    VICE-PRESIDENT, Management Systems & Consulting 1988 - 1989
   Responsible for the design, development, marketing and implementation of systems solutions for commerce, government
    and industry for the premier Service Logistics consultant in the Service Industry. Provided strategic management consulting
    and training services on process re-engineering and systems development, quality and service operations topics. Designed
    the Comms 40 service management product. Authored and taught “Strategies & Tactics for Selling Service”

    Modcomp AEG
    DIRECTOR, Corporate Quality Assurance 1987-1988
   Managed the quality assurance organization, responsible for implementing quality improvement worldwide. Initiated and
    provided advanced quality training in prevention techniques for 200 managers, and basic quality education for 1300
    employees worldwide. Reduced costs by $1.0MM in year one. Certified Trainer for Phil Crosby quality
    improvement thru defect prevention and also Prevention techniques for Management.

    MANAGER, Program Management 1986
   Established the Corporate Program Management office. Introduced program management techniques to the product
    delivery process, enabled a cost reduction goal of $3MM in year one. Completed detailed planning on 26 in-process
    New Product Programs, introduced product life-cycle management with a concurrent engineering process.

    MANAGER, HQ Service Operations 1986
   Managed all technical and administrative support functions for computer products in the US. Responsible for revenue and
    expense planning, national dispatch center, MIS, and hardware and software technical support. Developed and
    implemented an automated customer satisfaction evaluation, analysis and reporting system.

    MANAGER, Region Support Services CA 1985
   Managed Field Service Region support functions. Reduced cost of inventory by 20% and increased level of service by
    30% by demand analysis and adjustments to supply.

    Xerox Corporation
    MANAGER, Service Strategic Planning 1984
   Conducted market research and analysis for competitive benchmarking in the copier and office products industry, provided
    services to the US national service strategic planning group.

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    PROGRAM MANAGER, National Service Systems 1981 - 1984
   Managed the multinational Service Management system development center and program for the full-cycle implementation
    of the Xerox Service Management System (FWSS) over three years. Managed the $21MM program, 100 persons on
    schedule through development and launch to 15,000 Users in >100 Sites in the US and Europe.

    MANAGER, Field Launch Planning 1981
   Managed the group responsible for testing and software quality assurance of the Xerox Service Management System.
    (FWSS). Developed an automated base case test application.

    Rank Xerox Ltd 1969 - 1980
    System Development Manager
   Developed functional requirements for the Xerox multinational Service Management System, interfaced with 13 European
    countries, representing them in the multinational development center in the U.S.

    Service Operations Manager, District Service Manager, Section Leader, Product Technical Specialist, Field Service
   Field Service Representative, promoted rapidly through the ranks in the Region to the National Service Headquarters.
    Received recognition rewards and started the service team for the next generation of Xerox products coming from the US.

The industries in which Mr. Ware has specific experience include; Office Products Manufacturing, Medical Device
Manufacturing, Hi-tech Customer Services, Insurance, Information Technology and Communications, Federal Reserve
Banking, Computer Manufacturing, Mobile Computing Manufacturing and Software Manufacturing.

Professional Background
 Founded ServiceWare LLC in 1989, an independent consulting company, located in Akron, Ohio, providing Project
    Management, Professional Services and Software Solutions to industry for twenty plus years.
 Ware is a certified PMI PMP (#52650) since 7/29/2002
 Ware is a certified Quality Education System Instructor (Crosby) since 1987
 Member Association for Service Management International (AFSMI) since 1982
 Member Project Management Institute (PMI) since January 2002
 Electrical Engineering Certification (Royal Air Force, Associate Bachelor degree equivalency) and Telecommunications
    Certification, (City & Guilds of London Institute, Associate Bachelor degree equivalency)

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